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Little Mac vs James Bond

Little Mac is a pretty tough boxer and it should be noted that he’s not the kind of guy to go down without a fight. James Bond has his fancy guns of course, but they won’t frighten this fighter. Little Mac just needs one of his iconic uppercuts and that will be the match. James Bond simply won’t be able to endure such a blow. Little Mac wins.

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Tojo Hidetora vs James Bond

James Bond has reached his 100th match on the blog! This is a pretty good feat and it shows that he still has a pretty strong following on the blog. Most of his matches may be losses, but it’s the thought that counts. It is safe to say that he won’t be fighting quite as often on the blog anymore, but he had a good run. We won’t be forgetting this agent…meanwhile, Tojo wins this round with a single punch. Tojo Hidetora wins.

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Kuneida vs James Bond

Kuneida is back and now she’s up against James Bond. Mr. Bond has now reached 99 battles on the blog so you can be sure that his 100th fight will not be very far behind. Kuneida can easily speedblitz James Bond from all angles and a single sword strike will take down the agent. Moreover, Kuneida just needs to land a punch since she can strike through rock by focusing her power. Kuneida wins.

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Aichi Sendou vs James Bond

Aichi Sendou is a world class Cardfighter. He knows what it takes to win and it will be tough for an opponent to defeat him. Blaster Blade protects him from all who would dare to challenge him. James Bond’s gun skills simply wont be enough to grant him the win and he will just have to accept the loss. Aichi Sendou wins.

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James Bond vs Berserker

Bond returns once more and now he is up against Berserker. Berserker is a powerful foe and a single sword slash should end the round. James Bond does have his gun at the ready, but bullets are ineffective against this skilled warrior. Berserker has now reached many strong opponents with a solid record of 2-1! Berserker wins.

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James Bond vs Protoman

James Bond is getting really close to reaching 100 battles. He has a gun, but it really hasn’t helped him that much so far. His next loss against Protoman is not going to help his record either. This is simply another drop for the agent and I doubt that it will he his last big defeat. Protoman wins.

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Oga Tatsumi vs James Bond

James Bond has his gun at the ready, but it really won’t be that effective against a guy like Oga Tatsumi. Oga was already a very strong fighter before he got any demon abilities and they just rose him into a whole new level. James Bond could try to settle things mano a mano with Oga, but it really wouldn’t end well for the British Agent. Oga is too powerful and one punch would end things. Oga Tatsumi wins.

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Fennekin vs James Bond

Fennekin is a fire type Pokemon and he is even tougher than he looks. James Bond has a gun, but that wont be very helpful against this opponent. Fennekin can melt the gun and speedblitz Bond for a while. Fennekin has dozens of abilities at his disposal and James Bond wouldn’t really be able to counter any of them. Fennekin wins.

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Shulk vs James Bond

Shulk is always ready for another win and now he is going up against James Bond! Bond shouldn’t be underestimated I suppose, but there really isn’t much that he can do against Shulk. Shulk will easily dodge all of Bond’s weapons as he goes in for the win. Shulk definitely had a pretty good blog day today! Shulk wins.

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Captain Falcon vs James Bond

James Bond has a gun and he’s pretty good at using it when he’s not failing. The main problem is that he can’t hope to give the legendary Captain Falcon a good challenge. Captain Falcon is an experienced veteran and it would appear that he is up for a few quick wins on the blog today! Captain Falcon wins.