Ness vs Zelda

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Ness is back and now he’s up against the Princess from Hyrule. Zelda isn’t your ordinary princess and she may actually be in the top 1% of them when it comes to firepower. She can mow down whole armies with her light arrows and her swordplay is also good enough to fend off most opponents. Ness has a lot of projectiles, but it will be tough for them to get through her barrier and Zelda’s attacks are just too destructive. Zelda wins.

Pikachu vs Ness

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Pikachu already took out Falco and now he’s up against his next Smash victim. Ness is an experienced user of the PK arts, but landing a blow against Pikachu will be very difficult. His meteor storm and his focused blast would be able to deal a lot of damage, but Pikachu’s just on a different level thanks to his agility. He won’t be going down this time. Pikachu wins.

Starman vs Ness

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Starmen are beings who continue to get in Ness’ way during the Earthbound games. They are fairly mysterious and looking one in the eye is definitely not something that is in your best interest to do. Luckily, Ness is pretty advanced in the ways of the PK techniques and he can blast Starman from afar or tackle him with the classic Baseball Bat. The Starman loses his debut match on the blog! Ness wins.

Godzilla vs Ness

Godzilla is very powerful and he’s known as the King of the Monsters so this could be a controversial match. Ness can absorb Godzilla’s powerful Atomic Rays, but can he match Godzilla’s power? He doesn’t need to do that since he can use his agility to evade Godzilla while attacking him with his array of projectiles. Godzilla can’t stand against those powers for very long and eventually he would go down. Godzilla just won’t be able to land any solid hits on Ness. Ness wins.

Ness vs James Bond

Ness has some pretty serious fire abilities at his disposal. James Bond has a gun, but Ness can dodge those bullets pretty easily. Ness can take James Bond out with a thunder blast or just knock him out in hand to hand combat. James Bond takes another loss with this match, but he definitely have it his all! Ness wins.

Mothra vs Ness

Mothra is a pretty powerful kaiju, but her abilities won’t be enough to stop Ness. Ness has some powerful PK abilities at his disposal and Mothra just won’t be able to compete with him. Mothra has some strong lasers of her own, but they would just be absorbed by Ness. Mothra is too big to try and hit Ness, so Ness can gradually reduce her health with punishing attacks. Ness wins.