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Toshiki Kai vs James Bond

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James Bond has his gun at the ready, but it won’t be enough to stop Kai! Kai is a very talented cardfighter and it is a simple matter for him to overpower most of his foes. They just don’t have his level of ability. His Dragonic Overlord should be enough to quickly take James Bond down for the count. At least James Bond got to have one more fight before Records! Kai wins.

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Gilgamesh vs James Bond

James Bond has a gun at his side, but it really won’t be enough to take Gilgamesh down for the count. Gilgamesh is much faster than James Bond and he’s also a lot more skilled in combat. Bullets wouldn’t be able to do a thing against his armor and Bond’s best chance is to surrender and hope for the best. Gilgamesh wins.

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Najimi Ajimu vs James Bond

Najimi Ajimu is back and she can definitely beat this agent. James Bond has a gun, but it won’t be enough to defeat Najimi. Najimi has a lot of speed and she could easily overwhelm Bond. James Bond has been losing a lot, but maybe he will manage a comeback soon. Until then, Najimi Ajimu rise up the blog ranks with this victory. Najimi Ajimu wins.

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Lucina vs James Bond

Well, the secret agent is back, but he’s not prepared to deal with such a skilled swordswoman. Lucina would easily be able to slay James Bond and his gun skills would not be a match for her speed. She just needs a single hit to take James Bond down for the count and it won’t take her very long for the blow to connect. Lucina wins.

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Rodimus Prime vs James Bond

Rodimus Prime definitely takes this round due to the fact that he’s much stronger. Bond can fire off some bullets and even a rocket or two, but it won’t make a difference. Rodimus just needs a single blast to take James Bond out of the race. Even Bond’s bullet proof car won’t be enough to save him from such an assault. Rodimus Prime wins.

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Neuro vs James Bond

James Bond doesnt stand a chance against such a powerful demon. Neuro has a solid degree of super speed and strength as well as the powerful demon tools as his disposal. One energy blast would definitely have James Bond down for the count. Bullets simply aren’t enough to deal with such an opponent. Neuro wins.

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Black Star vs James Bond

black star
Sean Connery as James Bond
Black Star continues to get cooler and cooler as I continue my run through Soul Eater. He’s much better than James Bond in every area and a single shot from his sword would end things. Black Star doesn’t even need a weapon as he’s vastly superior to Bond when it comes to pure hand to hand combat. Black Star wins.

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Rin Okumura vs James Bond

Rin is back once again and it’s time for him to take another win. James Bond has his gun at the ready, but it simply won’t be enough this time. Rin has the advantage when it comes to speed and he’s also a better hand to hand fighter when it counts. His style is direct and it’s not “official” so it would be tough for James Bond to counter. Rin Okumura wins.

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Alain vs James Bond

Alain is back and now he’s up against the secret agent from the films. James Bond may have a lot of guns, but he’s not a very tough fighter and I’m confident that Alain would quickly be able to take him down for the count. He’s just that powerful at this point. He may only have one Pokemon, (At the moment) but that it more than enough to win this round. Alain wins.

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Palutena vs James Bond

Palutena has finally been confirmed to be in the new Smash Bros game and that means lights out for James Bond. If anyone thought that James Bond would still be included…they can put their fears to rest. Palutena just needs a single attack to win this round and she could easily reflect any bullets that James Bond could try and fire. Palutena wins.