Captain Falcon vs Alien

Aliens are strong in number, but they are outmatched here. Captain Falcon has the speed and power advantage here so the fight won’t be long. Alien will be lucky to land a single hit as the Falcon Kick will send him flying. Aliens don’t have enough durability to last here. Alien will just keep on getting loss after loss until they get some kind of power up. Captain Falcon wins.

Captain Falcon vs Predator

Predators are good hunters, but they’ve never dealt with a bounty hunter like Captain Falcon before! Captain Falcon’s as powerful as he is fast and he will be the one doing the hunting in this match. The Predators can run, but they can’t hide and the Blue Falcon will ensure that the Captain reaches his opponent very quickly. You can’t outrun something that moves at such high speeds. Captain Falcon wins.

Captain Falcon vs Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger may scare people a lot, but nobody can scare the Captain. Captain Falcon has his Falcon Punch and with it he can easily decimate his opponents. Nobody can get near him for fear of getting hit and Falcon is also deceptively fast. This makes for a great combo and his electric knee will end up finishing the match with style. Freddy better watch out because this is no dream! Captain Falcon wins.

Larry Appleton vs Belt

It’s a little unbelievable, but it seems like Larry is about to get another win. Belt is the charismatic animal from the Croods and while he’s not my kind of character, he definitely got some fans. The main problem for Belt is that he never grew up into some kind of overpowered monster. As a result, he’s a little out of his depths against someone like Larry. Larry’s not much of a fighter, but even he can score a win here. Larry Appleton wins.

Roy vs Lucario

unnamed (3)
Roy is powerful, but Lucario has the power of aura. Thanks to Smash Bros, Lucario can fire off Kamehameha waves and his speed is actually greater than Roy’s. These two advantages for Lucario will be way too much for Roy to handle and the swordsman will actually be overwhelmed here. I can’t even say that it will be much of a close fight considering how powerful Lucario is, but it would still be enjoyable to see. Lucario wins.

Roy vs Captain Falcon

unnamed (2)
As strong as Captain Falcon is, he’ll have a tough time stopping Roy. The cutscene where he defeated Chrom and Lucina was very impressive and had we seen more of the fight, it could have certainly tipped the scales. That being said, he can’t win this match right now. Roy is simply too powerful and too skilled to lose here. His fire abilities will even make the Captain feel the heat, that’s just how good this swordsman is! Roy wins.

Sasha vs Bass

Sasha may have beat Larry, but she won’t be able to overcome Bass. Bass is massively FTL and while it may be a little sad for him to have to fight a human, it just makes the match that much more of a blowout. A single blow from Bass can take down the whole planet and that would end this fight as soon as it had begun. There’s not much that Sasha can do against such overwhelming power. Bass wins.

Larry Appleton vs Sasha

Larry Appleton may be a nice guy deep down, but he’s certainly not one of the greatest fighters. He definitely would not be able to keep up with Sasha and would be getting speedblitzed the entire time. Sasha got a super form in Bratz Super Babyz, which gave her genius level intellect along with the ability of flight and possibly a slight degree of strength. Larry really can’t keep up with this as flying already gives Sasha quite the edge and she’s also the better fighter. I’m afraid that it’s all over for Larry. Sasha wins.

Light vs Brook

I always thought that Light was a pretty awesome villain. Sure, he was little insane with his whole idea that he was still a hero delivering justice, but he was brilliant and had some great schemes. Unfortunately for Light, being likable is definitely not enough if you want to win fights. Brook is essentially Light’s opposite in many ways, but he is a much more powerful fighter. A few swordstrikes is all that he will need to win this round. Brook wins.

King Caesar vs Meta Knight

Aw man! This is what I call a stomp, but not literally. I’m afraid that King Caesar will not be able to lay a claw on the massively overpowered swordsman. He was so good that he was even banned in one of the Super Smash games at one point. His great speed and array of solid close combat options will let him counter anything that the King can throw his way. He’s also got the Halberd of course, which packs a punch. A human sized opponent could have time to get on board or dodge, but that’s not an option for a Kaiju. Meta Knight wins.