Adam Warlock vs Mephisto

Adam Warlock is back once again and now he’s up against Mephisto! Mephisto isn’t really as impressive as he makes himself out to be. Adam Warlock definitely outranks him and by a large margin. One cannot compare their levels of power and Adam Warlock is the better fighter in close combat. I would also take him in a beam struggle. Mephisto will have to drop down the ranks with this loss. Adam Warlock wins.

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Robin (Fire Emblem) vs Samus

Samus Robin
Robin is back once again and now he is up against the skilled bounty hunter known as Samus! Her speed is far greater than most of the other Smash Bros fighters and her long range abilities really tip the scales in her favor. Robin won’t have time to use any of his stronger spells and his sword will do him no good. Samus wins.

Angela (Marvel) vs Thor

Original Sin 5.3
I know that the art’s not that good on this cover, but bear with me! Angela (Marvel) and Thor recently fought in the comics and it was clear who the better fighter was. Thor was weakened, but his showing was still pretty sad. I’m confident that his hand to hand expertise and battle experience will make him more than a match for Angela. Angela lacks Thor’s raw power and one of a kind weapon. Thor wins.

Brontosaurus vs Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash finally makes her way back to the blog and she’s up against the Brontosaurus! The Brontosaurus didn’t really have any luck in his last match and that doesn’t seem to be changing here. Rainbow Dash is a lot faster than the dinosaur and she can speedblitz him with a few charges. That will knock most of the strength out of the Brontosaurus and he’ll have to admit defeat. Rainbow Dash wins.

Gamora vs Angela (Marvel)

I’d say that both of these fighters are pretty evenly matched. Now, Angela did crush Thor when they recently fought, but that was intriguing at best. We have already seen that she can barely defeat Gamora in a previous comic. Maybe she has just learned to harness her abilities to their fullest extent now. Either way, she has the edge that she needs to defeat Gamora. Angela (Marvel) wins.

Robin (Fire Emblem) vs Villager

Robin Villager
The Villager is a charasmatic fighter, but he’s not one of the stronger fighters. Robin should have no problem defeating him in a quick sword fight or using his spells to gain the upper hand. The Villager won’t be quick enough to dodge these attacks and his durability will not be enough for him to survive. The Villager is doomed in this round! Robin (Fire Emblem) wins.

Nerf N-Strike Double Blast Bundle Stats and Records

Here are my stats for the game!

Nerf N-Strike Stats


Nerf N-Strike Elite Stats

Tango 1/4 Guns Unlocked
Komodo 1/4 Guns Unlocked
Raven 1/4 Guns Unlocked
Shane 2/4 Guns Unlocked

Stage Stats

Pull The Plug 64750
Don’t Look Down 115100
3…2…1… 185150
Trust Issues 158350
Dead Air 94750
Prepare For Takeoff 126750
Track Attack 101300
Playtime’s Over 91300

Sega Superstars Tennis Stats and Records

My stats in the game!

Plays 45
Play Time 2h 23m
Superstars Complete 100%
Superstars Record
AAA: 32
AA: 46
A: 23
Tournament Record 34-1
Career Record 43-2
Singles Record 35-2
Doubles Record 8-0
Serves 262
Max Serves 49
Sequential Max Serves 4
Aces 22
Lets 0
Faults 1
Double Faults 0
Outs 14
Service Games Won 92%
Break Points Saved 61%
Return Games Won 92%
Break Points Converted 83%
All Swings 1456
All Points 411
Longest Rally 24
Fast Shots 1072
Fast Shot Points 319
Slow Shots 52
Slow Shot Points 4
Lob Shots 18
Lob Points 0
Drop Shots 50
Drop Shot Points 16
Volley Shots 523
Volley Points 232
Smash Shots 71
Smash Points 67
Running Shots 42
Running Shot Points 6
Diving Shots 190
Diving Shot Points 39
Characters Unlocked 100%
Preferred Character Sonic
Preferred Style Speed
Player with most wins Sonic
Player with most losses Pudding
Courts Unlocked 100%
Preferred Court Outrun
Preferred Style of Court Hard
Hard Court Plays 17
Medium Court Plays 11
Soft Court Plays 17
Distance Traveled 38189m

Character Records

Everyone else -
Sonic 37-1
Shadow 6-0

Superstars Mode Records. Rank

Alex Kidd World

Singles Tournament AA

Monkey Ball World

Doubles Match AA
Clear The Monkey Balls AA
Hit The Rebound AA
Clear The Open Gates AAA
Get Bananas AA
Make a Trickshot A
Clear The Moving Gate A
Singles Tournament AA
Monkeys Only AAA
Its Raining Monkeys AA
Monkey Ball Keep Up A
Score With Monkeys AAA

JetSet Radio World

Collect Spray Cans AA
Tag Attack: Simple AA
Avoid Rokkaku Police AAA
Hit Combo A
Tag Attack: Tricky A
Singles Match AAA
Clean Up That Mess AA
Avoid Rokkaku S.W.A.T. AAA
Tag Attack: Expert A
You Got Graffiti Soul A
Score With Paint AA
Singles Tournament AA

ChuChu Rocket World

Chuchu Rescue A
Mouse Mania AA
Cat Mania AAA
Cat Attack A
Chuchu Panic AAA
More Cat Mania AAA
Feed Kapukapu AAA
Launch 2 Rockets A
Everybody Moves AA
Score with Chuchus AAA

Golden Axe World

Singles Tournament A

Space Channel 5 World

Singles Tournament AA
Doubles Match AA

Sonic The Hedgehog World

Singles Match AAA
Singles Tournament A
Collect Rings AA
Collect Moving Rings AA
Dodge Balls AAA
Collect Rings In Order A
Chaos Emerald Dash AA
Singles Match AAA
Heads Up AA
Speed Rings AA
Dodge Balls 2 AA
Ring Chase AA
Score With Rings AAA
Tournament Doubles AA

Samba De Amigo World

Singles Match AAA
Tournament Doubles AA

Puyo Pop Fever World

Clear Puyo AA
Clear Puyo Groups A
Clear Red Puyo AAA
Rebound The Ball AA
Fever Mode Attack A
Clear 4+ Combos AAA
Clear The Puyo Wall AAA
Clear Garbage Puyo AA
Puyo Request AA
Score With Puyo AA

Space Harrier World

Avoid Kinoko Mushrooms AAA
Stop The Rocks AA
Welcome To The Fantasy Zone AA
Hit The Ida AAA
Hit The Mukadense AA
Danger Area AAA
Hit The Tomos AAA
Battle Field A
Squilla Attack AAA
Survive To Score A

OutRun World

Doubles Match AA
Singles Tournament AA

Curien Mansion World

Hit The Zombies AA
Hit Zombie Combos A
Hit The Big Zombies AA
Use The Power Ups AA
Hit Zombie Throwers AA
Hit Lots of Zombies A
Rescue Civilians AAA
Singles Tournament AA
Zombie Clean Up AA
Zombie Conga A
Score With Zombies AAA

Virtua Squad World

Hit The Targets A
Moving Targets A
Make a Justice Shot AA
Avoid The Civilians AAA
Hit The Elite Targets AAA
Make Every Shot Count A
Defeat Kong AA
Clear The Docks AA
Survive AAA
Shoot To Score AAA

Nights World

Doubles Match AA
Singles Tournament AA
Singles Match AAA

Afterburner World

Singles Tournament AA

Sega Superstars Tennis Review

It’s time to review a PS3 game that I’ve had on the backburner for quite a while now. This is a game that I got for 5 dollars at Gamestop and that’s always a pretty good bargain for a game. We can’t underestimate how good a PS3 Sonic game can be after the big one in 2006. So, I stepped into the game world and witnessed some great gameplay, but a story mode that left much to be desired.

See, the “story mode” in this game is called Superstar Mode. Instead of making it your typical career mode like in most tennis games, this one was totally made up of minigames. That’s strange right? It may be appealing for a little while, but there are so many levels in Superstar mode that it can get tedious. There is the occasional match or tournament, but mostly your tasks include things like: Shoot the balls into the portal, Shoot the moving objects, Shoot the ground to alter the path, etc. Minigames can be fun because they are short and sweet as they distract you from the tough story mode. The point is lost when there is no main mode. There is a separate tournament mode in the game, but it’s more like Super Smash Bros’ tournament mode.

So, Superstars mode wasn’t really that enjoyable for me. It definitely could have been handled a lot better. The cast of characters isn’t very impressive either. There are around 20 characters in the game and you typically expect a little more than that. Mario Power Tennis had a similar amount and that came out many years ago. (Of course, it was on the Gamecube so that could explain why it was so great) The cast isn’t terribly important since everyone will want to be Shadow or Sonic, (Or at least, I always want to play as them) but more options would have been preferable. I guess Sega didn’t want this to be thought of as Sonic tennis in the end so they quickly stopped themselves from adding more of them. Otherwise, Metal Sonic would have been a pretty great addition to the cast.

The gameplay for the main games is essentially the same as Virtua Tennis. (Which is a very good thing) I assume that you are familiar with the rules of tennis. After that, you really have a good understanding of the gameplay. Each character has a super move that can be used once in a while. Sonic’s allows you to transform into Super Sonic. You gain a lot of speed and all of the balls that you hit will gain a pretty mean spin. It’s important to lunge for those balls right away since they can be impossible to hit once they really get going. Sonic’s super attack is pretty cool, but I’m not familiar with most of the others. I typically finished off my opponents before they could use theirs. I definitely find the gameplay to be pretty enjoyable. It’s a lot more technical than Mario Power Tennis and that can be a good or bad thing. There are definitely pros and cons to both styles. This one is more realistic, but you could really feel the power behind the blows in Mario Tennis. I’m a pretty big fan of both types of gameplay so I’m fine either way. Tennis is likely second to Football when it comes to sport gameplay.

The graphics are decently good. The character models look pretty great and almost as if they were ripped from the 2006 game. They were definitely very well least for the Sonic characters. Others like Alex The Kidd and Nights didn’t look quite as good, but they were good enough. The backgrounds and effects were pretty standard. Not bad though and you could still tell that you were playing a PS3 game. I suppose that’s all I can ask for from a sports spinoff anyway.

The themes in the game are decently catchy. I found them to be a little limited, but it sounds pretty good when you’re actually engaged in the matches. Again, I would say that it was pretty standard. Perhaps I’d give it a 6/10 at the most. The soundtrack gets you in the mood to play tennis and that is the main goal for the soundtrack.

In terms of replay value, Sega Tennis does a fine job. It’s mostly be default since it is a tennis game and it has a multiplayer option. Playing against someone else will always be fun in this style, which is why I say that this game has replay value. Otherwise, there really isn’t much to do once you beat Superstar mode. The computers will become pretty easy for you at that point and there is nothing else to unlock. If you don’t have anyone to play with, then I would consider this game to be more of a 6. (Or a high 5) It should also be noted that this is one of the games that came out before the Playstation 3 began to add trophies to every game. That also takes away a chunk out of the replay value.

Overall, This game is not going to last you for a very long time. The counter says that it only took me 2h:30m to beat the game. It definitely took me longer than that, but I guess the loading times really add up. The only way that this game will help you in the long run is if you take the game up on its multiplayer option. Superstars mode can only last for so long after all and it’s not very enjoyable. The rest of the game is pretty solid though and the gameplay is the important part. The game is currently going for less than 5 dollars so that’s also a good reason to go for it. I would recommend Mario Power Tennis more than this one so I have to give Nintendo the win this time. There’s no reason why Sega cannot improve though so I’m looking forward to their next tennis game. It’ll be fun to compare the racing title to Mario Kart as well someday.

Overall 7/10

Kai vs Jaden

Kai is back after his big victory over Yuma. Unfortunately, the gap between Jaden and Yuma is like night and day. Jaden’s Elemental Heroes will be able to take out many of Kai’s monsters and Neos can definitely hold his own as well. Jaden is a much better fighter than Yuma as well and he could definitely take Kai down in a hand to hand fight. It’s no stretch to say that Jaden is the strongest Yugioh protagonist and he doesn’t go down very easily. Kai could not win this time, but I’m sure that he’ll be back. Jaden wins.