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Android 16 vs He Man

He Man may be a pretty strong guy, but in the end he’s not at Android 16’s level. Android 16 has his cannons and super punches. Either of those attacks would finish off He Man pretty easily. He Man never stood a chance in this fight and plummets down the blog rankings. Android 16 gets himself a good win. Android 16 wins.

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He Man vs Chaos

He Man is a hero who knows how to use his sword. Their aren’t many fighters who can defeat him. Of course Chaos isn’t just an ordinary fighter. With his powers and speed their are even less who can defeat him. Chaos wins.

Update 08/25/2018, He Man’s too strong to lose this one. He’s gone toe to toe with Superman in the past after all! He Man wins.

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Ganondorf vs He Man

He Man just doesn’t have what it takes to win this match. Ganondorf has dark magic powers that make him a force to be reckoned with. He Man has a sword, that would shatter instantly. Ganondorf wins.

Update 08/25/2018 He Man takes this now. Ganondorf just won’t be able to compete with him head to head. He Man wins.