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Doomsday vs Hulk

Hulk and Doomsday are some of the tougher characters out there! Hulk has a lot of raw power and at his strongest he’s a worldbreaker! Doomsday has taken on Superman in the past and at his best, it took a lot more than that to beat him! These two are both tough, but I’d say that Doomsday still has the edge. Doomsday wins.

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Doomsday vs Thing

Doomsday is pretty powerful and now he’s back to try and take a win. The Thing is pretty proud of his strength, but in a fist fight he would be doomed. He could play it safe and spam his projectiles, but unfortunately for him, Doomsday has some as well. Thing won’t be able to win this round. Doomsday wins.

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Doomsday vs Thor

If Thor can get far away from Doomsday and spam his thunder I think he could potentially take the win. If it goes into close quarters combat Thor’s pretty much dead. Sadly for Thor, I don’t think he could escape Doomsday. Doomsday’s just too fast and powerful. Thor is a tough opponent, but this is one match that he loses. Doomsday wins.

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Abomination vs Doomsday

Abomination has a lot of raw power. He’s even fought with the Hulk sometimes. That’s a pretty good feat in itself when you think about it. Of course Doomsday’s done one better….he took down Superman! This is Abomination’s blog debut, but he’s starting out with a loss. He can’t match up to Doomsday’s power. Doomsday wins.

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Hellboy vs Doomsday

Doomsday has enough super strength to take down many fighters in an instant. Hellboy may be powerful, but one full on punch from Doomsday and he’s dead. Doomsday was even able to fight the legendary Superman at one point! That’s something to think about. Hellboy may be back, but he came back for a loss. Doomsday wins.

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Superman vs Doomsday

Doomsday makes his long awaited blog debut. This is an historic moment for fans everywhere. So what better way to start him off than by having him fight Superman? Well Doomsday in his prime took on 32 fully powered Super beings!

A pretty impressive feat to say the least. In brute strength Doomsday’s often been compared to the Hulk for obvious reasons. Thing is, he’s fighting Superman. Superman has enough brute strength to fight with Doomsday, but that’s not the deciding factor in this one.

Speed is what clinches Superman’s win. He’s just way too fast for Doomsday to get a hit on him. Superman is about as fast as Flash though possibly faster. Superman’s just always had more powers at his disposal. He also has his Heat Vision and Freeze Breath.

They may not be the most impressive powers at times, but they get the job done. One thing many forget is that Superman’s also a Super Genius, possibly smarter than Batman. So if it came down to it he could think of a plan to win. Regardless Superman takes this match and gets yet another win, but don’t worry guy, Doomsday will be back on the blog to fight again! Superman wins.