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Black Widow vs Peter Griffin

Black Widow is back and now she’s up against Peter Griffin! Peter Griffin is pretty iconic at this point and it’s always a blast to see him fall down the ranks. He simply doesn’t have what it takes to beat such an experienced agent and Black Widow would only need a gun to defeat him. She could also win in a hand to hand fight of course, but having a gun makes things a lot quicker. Black Widow wins.

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Black Widow vs Grasshopper

The Black Widow has arrived on the scene and that’s bad news for our favorite Grasshopper! Grasshoppers are pretty powerful when they are in large numbers, but there’s no way that a single one could hope to win this battle. The Black Widow is too quick and she’s very experienced in hand to hand combat. It’s a clear mismatch! Black Widow wins.

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Black Widow vs Spiderman

Black Widow may have fought Spiderman in the past and even defeated him! Of course there were heavy circumstances and if they fought again that would not be the case. Spiderman is a living legend and cannot be defeated so easily. Not even Black Widow is a match for a guy with super strength and great athletics. Spiderman’s done pretty well for himself on the blog so far….how long can it last! Spiderman wins.