Brontosaurus vs Lust

I have a feeling that we all know who’s going to be the victor here! The Brontosaurus has already suffered quite a few losses and that’s definitely no fun for him since Records is quickly approaching. Lust is a lot quicker than the dinosaur and her claws can definitely damage him. It shouldn’t take her long to bring this match to a close. Lust wins.

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Presence vs Kouki

Kouki returns for another victory! The Presence won’t really fare any better than the One Above All did. Let’s face it, the Presence is strong, but Kouki is just stronger. We can’t underestimate his abilities and Kouki’s powered up forms make him even stronger. There aren’t many cosmic beings who can hope to challenge this fighter. Kouki wins.

Mega Man vs Meta Knight

Mega Man Meta
Meta Knight is a skilled swordsman, but he’s no match for the Blue Bomber. Mega Man is definitely one of the strongest fighters to join the Smash Bros ranks and he’s not to be underestimated. He has the abilities of over 80 Robot Masters and his power level continues to rise. One shot from his Super Robot form should be enough to grant him the win. Mega Man wins.

Kouki vs One Above All

The One Above All is back and now he’s up against Kouki! Kouki would easily win this round since he’s the better hand to hand fighter and he has the raw power advantage on his side. The One Above All would be better off trying to achieve a tactical retreat instead of taking Kouki on. Kouki will just prove to be too much for him. Kouki wins.

Brontosaurus vs Battra

The Brontosaurus really isn’t getting a break is he? His next opponent is a pretty tough Kaiju from the Godzilla series. Battra can fire impressive energy blasts and he is physically superior to the Brontosaurus as well. This doesn’t really bode well for our favorite dinosaur and he doesn’t really have a chance to pull a comeback here. Battra wins.

Adam Warlock vs Mephisto

Adam Warlock is back once again and now he’s up against Mephisto! Mephisto isn’t really as impressive as he makes himself out to be. Adam Warlock definitely outranks him and by a large margin. One cannot compare their levels of power and Adam Warlock is the better fighter in close combat. I would also take him in a beam struggle. Mephisto will have to drop down the ranks with this loss. Adam Warlock wins.

Robin (Fire Emblem) vs Samus

Samus Robin
Robin is back once again and now he is up against the skilled bounty hunter known as Samus! Her speed is far greater than most of the other Smash Bros fighters and her long range abilities really tip the scales in her favor. Robin won’t have time to use any of his stronger spells and his sword will do him no good. Samus wins.

Angela (Marvel) vs Thor

Original Sin 5.3
I know that the art’s not that good on this cover, but bear with me! Angela (Marvel) and Thor recently fought in the comics and it was clear who the better fighter was. Thor was weakened, but his showing was still pretty sad. I’m confident that his hand to hand expertise and battle experience will make him more than a match for Angela. Angela lacks Thor’s raw power and one of a kind weapon. Thor wins.

Brontosaurus vs Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash finally makes her way back to the blog and she’s up against the Brontosaurus! The Brontosaurus didn’t really have any luck in his last match and that doesn’t seem to be changing here. Rainbow Dash is a lot faster than the dinosaur and she can speedblitz him with a few charges. That will knock most of the strength out of the Brontosaurus and he’ll have to admit defeat. Rainbow Dash wins.

Gamora vs Angela (Marvel)

I’d say that both of these fighters are pretty evenly matched. Now, Angela did crush Thor when they recently fought, but that was intriguing at best. We have already seen that she can barely defeat Gamora in a previous comic. Maybe she has just learned to harness her abilities to their fullest extent now. Either way, she has the edge that she needs to defeat Gamora. Angela (Marvel) wins.