Bass vs Elecman

Requested by Blake Let’s face it..Elecman is a tough customer. His speed is very impressive and those lightning abilities of his will come in handy against a large variety of foes. However, it is simply not enough for me to be convinced that he will win this match. That is because Bass can reflect all projectiles and his physical speed/power is far beyond anything that Elecman can throw at him. The lightning specialist may as well be throwing pixie dust for all the good that it will do against Bass. Bass wins.

Elecman vs Joker

Elecman is pretty fast and extremely dangerous! With one blast he can do some pretty serious damage! Joker’s tough and in his Emperor form he was a threat, but it won’t be enough. Elecman has been shown to move so fast, even Megaman didn’t catch him. Now that’s pure speed! Elecman wins.

Megaman vs Elecman

Elecman isn’t any ordinary villain, but you’ve probably guessed that from the pic. His speed was so great that even Megaman couldn’t keep up with him during their first encounter. Megaman barely won thanks to his expert sword skills, but if they fought against right now Megaman would win pretty easily. He’s improved a lot since then. Megaman wins.

Elecman vs Sparkman

Sparkman’s dark clone attack will come in handy here. Elecman can’t handle multiple foes. Once Sparkman makes the clone, he’ll panic and the match is over. Sparkman wins.

Update! Elecman’s speed will be the deciding factor here and while Sparkman can use his attack to quickly make a shadow of Elecman, Elecman will have finished the job by then with a quick slash. Sparkman won’t be able to handle that kind of power. Elecman wins.