Johnny Ohm vs Mothra

Mothra has beams, but they won’t be able to beat an opponent with powers like this. Johnny Ohm has thunder powers that he can use to beat many monsters. Johnny Ohm wins. But Mothra has epic super forms that win this match. Mothra wins.

Nine Tailed Fox vs Johnny Ohm

Well Johnny Ohm has thunder powers but they aren’t quite strong enoguh to save him. Nine Tailed Fox is an opponent that will show him no mercy and beat him pretty fast. Johnny Ohm’s thunder powers won’t be able to save him here. He can’t win this fight. Nine Tailed Fox wins.

Johnny Ohm vs Clover

Well I’m afraid Clover gets another loss. It’s not that he can’t handle the power, but Johnny Ohm has lightning that he can keep firing for a while. Clover just wouldn’t be able to hold out for too long, before it paralyzed him. Johnny Ohm finally gets himself a win. Johnny Ohm wins.