Psylocke vs Daredevil

Daredevil got briefly amped up during Shadowlands and he was a whole new fighter. He was able to take down Iron Fist and Shang Chi, which was pretty impressive. That being said, Psylocke can make energy barriers and I would argue that she is simply the better fighter here. Both of them are quick, but Psylocke’s mental abilities give her a decisive edge here. Psylocke wins.

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Hibito vs Shadow

Hibito is pretty skilled with his fire sword, but that’s just not enough to match Shadow’s overall ability. Shadow has mastered the art of Chaos Control and he can ascend into his Super Shadow form. In that mode, Shadow easily surpasses Hibito in speed and raw power. A single Chaos Blast will end the round. Shadow wins.

Transformers Regeneration Volume 2 Review

It’s time for a classic Transformers review. I figured that it would be fitting to release it today since it’s the big 30th Anniversary for the series. Transformers Regeneration is really a homage to the original generation as they throw in a few modern twists. So far, the series has been pretty enjoyable and this is a pretty solid addition to the series. I would go as far as to say that this is really the definitive Transformers series right now since it really has everything. All of the main characters are here with tributes to various segments of the franchise. (I guess it’s still too early to say that it may surpass the original series, but it’s a very good modern adaption)

The plot mainly centers around Grimlock in this collection. He has been kidnapped by Scorponok to further the evil robot’s agenda. He agrees to release Grimlock if he helps him gain access to Cybertron to use a program that will switch the factions for all of the robots into the Decepticons. Grimlock’s part of the deal ensures that the other Dinobots will be healed and allowed to function normally again. Essentially, it’ll come down to sacrificing the planet in order to save 4-5 robots, but they are Grimlock’s friends so it’s a tough call. We also have two subplots. One of them follows Optimus Prime as he decides to stay on Earth to help with the rebuilding effort. His plot is mostly untouched, but it appears to be getting a bigger focus in the next volume.

We also have Rodimus Prime’s plot as he decides to find out what lurks in the depths of the planet. Actually, we have a third subplot in the form of Galvatron. Starscream leads him to an abandoned area where they notice that Shockwave has been sealed in there. Now, Galvatron has all that he needs in order to conquer Cybertron, but Starscream may have a hidden agenda. When doesn’t he have a hidden agenda right? So, a lot of things are definitely happening here, but the comic is mostly taking it one plot at a time.

As mentioned earlier, this was a pretty good way to continue the Regeneration series. It was definitely not quite as good as volume 1, but it was going to be extremely difficult to match that one. You have to realize that volume one was the climatic showdown between Megatron and Optimus Prime with only one of them walking away. This volume’s big fight is between Scorponok and Grimlock. It’s a great fight as well, but it would be impossible for that one to be quite as interesting. Prime and Megatron basically represent the Transformers franchise at this point and there fights are always incredible.

Luckily, this volume still holds its own. I really like the art in this series and it never lets me down. All of the character designs are very sleek and well drawn. They hold up for the action scenes and a lot of detail is added to the backgrounds. The art is easily some of the best in the biz and it may be second only to a few of the current DC comics in the market. (Superman Unbound, Justice League, etc. No Marvel comics come close right now I’m afraid) The art is just about perfect here and that always helps to give the comic and extra kick.

A true test of art is when the action scenes materialize and they all look very good. The action goes from page to page without error or delay and the actions are smoothly drawn. These are comic fights that you can get behind and the artist did a good job with Grimlock’s battle against Scorponok. We also get a lot of action in the comic that doesn’t necessarily have to be a one on one battle. Cybertron is under siege so there are a lot of explosions and beams that are flying around.

Grimlock definitely has it pretty tough in this volume. He gets kidnapped and then he is given a tough choice. Now, should Grimlock have decided to betray literally every Autobot on Cybertron to help the other Dinobots? Usually, I may be okay with that depending on the circumstances…maybe, but not really in this case. The Dinobots weren’t doing well, but Grimlock needs to trust that there is at least one Autobot doctor who can do what Scorponok can do. The Autobots medical knowledge is pretty embarrassing, but then it’s just time to search the solar system for a cure. It’s definitely out there somewhere and I’m confident that Grimlock could find it. Other than that, he’s a pretty good character and he makes sure to clean up after his mistakes. I’m not sure if I would want him to be the main character for too many comics, but once in a while is okay.

Scorponok is the main villain and it’s definitely a pretty big change of pace from Megatron and the others. His master plan is also pretty unique, but I’m sure that he would have been betrayed by one of the new Decepticons at some point anyway. He didn’t seem to really have complete control over them all and explosive switches at the ready can only help him so much. He likely trusted his power to keep him secure anyway, which isn’t a terrible plan. He is technically a lot stronger than most of the fighters who are still around. He makes for a pretty good villain and he is really trying to keep up his calm demeanor.

Soundwave only gets a quick scene where he is negotiating with another villain. Did I forget to mention this subplot? Well, Soundwave is gathering an army to destroy the Autobots once and for all! Galvatron and Starscream are in character for their cameos and likewise for Optimus Prime. Rodimus Prime has a brief journey into a secret room where he has to choose between the sword and the shield. It’s a classic symbolic choice and he also learns that his ancestors may have actually been pretty villainous as opposed to heroic. Rodimus makes the right call in sparing the inhabitants and defying the orders of the high above Transformer beings. Deciding to go on an adventure at such a bad time was a little tricky, but it’s technically not his fault. He still makes for a pretty good character, but he’s maybe a little one dimensional at the moment. We’ll see how he fares in the next volume. Most of the other characters don’t get a particularly large role so the main cast is rather small. Of course, a comic like Transformers always has a bunch of characters who are around. They just don’t get a huge role in this story.

There are two groups in this comic who respond to big acts with ungratefulness. I agreed with one of them and not with the other. The Dinobots were pretty bad at Grimlock for betraying Cybertron and attack him. I’m cool with that since it definitely looks very bad from their point of view. Should they have given him a chance to explain himself? Yes, I think they definitely could have been a little reasonable, but I can still understand why they are pretty upset. The humans…they’re a different story.

They’re mad because Earth has basically been wiped out and it’s really because the Autobots left Earth for so long like in the show. I never agreed with the Autobots’ decision to leave the planet to vulnerable and it was a big tactical error in judgment. Still, the Autobots did save them and now there are at least 50-500000 humans left on the Earth. If the Autobots had not shown up, the humans would have been completely decimated or converted into slaves. The humans respond by threatening the Autobots to leave peacefully or to be eradicated. Do the humans really think that they will be able to defeat the Decepticons without the heroes? Spike may have gotten some thunder abilities, but they would never be enough to take out any of the stronger fighters. He can beat the average Decepticon, but none of the named ones. The humans are upset, but they really need to think this through a little more.

The cliffhanger for the volume is pretty great! Let’s just say that Prime’s brief stint on Earth is likely over as he will have to join the fray once again. I’m hoping that his battle starts up quickly, but I wouldn’t mind if it ended up being the next arc. Prime’s already defeated one of the strongest Decepticons in the first volume so I’m ready for round 2!

If I had a slight negative, it would be the pacing of the volume. Usually I say that the pacing was too slow, but I would actually say that it’s too fast in this case. Cybertron is basically enslaved in the span of 2-3 pages and we are already jumped to the resistance movement. I would have liked to see the actual invasion a little more since that could have been really interesting. It’s not a big deal, but I think that part happened way too fast. Maybe everyone was just too hyped for the next arc.

Overall, Regeneration volume 2 continues to keep the series interesting and fun to read. It’s nice to see all of the old characters back and we have characters who are relevant to the original series and to Headmasters. I hope that Star Saber or God Ginrai appears at some point, but I know that they aren’t exactly the most popular characters in the shuffle so I can wait for a while. It could be a while until Regeneration Volume 3, but it’s safe to say that my expectations for it are pretty high. Now that the Grimlock plot is basically gone it’ll be interesting to see which one comes next. Galvatron’s, Soundwave’s, or Rodimus Prime’s. I’m personally hoping for Galvatron’s, but I guess we shall see. This is still The Transformers comic series to read if you want to become a fan of the franchise and it’s pretty new reader friendly since the designs are all pretty unique for the characters. You’ll have their names memorized in no time!

Overall 7/10

Good Morning Vietnam Review

This review is of the edited TV 14 version of the film. Note that all of the statements above only pertain to this version and that the original version would likely be lower.
Good Morning Vietnam is a story that is loosely based off of real events and it takes place during the Vietnam war. That was definitely a pretty sad time for Americans and I watched a documentary on it a while back. It’s one of the only wars that we basically lost and we also had to deal with a lot of political drama back at home with rebellions happening all around the place. This film just focuses on the Vietnam aspect and how one man could try to keep the morale of the troops up.

Adrian gets transferred over to Vietnam to be the broadcaster for a radio station that is around to keep morale up for the troops. He enjoys the job and he’s pretty good at it. Adrian becomes friends with a native as he tries to romance a woman that he meets over there. Not everything is dandy though as his superior and his superior’s superior don’t like him. Luckily, his superior’s superiors superior does think he is doing a good job and that’s what counts. Will it be enough to keep him safe?

Well, that’s basically the gist of the film. The war is pretty grim so Adrian has to help everyone forget about it as they go about their daily duties. There is a lot of drama that is added through the subplots. The main character gets to see firsthand how destructive the battle is and that’s when he decides that the troops have a right to know what is going on. That really puts him at odds with the higher ups and things get pretty dangerous for him. Should he say what is happening?

Well, in this case I would have to agree with the government. I don’t think Adrian should lie about what is happening, but he just shouldn’t mention the war and what’s going on. For one thing, the transmissions could easily be intercepted by the enemy. We don’t want to them to know exactly what is going on. (Nowadays, information is definitely more available thanks to the internet) It’s like with the recent Snowden leaks. Many are glad about them because we know what the NSA has been up too, but it’s also compromised a lot of our data to the enemy and to our “allies.” Giving out any tactical information over the radio could definitely be dicey. I don’t think mentioning the place blowing up would be that bad for the government intelligence, but maybe the enemy would be glad to know just how many agents were injured during the blast. It’s probably good that we don’t supply them with that kind of information.

The end of the film seems to definitely take on a political stance as we get a traitor to the cause. He then gets emotional and tells the main character that the Americans aren’t wanted here. They keep on shooting innocent people and messing with government affairs that they don’t comprehend. The film is basically echoing the sentiments that many people had about the war. Many people think it was a mistake to get involved in the first place and especially our decision to keep on sending more and more troops to a losing battle. So, the film is on that stance and I have to wonder about mine. I’m pretty sure that it was a good move to come in to help and I like to think that not all of our soldiers became corrupt and started shooting innocent people everywhere. Back in those days, it unfortunately did happen sometimes, but to every country. No country is completely safe from that.

The Army did look pretty bad on a few occasions here though. One scene shows that some of the military personnel just hang out at a bar indulging their sinful pleasures when they could definitely be doing something more constructive. Did I mention that they are also shown to be racist? They don’t make up the majority of the troops and I would easily put them in the vast minority, but it’s still sad to see them portrayed like that.

The film can be pretty violent at times so I would advise you to think twice about seeing it if you don’t like realistic violence. It’s made in a way to look very similar to real battlegrounds after a fight and you definitely see the injuries on the soldiers. We also see people shot point blank inside a house and a chicken is almost murdered. It escapes, but it’s all pretty gritty at that point. Gritty is an appropriate word to describe the film as Adrian goes to the poverty sections of Vietnam and gets to see what the living arrangements are like. It’s all very bleak.

I can’t say that I cared for Adrian in this film. He’s just not the kind of main character that I can root for and he’s way too interested in romance. One of his first scenes makes sure to show this as he keeps believing that he sees the same person over and over. He’s way too desperate to get to her and he should be more focused on his radio broadcast. He’s a natural comedian though and he does a good job of thinking up his lines as he goes along. It’s definitely amazing to see him switch his voice so effectively. His jokes do go a little over the top at some points though so his style isn’t my favorite. The army seems to really love it, but I can’t say that I found most of the jokes to be funny. I suppose that it was before my time.

The main character’s friend is mostly around to be the comic relief of the story. He gets a bike that doesn’t fit and he’s there to laugh at Adrian’s jokes. The main superior thinks that he’s a great comedian as well, but nobody finds him funny, which can be pretty sad for the guy. He tried so hard and it just wasn’t enough this time. The superior of that guy is the main antagonist and he just wants Adrian out of the way. He didn’t like him from day 1 and that doesn’t change during the course of the film. Their styles are just too different and they weren’t going to get along. Due to a twist, the native that Adrian gets along with is definitely not likable and I didn’t care for the main heroine either. I don’t blame her for not wanting to go with Adrian, but then just completely tell him no and end it. She shouldn’t even let him take her out to the movies if she wants to stay away.

I didn’t care for the romance subplot and I could have done without the war stories. I think this film could have definitely scored a 5-6 if it had just stuck to the radio plot. Imagine if the film took place in NYC and Adrian had problems with his higher ups about his broadcasts. That definitely could have been an intriguing plot and it would have been able to hold up pretty well. It wouldn’t have been quite as “deep” but it still would have been pretty intense.

Overall, This film is an intriguing adaption of the Vietnam War. I shouldn’t call it an adaption of the war I suppose, but of something that happened in the war. Still, I don’t think that real life events should be crossed over with films. If it’s going to be an event, then just make it a documentary and vice versa. We should keep these two things separate for the time being. If you are interested in the Vietnam war you are likely just going to want to see a documentary. Robin William’s acting for his broadcasts is pretty good so fans of his may want to check this film out to remember him in one of his biggest roles. Otherwise, I would sooner recommend that you watch the current Naruto Shippuden episodes if you want to watch a big war.

Overall 3/10

Sam Witwicky vs Soundwave

Sam has never been the bravest sandwich in the shop. He tries to take everything in stride, but he is typically out of his depth. He managed a controversial win against Starscream in the films, but I would like to see him pull that off here. Soundwave just needs one blast to win this round. Soundwave wins.

Star Saber vs Scrapheap

Star Saber is back once again and he’s ready to clean up shop. Scrapheap may look pretty impressive and I’m sure that a throw from his shield would hurt, but it won’t be enough. Star Saber is the better warrior here and he’s physically superior to Scrapheap. Scrapheap just isn’t ready to fight such a powerful Autobot commander and he would quickly be swept aside. Scrapheap’s debut wasn’t as much fun as he thought it would be! Star Saber wins.

Fortress Maximus vs Scorponok

Fortress Scorponok
Both of these fighters are some of the strongest in Transformers. Their sheer size puts them above most of the robots in attack power and that’s very important in a beam fight. Fortress Maximus has had more opportunities to fight in hand to hand combat, but we also can’t forget about Scorponok’s powerful grip. Just by clenching his claw, he can easily shatter the arm of someone as powerful as Grimlock. This’ll be a pretty tricky fight and it’ll go down to the wire, but I would say that Fortress Maximus has the edge. At his biggest, he is definitely bigger than Scorponok and he has the firepower to prove it. Fortress Maximus wins.

God Ginrai vs Wreck Gar

God Ginrai Transformers Masterforce
God Ginrai is back once again and now he is here to take down Wreck Gar. Wreck Gar is a pretty tricky fellow to keep down, but he’s not extremely powerful. God Ginrai should be able to deal with him pretty easily as a few good blasts should keep him down. Wreck Gar just isn’t ready to win this round. God Ginrai wins.

Jack Darby vs Soundwave

Jack Darby is a fighter who never gives up no matter how tough the situation looks. Unfortunately, determination is not enough to win battles and Soundwave should have no problem taking him down. A few good blasts from his shoulder cannon will take the fight out of Jack and pave the way for Soundwave’s victory. His superior attacks and strategy tactics have worked once again. Soundwave wins.

God Ginrai vs Wheelie

God Ginrai Transformers Masterforce
It’s time for Wheelie to return and face off against God Ginrai! Wheelie is definitely no match here since a slingshot won’t really do anything against a foe this massive. God Ginrai has a lot of attack power at his disposal and his onslaught of attacks would end the round pretty quickly. God Ginrai wins.