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Godzilla vs Bones

Bones has a phazor but it’s just not good enough to take on the power that Godzilla has. Godzilla has atomic breath and he can use it to melt Bones into smithereens. Bones was just out of his league in this match. He may never be the same after this. Godzilla wins.

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Mephiles vs Bones

Bones may have some needles, but they won’t be able to do a thing against Mephiles. Mephiles is just too supremely powerful to lose to Bones. He won’t even get hit by Bones. Mephiles is just too powerful compared to Bones. Bones was doomed. Mephiles wins.

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Shukaku vs Bones

Bones has phazors that he can use on Shukaku. Aside from the fact that it wouldn’t hurt him Shukaku is too fast for Bones. Bones is just too old now. He can’t take down this kind of monster. Shukaku has a great start so far. He’s been pwning. Bones might as well throw in the towel. Shukaku wins.