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Terminator vs Punisher

The Terminator is back and this time he’s all set and ready to go! Too bad it won’t be enough to take the win right? Punisher is just far too good of a marksman and with his gun skills he’s taken many opponents down. The Terminator will have to wait for another day to take his win. Punisher wins.

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Punisher vs Yasmin

Punisher has a gun and isn’t afraid to use it. Yasmin is definitely tough, but when it comes down to it. She’s no match against the arsenal that Punisher is equipped with. With his guns there are few that can defeat him. He’s one his share of fights in the past and will keep pwning. Punisher wins.

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Invisible Woman vs Punisher

Invisible Woman has some pretty impressive skills. Not only can she destroy the Punisher in an instant with one of her force bubbles, but she can also use her fire powers to just melt him. The Punisher may be good with a gun, but in the end it just won’t be enough to take her down. Invisible Woman wins.

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Harry Potter vs Punisher

Harry Potter has his magic skills, but in the end he can’t take down the Punisher. The Punisher has the symbiote and with it he’s far too fast and strong for Harry Potter to take him down. Harry Potter just couldn’t win this battle, but he has more losses yet to come! Will Harry Potter make it through this!? Punisher wins.

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Thor vs Punisher

Thor has thunder powers that could take Punisher down nice and quick. Punisher has a gun, but mere guns can’t stand up to Thor. Thor has his trusty hammer. He would smash Punisher away pretty easily. Punisher gets another loss and falls down the rankings while Thor rises into the blog. Thor wins.