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Charizard vs Bowser

Bowser is a tough Mario opponent and he has Giga Bowser form, which can cause a lot of damage. That being said, Charizard is simply the more powerful fighter here. He has a decent amount of resistance to fire attacks and Bowser will have a tough time landing any physical attacks due to Charizard’s speed. The Pokemon can afford to stay from afar and throw out his long range attacks for a while. A few hyper beams should do the trick here! Charizard wins.

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Bowser Jr vs Bowser

Bowser Jr makes his debut on the blog with this round and while he may be a pretty tough customer, he’s not quite ready to take on Bowser. Bowser has his Giga Bowser mode where all of his attacks are amped up considerably. There’s no way that Bowser Jr can hope to match that…not even with his Shadow Mario form. Bowser wins.

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Mr Fantastic vs Bowser

This is one of those dicey matches. Mr Fantastic has a lot of good tech like his jets and his many Infinity Gauntlets, but I don’t see him taking Bowser down. Bowser has his Giga Bowser form and he has a lot of dark magic that he can use to enhance his attack power. He’s surprisingly quick when he needs to be and Mr Fantastic’s overwhelming edge in intellect won’t be enough to save him here. Bowser wins.

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Bowser vs Zoroark

Bowser Zoroark
Zoroark is a powerful Pokemon and he got a whole film to convince us of this. His shape shifting abilities won’t be very useful, but he won’t need them in this fight. He can easily overwhelm Bowser in hand to hand combat and he’s lethal from long range as well. Bowser has his Giga Bowser form, but it’s not quick enough to deal with Zoroark. The King of the Koopas is going to have to drop down the blog ranks with this loss. Zoroark wins.

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Zavok vs Bowser

Bowser Zavok
Both of these fighters have some pretty good super strength at their disposal. Zavok can turn into a giant and likewise Bowser can transform into Giga Bowser. Zavok does have the edge in long range ability since he can fire a giant laser while Bowser will have to rely on his fireballs. Zavok is also a master at hand to hand combat, which is certainly enough to give him a decent edge. I’m afraid that Bowser may be doomed this time. Zavok wins.

Link to original image by Chibi-Tediz below.

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Red Hulk vs Bowser

Bowser and Red Hulk are both known for their strength, but it can easily be argued that Red Hulk has the superior brawn. Bowser has his Giga Bowser form, but Red Hulk can counter with the Power Cosmic and his super heating ability. It will be tough for Bowser to overcome this technique and he will be forced to concede defeat. Red Hulk wins.

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Bowser vs Squirtle

Bowser Squirtle
Squirtle is a surprisingly powerful fighter and especially once he transforms into Blastoise. Bowser may have his flames at the ready, but they wont do all that much to someone like Squirtle. Squirtle would speedblitz his way to victory. Bowser just doesn’t have the speed feats or long range techniques necessary for a victory in this round. Squirtle wins.

Link to original image by The-Demon-Ferret below.

Bowser V.S. Bowser

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Knuckles vs Bowser

Bowser Knuckles
Bowser is powerful, but he won’t be able to take Knuckles out of the fight. Knuckles can definitely overpower Bowser in a fist fight and his speed is also a lot greater. Knuckles would overwhelm Bowser with his hand to hand combat skills and eventually the King of the Koopas would be soundly defeated. Knuckles wins.

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Mugino vs Bowser

I have to admit that Mugino looks a little more threatening than Bowser. It helps that energy balls typically trump fire when it comes to destructive power. Bowser wouldn’t be able to get close enough to Mugino to launch any attacks because of her laser ability. She can protect herself from close attacks and also attack people from long range. Her ability has no weaknesses that Bowser can exploit so he will have to take the loss. Mugino wins.

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Marcus vs Bowser

Bowser may be a fearsome opponent for Mario and friends, but he wouldn’t be able to take down Marcus. Marcus has a good amount of super strength at his disposal and he has been known to fight opponents that were larger than him. Bowser would be outmatched from the very beginning. He doesn’t have enough speed to land a lot of hits on Marcus and Marcus would definitely outmatch him physically. Marcus wins.