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Desmond Miles vs Ant

Desmond Miles makes his blog debut with this round and shows the world that you can never keep a good fighter down. Ants are numerous and they can be powerful, but in the end they have no chance of defeating such a powerful opponent. Desmond Miles rises up the blog ranks with this solid win. Desmond Miles wins.

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Tarantula (Animal) vs Ant

a Jack Arnold Tarantula DVD Review PDVD_013
This is a tribute to Tarantula! This guy was definitely playing for keeps and nobody was safe! Ants are pretty powerful fighters, but I’d take a Tarantula over an Ant any day. These guys don’t know the meaning of fear and they just keep on coming until the opponent is a distant memory. Tarantula (Animal) wins.

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Ender Dragon vs Ant

Ants are tough and all, but they can’t defeat this dragon. Thanks to the film THEM, the Ants are pretty giant, but I’m afraid that it won’t be enough. The Ender Dragon is pretty powerful and he can cause some massive damage by ramming an opponent. They won’t know what hit them. Ender Dragon wins.

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Godzilla Junior vs Ant

Well what do ya know, Godzilla Junior is back! He’s been winning a lot lately and I don’t think that’s about to switch now. This Ant is giant, but Godzilla Junior has his Atomic Blasts which are basically 1 hit KOs for Ants. Ant drops down the ranks with this loss, but he’ll be back. Godzilla Junior wins.

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Kamacuras vs Ant

Kamacuras is a pretty impressive monster. He was beating up on Minya which takes some serious guts (Since Godzilla’s around) Ants may be small sometimes, but in THEM they were a threat to be feared. Of course Kamacuras wouldn’t fear them because of his awesome power. He’s just too tough to lose this round. Kamacuras wins.