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Meta Knight vs Knuckles

Meta Knight is a quick fighter and once fought Marth. Of course Knuckles has his Hyper form and has been shown to be able to fight on par with guys like Sonic! It’s power vs speed in this match, but in hyper form Knuckles speed isn’t too bad. He takes this win and rises up the blog ranks. Knuckles wins.

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Meta Knight vs Zelda

Meta Knight is a good swordsman, but Zelda knows some pretty good hand to hand in both Zelda form and Sheik form. Zelda also her her Din’s fire and other such attacks. Meta Knight’s tough, but I don’t think he wins this round. This is the end of the arc and it’s been a good one. Stick around for more Zelda and Meta Knight fights in the future. Zelda wins.

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Meta Knight vs Mario

Meta Knight is back, but now he’s up against good ole Mario. Mario’s a pretty impressive fighter and with his super strength and hand to hand skills he’s hard to beat. Meta Knight loses this round, but he’ll be back. Mario gets this win and rises up the blog ranks. Mario’s truly a fighter to be feared. Mario wins.

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Meta Knight vs Samus

Meta Knight has his sword skills, but Samus’s energy blasts would soon prove too much for him. Meta Knight may be strong, but fighting against energy blasts isn’t one of his strong points. Samus rises up the blog ranks with this win and her next fight is her final fight of the arc. Meta Knight will also be back. Samus wins.

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Meta Knight vs Shadow

Meta Knight is back, but this time his luck has run out. His sword skills aren’t quite a match for Shadow’s super speed. Shadow is a tough fighter to beat and pretty much no being in Nintendo can take him down. Shadow rises up the ranks yet again and is almost done with his part of the arc. Shadow wins.

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Meta Knight vs Lazerman

Meta Knight is back after a long, long time. Sadly for him he can’t quite take the match in this one. Lazerman has powers that are so great, soon he will make it to 200 wins! Meta Knight may be better at sword skills, but Lazerman has beams which trumps swords in this match. Lazerman wins.