Grumpy Bear vs Barney

Suggested by Sonic Barney’s a nice dinosaur but he is totally outclassed here. Grumpy Bear has a ton of pretty great feats. Even if you ignore the various levels of Toon Force, Grumpy Bear can still fire off energy blasts, has a decent amount of speed, flight, etc. He can blast away at Barney from the sky and that’ll be the end of that. Barney has no real long range options to consider and his days of teaching the world how to be nicer have dulled his fighting senses. Grumpy Bear wins.

Ms Pac Man vs Grumpy Bear

Suggested by Destroyer Ms PAC Man is definitely one of those fighters who is often overlooked. She only has one game to her name at the moment (Actually 2) and wasn’t even an alt costume in the latest Smash Bros. Still, she can go into berserk mode like Pac-Man when she eats the big power pellets and that should let her beat Grumpy Bear in a single move. Ms Pac Man wins.

Rick Grimes vs Grumpy Bear

Suggested by Destroyer Grumpy Bear tends to be rather grumpy all of the time so I wouldn’t call him one of the nicest characters out there. At the same time, Rick isn’t exactly known for his big heart either so they may get along just fine. Still, Rick has a gun and he can fight hand to hand as well so that definitely gives him the edge in combat. There’s not much Grumpy can do to buy himself time. Rick Grimes wins.

Grumpy Bear vs Bass

Grumpy Bear is back, but this is the end of the road for him. I don’t see how he can deal any real damage to Bass. He’ll be completely overwhelmed in this fight and one good hit will take him down for the count. Not even Grumpy Bear’s incredible intellect will save him, but he may have the wits to surrender before things get ugly. Nobody can hope to stop Bass after all. Bass wins.

Grumpy Bear vs Balki Bartokomous

It’s time for Grumpy Bear to make his debut on the blog. At first I thought that Balki might finally have a chance here, but it wasn’t so be. Grumpy Bear has some vague magical powers including a Uni Beam that he can fire from his chest. It is enough to repel Lightning which means that one blast would spell curtains for Balki. Balki never got any fancy superpowers and now it has come back to bite him! Grumpy Bear wins.