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Zero exe vs Japanman

Zero exe is a super strong navi who appeared in the final season of Megaman. He was so strong that the only one able to destroy him was a copy of himself. Zero creams Japanman. That is such a fact its almost scary, but not quite………but Japanman is still a navi to be feared. Zero exe wins.


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Zero exe vs Swordman

7 rings in hand and Swordman is almost invincible. Regrettably he won’t get those rings. Zero exe is too fast for him. Swordman would still win thanks to his cutting edge sword skills. Swordman has also been known to take Megaman down. Forget Zero Swordman could take over the universe if he wanted too. Swordman just has the power. He could take on Goku and Superman. He’s the strongest being in the universe and it’s all Capcom’s fault. Now I’m sorry all you Mario and Sonic fans but they just don’t have the power to win. Swordman will probably get a movie soon. In that movie he’ll take down the darkloids and destroy the world. In fact he should get his own theme park and toys. Swordman wins.


You were tricked. Happy April Fools. Zero exe wins.


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Zero exe vs Colonel

Sorry Colonel your moment of happiness has ended. Zero exe has come. Zero exe could beat Colonel with his incredible swordsman ship and skills. Zero is also faster and stronger. Colonel is a seasoned veteran, but in the end his skills with the sword pale in comparison to the legendary Zero’s. Zero exe wins.


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Protoman vs Zero exe

This is one of the best battles in the exe franchise. The anime should have done it better. Protoman and Zero exe are both extremely advanced swordsmen. If this were Zero X he would win but Zero exe is missing those super forms. Protoman still has muramasa and a lot of program advances. Protoman has also been fighting for a much longer time than Zero exe which gives him the win. Protoman wins.