Block Party Stats and Records

No stats for this game…it wasn’t high budget enough!

Block Party Review

No not Block Party, BLOCK Party! I’ve played a lot of cash ins in my day, but none quite like this one…..sorta. Okay, that line’s a stretch, but this one is better than some of the recent titles that I played like We Ski. The games here actually had some thought put into them and they’re actually a little more original than you would suspect. Saving someone from getting eaten by a dog? I can roll with that and you certainly wouldn’t expect to see a game plot like that one in the average Wii title. Unfortunately, the game’s reliance on motion controls gets a little dicey at times. It’s probably just my remote, but the games were unwinnable so I ended up not being able to unlock 2 of the games.

As the title boldly yells, there are 20 games to be found here. That’s not a bad number if you ask me. Did you ask me? I sure hope you did because there’s my answer. Unfortunately, it looks a little less impressive than you would think since about half of the games are clones. It’s almost hard to tell at first, but when you actually think about it, you’ll quickly realize that you just did the same thing twice. The only difference was the background and the animations around you. It’s a clever trick, but one that won’t work on this blog reviewer.

Let’s talk about the minigames..or the ones that I can remember anyway. The most iconic one is definitely where you have to save a kid who has been eaten by your Dog. He’s a huge dog and is actually bigger than the player, but that just ups the stakes. You have to playfully tap him with the newspaper to distract him so you can save the other player. It’s a tricky minigame and it’s impossible if your remote’s motion controls are broken so good luck trying to beat it! Another minigame is where you have to stop the Ants/Bugs from eating the Sandwich/Cake by blasting them all to smithereens with your Ray Gun. I have a feeling that the game’s developers did not like animals, which is always regrettable. I’m fine with blasting monsters, but let’s not get ants. They mean well and just want a solid dinner. The gameplay is solid for this one though.

We’ve also got Sack racing/Trash Pulling. In these minigames, you must shake both Wii Remote and Nunchuk to move forward. Trash Pulling wouldn’t work, but I was able to beat the Sack Racing one. It’s a good exercise for your wrists, but make sure that you don’t lose since you definitely wouldn’t want to try beating it again. Trust me, it’s not in your best interests. One of the best minigames is one where you jump on a trampoline and must perform the motions and click the buttons that the screen tells you to. It’s all about reaction times and I definitely enjoy that kind of game.

The best minigame by far is one where you have to track an egg with your eyes as it goes under various plates. The game never feels like it’s cheating and you can get a very high score as long as you’ve played Super Smash a lot over the years. That’s definitely a game that I could play quite a few times. Another good minigame is one where you have to fly through the sky and collect as many fruit as possible. It’s simple as you just move back and forth, but it’s executed well and the controls are very responsive. We also can’t forget the Clothesliner/Volleyball as you try to keep your balance as you go across the stage. The controls can be a little more iffy here, but when they work it’s quite fun. This is a game that can get competitive. Another good minigame concept is the Balloon Shooter. There are two versions. One where you’re shooting balloons to save the kids and another one where you’re blasting discs in the sky. Both are good, but a little glitchy as you could have sworn that you hit the objects, but the game calmly tells you that this didn’t happen. It was probably rigged, but it’s extremely easy anyway since the A.I. is bad at those games. It’s strange, they’re amazing at some of them, but terrible at others…ah well. That’s enough game summaries, you get the jist of it. A lot of them were actually quite fun and hold up well. The controls aren’t great, but they still beats most of its rivals anyway.

I actually like the graphics quite a bit. They’re simple and to the point so they effectively illustrate what’s happening to you at all times. The characters are all presented fairly accurately compared to what you would think of when looking at a kid. The soundtrack is a little more dicey though and that’s mainly due to the sound effects. The kids are always laughing…always! There was even a glitch where they were laughing for so long that the game couldn’t load up and I had to beat it again. The game seriously needs to calm down with that as the gimmick doesn’t exactly help the game. It’s not bad and can be a little amusing I suppose, but why? That’s the question that the developers need to ask themselves before including something in.

I also don’t trust the Auto Save feature on this game. I beat most of the worlds only to find out that I had to start from scratch the next time. I don’t know why that happened, but at least the game is short. Most of the levels are 30-60 seconds long so that means you should be able to beat it all in less than 20 minutes. That’s a very short game so I feel bad for anyone who spent over 10 dollars on it. 2-5 is not that bad although even then you may want to think about this choice for a while.

There is also absolutely no replay value so don’t count on that for help. The game doesn’t even save your high scores for each game, which is a shame. (Saw what I did there?) So…what are you supposed to do? Unlocking the minigames is literally the only thing to do here. Then you’ll just be chilling with friends and to be honest this game can definitely get quite competitive. On your own…..forget about playing this. There’s no real point, the only entertainment to be had here is the entertainment of playing with a friend.

Overall, Block Party forgot to include the actual party. Seriously, you need some kind of replay value in the game or you’re just a 15 minute distraction. I guess it can be good to have for Finding Nemo load screens, but that’s about it. It’s a shame because I thought that the minigames were actually pretty decent. Surprisingly, the game actually put some effort into them. Sure, there are glitches and the controls can be unresponsive, but I feel like the game did quite well with the very limited resources at its disposal. It probably made them a quick buck and succeeded in its mission. I recommend this title if you don’t mind the fact that it’s only about 15 minutes long. It is definitely one of the best Wii party games although the console has a huge selection of them. Play the dog minigame and watch him overpower all of you! (Also be warned, not all of the games on the cover are actually included inside!!)

Overall 5/10