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Alucard (Hellsing) vs Dante

Suggested by Random Alucard has a great healing factor and even lethal injuries are no problem for him. He is effectively immortal and I’d say that his healing factor may even trump Dante’s. Dante is typically flashier with the execution of it though and he makes up for this with his overwhelming attack power. It’s hard to see Alucard landing a hit here while Dante can destroy him in hand to hand combat or spam lasers from afar. Either way, this is a tough matchup for Alucard. Dante wins.

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Link vs Dante

I like Link a lot, but I have to admit that he’s thoroughly outmatched by Dante. Dante outranks Link in every single combat area that matters. Power and Speed. He could run around Link a bunch of times and Link would never be able to tag him. A few good punches from Dante would also end the fight in the blink of an eye. I’m afraid that Link’s array of weapons will not be enough to win this time. Dante wins.

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Dante vs Link Nintendo vs Capcom

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Dante vs Kratos

Kratos is pretty tough, but I don’t think that he would be able to keep up with Dante. Dante has some pretty impressive speed at his disposal and he also has his Devil Trigger form. Kratos is pretty good at close range combat, but in the end that won’t be enough to win this round. Dante has finally scored another win. Dante wins.

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Deadpool vs Dante

Dante never stood a chance against Deadpool. Deadpool finally gets another win after all this time. He also gets Marvel a win against Capcom. Dante may be a good fighter, but he’s just not good enough to win. Deadpool wins.

But now Deadpool can’t quite match up to Dante. Dante’s just too powerful and fast. Dante wins.