Master Chief vs Olimar

Master Chief is back once again and he’s up against Olimar! Olimar is pretty resourceful when he needs to be, but he’s up against an experienced veteran who is used to fighting entire armies. Olimar won’t really be able to keep up and Master Chief can just throw a bunch of grenades at him. Master Chief wins.

Marth vs Olimar

Olimar, no!
Olimar has his Pikmin at the ready, but I don’t believe that they will be enough to stop Marth in his tracks. Marth is an accomplished swordsman and he’s used to dealing with great odds. Olimar doesn’t have enough battle experience to deal with this and he’ll get outsmarted by Marth moments before he is defeated by his sword attacks. Marth wins.

Sonic vs Olimar

Sonic and Olimar are staring at a spaceship...I hope
Olimar may be a pretty brave guy when he’s in outer space, but he’s a little out of his league in this round. Sonic is much faster than Olimar and he could easily crush him. Olimar doesn’t have the speed needed to outrun Sonic and he lacks physical power. Sonic is his superior in each of these areas and that is a significant advantage. Sonic wins.

Bowser vs Olimar

Run Olimar
Bowser has always been a pretty big threat to the Mushroom Kingdom. If you’ve seen the Mario Galaxy opening then you know that he’s a pretty big threat. Even so, Olimar has dealt with many threats in the past….right? Unfortunately for him, this is the end of the road. He just won’t be able to stop Bowser! Bowser wins.

Mario vs Olimar

mario olimar
Mario is a plumber of unimaginable skill. He can shoot fire balls that can burn the opponent and he’s never been afraid to turn giant. Olimar doesn’t do as well in hand to hand combat situations, but he can definitely be a deadly enemy to face. This is one battle that he won’t be able to win, but he gave it his all. Mario wins.

Olimar vs Nemo

I’m afraid that things aren’t going well for Nemo lately. He’s already gotten several losses and now he’s about to lose again. Olimar just needs a solid punch and then he’ll have won the match. Nemo doesn’t have enough speed to defeat Olimar and drops down the blog ranks. Olimar has claimed his first blog win! Olimar wins.

Olimar vs Fox

Fox got Pikmin'd
Olimar has a lot of Pikmin at his disposal, but will they be enough? Their elemental onslaught can prove to be a challenge for many opponents, but Fox has his reflector at the ready. He can use it to keep Olimar and his Pikmin back while he finishes them off with his laser beam gun. Fox is definitely a tough guy to bring down. Fox wins.

Mega Man vs Olimar

Watch out, MEGA MAN!
Olimar may be well versed in how to survive on a mysterious planet, but that’s nothing compared to what Mega Man has to deal with on a daily basis. Mega Man lives in a world where robots come and wreck cities for the thrills, Aliens come from outer space to decimate the planet, and where Bass lives! I’m sure that Olimar is a brave guy, but he just can’t stand up to the Mega power of Mega Man. Mega Man wins.