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King Kong vs Teridax

King Kong is a powerful monster…if you can call him a monster. He can throw some good punches, but in the end his attack power won’t be able to match up to someone as legendary as Teridax. Teridax can defeat him in a number of different ways. Teridax won’t even need to break a sweat in this round. Teridax wins.

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Indiana Jones vs Teridax

Indiana Jones is always ready for a good rumble, but this is one match that I don’t think he can win. Teridax just needs one good slash to end this match in an instant. This may have been Indiana Jones’s final journey into the unknown, and things didn’t go his way this time. Teridax wins.

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Megatron vs Teridax

Megatron has his arm cannon which can deal some intense damage in one shot. Teridax has many abilities of his own including teleportation, lasers, size manipulation, slow down, and many others. It would definitely be a good fight, but I think that Megatron may have this with his immensely powerful energon sword. Megatron wins.

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Teridax vs Broly

Teridax is one of those guys that you don’t want to mess with! He has a lot of powers and isn’t afraid to use them…still, I don’t think he can beat Broly! Broly is a casual solar system buster and he can take many opponents down for the count. Teridax drops down the ranks with this loss. Broly wins.

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Godzilla vs Teridax

Godzilla is a pretty big and strong monster, but in the end he can’t hope to defeat Teridax! Teridax has a lot of powers at his disposal and is incredibly dangerous. Godzilla’s Atomic Breath may do some pretty heavy damage, but I doubt he’s ever be able to hit Teridax. He’s just not fast enough. Teridax wins.

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Teridax vs Sylar

Teridax and Sylar both have many powers. Name a power and they’ll probably have it, so the question is…who wins! Sylar has some pretty great intuition and all of the basic superhero powers, plus more. Teridax has possibly even more powers. He can shoot lasers, has super speed and strength, and a lot more. In the end I’m going with Teridax, he seems to be more durable which could be the clincher. Teridax wins.