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Lazerman vs Leonardo

Lazerman is pretty powerful and one good disruption beam should be enough to take down Leonardo. Leonardo is skilled with a sword, but swords aren’t enough to take on someone like Lazerman. Leonardo may have lost this round, but he’s had a good run overall so it’s not all bad. Lazerman wins.

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Sonic vs Leonardo

Leonardo may have his swords at the ready, but Sonic’s speed will be more than a match for that. Sonic has his homing attack and his spindash, not to mention the mighty Excalibur. Leonardo’s a bit out of his league in this round, but in the end at least he tried. Sonic wins.

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Dora The Explorer vs Leonardo

Dora The Explorer is back, but now she must face off against Leonardo! Leonardo has his sword skills and with them he will show the world his true power! Dora just can’t take on someone that skilled. Dora The Explorer drops down the ranks as she takes her first loss. Leonardo wins.

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Snake Eyes vs Leonardo

Snake Eye’s is the GI Joe’s best swordsman. He’s good. Leonardo is one of the slowest sword fighters. Snake Eyes easily beats him in sword play. Leonardo has shruiken but they always miss. Snake Eyes also has cooler swords than Leonardo. Leonardo has a ways to go. Snake Eyes wins. But now Leonardo can turn into a dragon. Leonardo wins.

I’m afraid that Snake Eyes is too fast for Leonardo now! Snake Eyes wins.

Update 9/28/2019 Leonardo has his Saint Turtle form which is strong enough to turn the tides. This cosmic power can’t be beat. Leonardo wins.