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Lazerman vs Hibito

Suggested by Destroyer Hibito is a character with a lot of potential. He has a large array of physical and elemental abilities at his disposal and seems to be reasonably fast as well. If a certain sprite sequel was canon then I think he would have the edge in this fight but Hibito lacks such an extreme level of speed in his actual appearances. He may very well put up a good fight, but victory is out if the question. Lazerman wins.

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Lazerman vs Shriek

Suggested by Destroyer It’s been a while since Shriek got to have a match in the blog, but perhaps that was a good thing. I say that because Shriek has absolutely no chance against Lazerman. Let’s just look at the numbers here. Lazerman is faster and stronger than Shriek. He hits hard enough to deal massive damage to Shademan and has enough durability to withstand a hit from the Program Advance. His speed is also on a whole different level. All Shriek can do is shrink back into retirement to try and forget about this match. Lazerman wins.

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Lazerman vs Count Vertigo

Suggested by Destroyer Count Vertigo is surprisingly powerful and can definitely take a hit. At the same time, I don’t think he would have an easy time trying to get his own shots in. Vertigo isn’t slow, but Lazerman is still faster. I’d also give Lazerman the edge in a long range battle. As you can probably guess from the name, he is quite proficient with his various energy beams. Lazerman wins.

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Tarantula vs Lazerman

Suggested by Destroyer Tarantula is a decent fighter but he is certainly no Lazerman. Lazerman would have a very easy time bringing him down to size. Tarantula is fast but Lazerman is faster. Tarantula is strong, but Lazerman is stronger. I just don’t see how he can claim victory. Lazerman wins.

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Lazerman vs Ratchet

Suggested by Destroyer Ratchet has a lot of good weapons up his sleeve and he is very creative in a fight. A shame that his cunning and skill won’t be able to overcome the gap in ability between him and Lazerman. As shown in his final fight with Shademan, Lazerman is actually quite fast and moves with a pseudo teleportation technique that makes him hard to hit. Ratchet can figure out how to neutralize that ability with time, but that’s something he won’t have here. Lazerman wins.

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Lazerman vs Luke Skywalker

Suggested by Destroyer Luke Skywalker is a tough Jedi master who is one with the Force but his limitations are made quite apparent throughout all of the movies. He is strong, but not strong enough to take down someone like Lazerman. Lazerman is quite fast so throwing objects won’t work and while Luke is skilled with the light saber, he wouldn’t be able to land a hit against Lazerman’s onslaught of beams and punches. Lazerman wins.

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Aqualad vs Lazerman

Suggested by Destroyer Aqualad is a good water fighter and he well suited for fighting beneath the waves. Unfortunately that won’t be enough for him to take on someone like Lazerman! Lazerman has the speed advantage here and he also has far superior attack and defense. Aqualad just won’t be able to make any headway against such a fearsome opponent. Lazerman wins.

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Ratchet (TF) vs Lazerman

Suggested by Destroyer Ratchet is a good medic and since he is a robot he does come equipped with some reasonable super strength and energy guns. They just won’t be able to help him very much since Lazerman can endure anything that he dished out. Ratchet has even admitted on many occasions that he just isn’t really a fighter so he doesn’t have that knack for combat. Lazerman wins.

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Lazerman vs Nightmare

Suggested by Destroyer Nightmare is a skilled warrior with a blade and his overwhelming physical strength allows him to move quickly even while holding such a heavy weapon. Alas, it simply won’t be enough to take Lazerman down for the count. Lazerman can easily dodge his blows and being able to fly also makes this fight even easier. Lazerman can blast away at Nightmare for awhile and while Nightmare can shoot fireballs if I’m not mistaken, the difference in skill is simply too large to ignore. Lazerman wins.

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Lazerman vs Bishop

Suggested by Destroyer Bishop is a good fighter and a genius as well. That will be a pretty potent combination for Lazerman to fight against but I do think he will end up prevailing. Lazerman is fast enough to dodge all of Bishop’s attacks and land counters to his heart’s content. Bishop’s durability isn’t anything special and while he does have some armor, it isn’t sturdy enough to take on this beating for very long. Lazerman wins.