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Jack Sparrow vs Gama

This is a tribute to Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides. Jack Sparrow is a tricky pirate, but his physical abilities aren’t spectacular. Gama is far quicker and he is better with a sword. Jack wont survive an encounter with such a powerful fighter. He is doomed to take yet another loss on the blog and drop down the ranks. Gama wins.

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Iori vs Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow is back and he’s ready to roll. He has his sword skills at the ready, but he won’t be able to keep up with Iori. Iori’s sword skills are at a higher level and his speed is much greater than Jack’s. Jack Sparrow takes a hard loss, but sometimes losing is the right way to move down the blog ranks. Iori wins.

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Nami vs Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow is a pirate who can use a gun and has some decent sword skills…but barely decent. Nami has some decent hand to hand combat skills on her side and the weather staff can come in handy. Jack Sparrow lacks the speed to dodge her attacks and he would quickly be defeated. Nami finally gets her first win on the blog! Nami wins.

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Jack Sparrow vs Luffy

This is a tribute to the World’s End part of the Pirates of the Carribean series. Jack Sparrow may be a pirate captain, but he’s not nearly as noble or as powerful as Luffy. If they ever crossed paths it would be the end for Jack Sparrow. One punch would be enough to take him down. Luffy wins.

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Jack Sparrow vs Bly

This is a tribute to Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest. Jack Sparrow has never been much of a commanding figure and he lets his opponents trick him until the bitter end. Bly could take this guy with one sword slash and Jack Sparrow would never even know what hit him. Bly is just too skilled. Bly wins.

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Jack Sparrow vs Bass

This is a tribute to the Curse of the Black Pearl! Jack Sparrow is an okay swordsman, but he lacks speed and power. One punch from Bass should take him out for good. Jack Sparrow tried, but in the end he just couldn’t take on a being of such immense and unending power! Bass wins.

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Jack Sparrow vs James Bond

Jack Sparrow is back and he’s up against James Bond. In terms of gun wielding, James Bond has the clear advantage. However, I’d give it to Jack Sparrow in close combat thanks to his sword skills. It’s a close match, but Jack Sparrow becoming immortal definitely helps his case. Jack Sparrow wins.

Fanfic version below

Who will win!? (The story is now outdated since the victor was reversed, but it makes for an epic read anyway)

Update! James Bond has enough armaments to survive Jack’s initial gun assault and then counter with his larger armaments such as lasers and rocket launchers. This is game over for Jack Sparrow. James Bond wins.