Broly vs Aquaman

Suggested by Random Aquaman is more than just the fish guy nowadays. He has super strength and a whole array of skills at his disposal which he can use to best any opponent. That being said, he can’t even use the water as an advantage here since Broly can blow it all away with a single move. Broly won’t even need Super Saiyan mode to win this fight. Even in base form his abilities are far too much for Aquaman to hope to handle. Broly wins.

Broly vs Flash (Barry)

Suggested by Random Flash (Barry) is the fastest man alive except for all of the guys who are faster than him. He’s won his share of battles and has quite a lot of combat experience. That being said, none of it will be enough to take down Broly. Broly can take anything that Barry can dish out and then some. His abilities are just on a completely different level and just by powering up he can create enough pressure to knock Flash off his feet. Broly wins.

Broly vs Zamasu

Suggested by Random It’s time for a battle of titans. Zamasu is an incredibly powerful being who was able to surpass Super Saiyan Blue. It took a fusion to stop him much like it also took a fusion for Broly. Zamasu’s regeneration will help make up for the gap in power between these two fighters, but it simply won’t be enough. Regeneration always has a limit and as long as Broly doesn’t let up in his onslaught of attacks it won’t be a problem. Broly will just be sure to completely obliterate Zamasu to the point where he can’t come back from the damage. Broly wins.

Anomander Rake vs Broly

Suggested by Random Anomander Rake is a pretty skilled fighter. He is an expert with the blade and can also turn into a dragon at will. That being said, neither one of these skills will be enough to even make Broly flinch. Broly is so powerful that such skills are effectively meaningless before him. It’s almost hard to fathom what it’s like to be able to destroy universes on a whim, but that’s actually something that Broly can do before even going super saiyan. There’s nothing Anomander can do about that. Broly wins.

Original image for Rake by Dejan-Delic. Use the link below to get to the original image.

Anomander Rake

Broly vs Akame

Suggested by Random Akame is a skilled assassin and so she won’t make this easy for Broly. That being said, even if she can somehow evade him for a while it isn’t as though any of her attacks would deal damage. Broly’s durability is on a completely different level. He could shrug off even her most powerful blows as if they weren’t even there. In base form he was taking on Super Saiyan God Goku and that’s already way stronger than Akame will ever be. Broly wins.

Broly vs Space Godzilla

Suggested by Random Space Godzilla is another powerful Kaiju, but he won’t be able to do much against the legendary Super Saiyan. Broly has powers that go beyond our wildest dreams. A single energy blast is enough to wipe out whole star systems. Space Godzilla can’t hope to avoid such an attack nor could he endure one. He would be at Broly’s mercy here and the match would likely be over in an instant. This is the power of a Saiyan. Broly wins.

Broly vs King Ghidorah

Suggested by Random King Ghidorah is one of the most powerful Kaiju in the Tohoverse. He can shatter buildings with a single blast and has actually had the edge against Godzilla in some of their confrontations. That being said, I think Broly has definitely got the edge here easy. His raw power was enough to overcome both Goku and Vegeta. He also has near limitless speed which will make evading Ghidorah quite easy. Broly wins.

Beerus vs Broly

Suggested by Destroyer Beerus is a powerful god of destruction. His hakai ability allows him to take out most opponents in a single shot. Unfortunately it won’t do much against Broly. Broly’s strong enough where he can shrug off such an attack and given how it took Gogeta to challenge him, Beerus won’t be doing much here. He is badly outmatched in both physical power as well as speed. There is no universe where I see this outcome playing out in a different way. Broly wins this match with relative ease and Beerus needs a big power up if he’s going to challenge this mighty saiyan. Broly wins.

Broly vs Shadow

Suggested by Destroyer Broly is way too fast and strong for Shadow to handle. Shadow has his Super Shadow form and has always made for an intense rival to Sonic, but Broly has taken on multiple Super Saiyans in the past. He has speed as well as power to back him up. It makes him a better all around fighter in the end. While Shadow can dodge the planets that will blow up in the process, he will eventually be tagged and taken down for the count. Broly wins.

Leprechaun vs Broly

This is a tribute to the Leprechaun movie. This guy may not be a villain who looks all that intimidating but he still has quite a lot of strength at his disposal. Losing to a mere human was too much for his hype to recover from though. Broly could just power up and that would be the end of the planet and this Leprechaun. Such power cannot be taken lightly. Broly wins.