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Biollante vs Fred

Biollante is back once again and now she’s up against Fred Jones. Fred may not seem like the strongest fighter out there, but he’s definitely as powerful as they come. Biollante will have a hard time trying to match up to him in a mystery, but she has the clear edge when it comes to a battle. Fred will drop down the ranks as he loses this round. Biollante wins.

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Fred vs Nemo

Nemo is back, but I’m afraid that this will be a tough battle for him. Fred and Nemo have never won a single match on the blog, but that’s about to change in this round! Fred is a pretty good detective and he does know how to fight when he needs too. Fred knows how to throw a solid punch and one hit would be enough to stop Nemo. Nemo drops down the ranks with this loss, but at least Fred has finally taken a win! Fred wins.

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Godzilla Junior vs Fred

Fred looks like he’s about to run, but who can blame him! Godzilla Junior’s been crushing all of the opponents in his path and Fred’s just gonna be one of them. He doesn’t have the powers needed to take down such a monster. Godzilla Junior is pretty big and has his Atomic Blasts. Godzilla Junior wins.

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Kamacuras vs Fred

Kamacuras takes this match as well. Fred Jones may be an experienced fighter, but he lacks the firepower needed to take down Kamacuras. Kamacuras is just too fast and too powerful. Fred may not even be able to find him if he camouflages. Kamacuras is just that impressive and rises up the ranks. Kamacuras wins.