Caesar vs Bass

This is a tribute to Conquest of The Planet of The Apes! Caesar couldn’t handle his newfound power and the world was once again brought to destruction or at least it’s on that path. Caesar definitely wouldn’t be able to handle someone like Bass and one Dark Arm Blade attack should prove this. Bass is just too powerful. Bass wins.

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Red Hulk vs Sanji

Red Hulk is very powerful, but Sanji definitely has the edge thanks to his raw power and exceptional speed. His fire kicks would definitely deal some serious damage to the beast and none of Red Hulk’s attacks are fast enough to hit him. Red Hulk has obtained the Power Cosmic in the past, but that power won’t help him since he’s just too slow. Sanji wins.

Governor Breck vs Goku

Goku is one of the most powerful beings across the nine realms. His power stretches beyond the milky way and his speed is greater than a Chili Dog crashing from orbit! Governor Breck won’t really be able to do anything against such a powerful foe and this is where he’s going to have to call it quits. It’s time for his string of losses to end for now, but maybe he’ll be back someday. Goku wins.

Rem Ram vs Ramrod

Ramrod is back after being gone from the blog for a long time. He was able to land a good hit on Captain Marvel and he’s fought with guys like Spiderman so we can’t doubt his power. Rem Ram is tough as well, but he’s not really a fighter. He can fight, but his psi abilities are best for tactical purposes. He just won’t stand a chance here. Ramrod wins.

Governor Breck vs Ryoma

Governor Breck is back once again and he’s up against the greatest tennis player of all time! Ryoma never misses his shots and he’s always willing to take the win when necessary. His racket is fast enough to block Governor Breck’s hits and one power serve from Ryoma will be the end of Governor Breck. Ryoma is just too cool to lose! Ryoma wins.

Chunk vs Zilla

The Chunk has a gun and I wouldn’t want to underestimate his fighting spirit, but Zilla may have the edge here. Zilla isn’t very large, but she can still pack a mean punch. One chomp or charge and it’ll be game over for the iconic Flash villain. The Chunk just needed a little more speed and this could have been an interesting fight. Zilla wins.

Governor Breck vs Train

Train is a master with a gun and Governor Breck just doesn’t stand a chance against him. Train is a lot faster than Governor Breck and he has more battle experience as well. Once he charges up the Railgun, it’s over for the Governor. Governor Breck will likely be back pretty soon so we’ll see if he has better luck in his future matches. Train wins.

Ringer (Davis) vs Ringer

Both of these fighters use very similar tech and they essentially have the same uniform. That makes things a little tricky for both fighters, but it’s safe to say that Ringer (Davis) may have the edge in this one. The other Ringer may have some more experience in the suit, but Ringer (Davis) essentially created it and he really knows how the weapons work. That should give him a slight edge. Ringer (Davis) wins.

Governor Breck vs Bass

Governor Breck arrives on the blog in time for a quick loss. He’s no match against an opponent as powerful as Bass and the difference in their levels of speed is just too great. Bass has his Hubstyle at the ready and one Earthbreaker attack would be enough to end the match. Governor Breck’s hand to hand skills would be ineffective. Bass wins.

Hawkeye vs Presence

The Presence is pretty impressive…at least if you look at his reputation. Hawkeye is a sure shot and his large array of arrows will put most enemies to shame. The Presence wouldn’t be able to handle such powerful attacks and he would be forced to drop down the ranks. Hawkeye is finally getting the respect that he deserves! Hawkeye wins.