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Frodo vs Zero

Frodo was very weak willed and he couldn’t make the right calls when the going got tough. That’s why he just needed another loss. Zero could easily end the round with a single slash and Frodo just wouldn’t be able to evade. He lacks the speed that would be necessary for such a feat. Zero is definitely one of the cooler robots out there and he rises up the blog ranks. Zero wins.

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Indiana Jones vs Zero

Indiana Jones is an explorer and he has been through many adventures that would have broken a lesser person. Unfortunately, that just wont be enough to win at this point. Zero’s abilities are just too intense for Jones and it will be an easy win. Zero wins.

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Luke Skywalker vs Zero

This is a tribute to Star Wars VI! Luke Skywalker is still a pretty unimpressive fighter and he definitely wouldn’t last against an opponent as powerful as Zero. Zero’s speed is also vastly superior to Luke Skywalker’s and he won’t even be able to react to Zero. Zero easily crushes Luke and increases his record on the blog! Zero wins.

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Zero vs Graboid

Graboids are tough, but they wont be able to win this round. Zerio is far too powerful to lose this round. Zero is an S class maverick hunter and he cant be stopped by such a beast. Zero is faster and stronger than a Graboid. The Graboids keep on losing, but at least they’re finally getting some recognition on the blog. Zero wins.

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Tsuna vs Zero

Tsuna is back and he’s up against Zero! They’re both some of the highest ranked characters on the blog, so this will definitely be quite the fight! Zero has his Black Nightmare form and he can use it to fly at pretty high speeds, but Tsuna will make him look as if he’s frozen in time. Zero won’t be able to win this round and this is one of those rare occasions where he’s completely out of his league. Even Goku would have a tough time with a fighter of this caliber. Tsuna wins.

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Virgo Shaka vs Zero

Virgo Shaka is back and now he’s up against Zero! Zero is one of the legendary Maverick Hunters and his abilities exceed that of most fighters. Virgo Shaka is known to be incredibly powerful and I don’t doubt this. Still, I don’t think that he will be able to defeat Zero right now. Zero has many forms and his speed is enough to keep up with Virgo Shaka. One good slash from his sword can prove fatal to just about any opponent, no matter how strong he may be. Zero wins.

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Oolong vs Zero

Oolong isn’t a very good fighter and he’s definitely not a good character. Not only are all of his scenes cringe worthy, but he has so many of them. Zero would crush him in an instant and that would be the end of Oolong. This is so much of a blowout that it barely counts as a match! The humanity of it all! Zero wins.

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One Above All vs Zero

The One Above All is back and ready to roll! He’s up against Zero, who is one of the world’s deadliest fighters. The One Above All has been fighting people for a long time, but he always manages to lose. At least he defeated Nemo, but that was a long time ago. Zero could easily win this round in a single shot. Zero wins.

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Ellen Berent vs Zero

Gene Tierney Leave Her To Heaven
Ellen Berent was never a really cool character and she won’t be winning this round. Zero is a much cooler character and he has an awesome character design. Zero’s attacks would be able to take Ellen Berent down in a single shot. Zero also possesses super speed and his sword skills are out of this world. Zero wins.

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Richard Harland vs Zero

Cornel Wilde Leave Her To Heaven
Zero is a pretty awesome character and MVC3 always reminds me of that. He’s one of the few Megaman characters to get his own series and he definitely deserves it. Richard Harland is a pretty sad main character and he actually expresses interest in murder…definitely not a character that kids will want to look up to for the future! Zero wins.