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Godzilla vs Metal Sonic

This is a tribute to Godzilla vs Destoroyah. While Big G got his super form it didn’t look that impressive. Normal Godzilla has looked better in the past. Metal Sonic is way too fast and powerful for Godzilla. He could take him down pretty quickly…because he’s unbeatable. Godzilla could theoretically do some major damage to Metal Sonic if he landed some hits in, but Metal Sonic’s speed is like nothing he has ever encountered before. Metal Sonic wins.

The link to the original image can be found below and it was created by ToaAntan.

Metal Madness: BURN TO DEATH

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Sonic vs Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic and Sonic have been enemies for a long time. Their rivalry transcend time and space. Sonic is the lightning fast hedgehog who has fought all sorts of enemies. He’s showed that his speed can’t be matched….well Metal Sonic’s faster, but most others can’t keep up. Sonic also has a wide range of hand to hand skills and has also mastered some swordplay.

Finally Sonic has plenty of Super Forms including Dark Spine Sonic, Dark Sonic, Hyper Sonic, Black Knight Sonic, and Super Sonic. Of course Sonic can also harness the powers of the chaos emerald to warp space and time. Of course none of these powers can save Sonic from Metal Sonic.

Metal Sonic is faster than Sonic and is immune to his chaos powers. Metal Sonic’s shield is indestructible and can withstand anything Sonic throws at him. Sonic may be powerful, but in the end he’s not up to Metal Sonic level. Metal Sonic has also showed the ability to transform into Metal Madness and Metal Overload. Sonic is a strong opponent and can take down nearly any other opponent, but in the end that’s not enough. Metal Sonic wins.

This is definitely one of the closest matches ever. Metal Sonic and Sonic are both neck and neck in most of their abilities. Super Sonic puts Sonic’s abilities slightly higher, but it’s definitely a close fight. Sonic wins.

The Wrath of Metal Sonic, Videos

The Wrath of Metal Sonic Ep 10

Well the Season Finale. will Metal Sonic destroy Sonic once and for all!
Will Terry level Up
Will Hamod steal something.
Will Bakura do something
Will Shadow finally make his debut
What’s Superman Up Too
Where is LAZERMAN!!!!
All of this and more on today’s episode of Metal Sonic

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Rayquaza vs Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic is one of the big fighters in this league and is not to be underestimated. Rayquaza may be a cool dragon but he can’t take on the power. Metal Sonic has the ability to transform into Metal Overlord, which is his strongest form. In this form, he was able to take on multiple opponents who were moving at a tremendous speed and his durability is off the charts. Rayquaza wouldn’t be able to match his speed or sheer ferocity and while he has a lot of battle experience, Metal Sonic’s AI is too advanced and he would be able to make plans to defeat him. Metal Sonic wins.

A link to the original image is below and This illustration was created by ToaAntan.

Metal Overlord vs Rayquaza