Ferid vs Gremlin

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Suggested by Dylan Hooton The Gremlins are definitely fierce monsters that you don’t want to take lightly. They are nimble and have a mean bite. That being said, Ferid is fast enough to dodge their attacks and the bites would barely even be an inconvenience to his healing factor. Ferid is just in a different class of ability compared to a Gremlin. One sword attack would be enough to claim victory. Ferid wins.

Audrey II vs Ferid

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Audrey II is a tough plant who definitely doesn’t go down without a fight. It always hungers and isn’t afraid to engage in combat. Unfortunately it can barely move and has no long range options though. This means that it will be absolutely defenseless against Ferid’s speed and flurry of attacks. It’s rough being a plant without any legs. Ferid wins.

Ferid vs Scooby Doo


Suggested by Dylan Hooton It’s time for Ferid to finally jump into the ring! He’s a pretty powerful vampire with impressive speed and strength to support his healing factor. Scooby Doo will have a hard time even getting close to this guy and it’s not like any of his attacks would deal any damage either. I’m afraid that this is a match that our favorite pup simply can’t win. Ferid wins.

Ferid vs Shaggy

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Suggested by Dylan Hooton Shaggy may be a fast runner, but I think it is safe to say that Ferid has the edge in that area. Ferid is a vampire and that brings with it a whole host of advantages including a great deal of raw power. There’s just no way that Shaggy can even keep up with this guy. Ferid is in a whole different league. Ferid wins.