Carnage vs Sentry

The Sentry is back and this time he’s up against Carnage! Carnage is a pretty powerful foe and with his cosmic powers he’s more deadly than ever! Of course even with his cosmic powers Sentry still has a massive speed advantage over Carnage. Carnage takes a loss with this match, but as of now he has become the blog’s most popular fighter! Sentry wins.

Venom vs Carnage

Venom and Carnage have infected many characters during their stay in the Marvel multiverse. They’ve both added big hitters and were already big hitters in their own right. Venom and Carnage will always be rivals, in their base forms Carnage is stronger, but when super forms come into play this gets tricky.

Let’s start off with Carnage! He absorbed Ben Reilly, Spidey’s Dad, Silver Surfer, and John Jameson. A decent list, but aside from Silver Surfer the other guys aren’t much better than base form. Venom on the other hand….let’s just say he has a lot. He’s got Hulk, Thor, Ms Marvel, Wolverine, Spiderman, She Hulk and many, many, many more. He also got a giant super form in Spiderman Web of Shadows.

So for this match I’d say Venom has a pretty big lead over Carnage. Carnage is strong, but he doesn’t have Deadpool! Absorbing Deadpool also helps Venom in the long run. Venom wins.

Spiderman vs Carnage

Spiderman has fought many deadly opponents, but perhaps none as lethal as Carnage. Carnage has taken Spiderman and Venom on in the past….teaming up! That’s a big feat for any being. Carnage also became the Cosmic Carnage temporarily, but that doesn’t save him. Wanna know why?

Spiderman also got the Power Cosmic plus the Phoenix Force! With those two at his side Carnage can’t win this battle. Carnage is still a deadly opponent and would beat many other opponents, he just happened to fight an opponent who was too powerful for him. Spiderman gets yet another win and rises up the blog rankings. Spiderman wins.

Carnage vs Joker

Carnage has his symbiotic powers. With them defeating the Joker won’t be too hard. Carnage has his cosmic powers. He finally gets himself another win. Joker has always been a big contender, but in the end he doesn’t have the raw power that Carnage has. Carnage has speed and strength that are pretty much unbelievable. Carnage wins.

Carnage vs AntiVenom

After losing to Venom AntiVenom is back to fight. Sadly for him he’s up against Carnage. Carnage is just like Venom. Because of his powers he nearly equals Venom…but without his powers he’s pretty weak. Of course that goes for AntiVenom too. I guess Carnage opens up with a win. Carnage wins.