Tenkai Knights Brave Battle Review

Looks like it’s time to check out another 3DS game! It’s always a rush when you get to play a new Wii U or 3DS game since they’re part of the current gen. They won’t lose this shine for about 5-8 years so I need to appreciate all of the games while I can. Tenkai Knights is probably one of the greatest new franchises to step out of the great blue along with Buddyfight and Cardfight..depending on if you count Cardfight as recent or not. A video game based on the show was sure to be good. Knowing this…I opened the 3DS and began to plug and play.

The game adapts the first arc of the TV show. Essentially, 4 kids are given lego bricks and told that they can turn into 4 legendary heroes on another planet. They are needed because an evil robot has ammassed a large army and both planets are at risk without help from our heroes. They are glad to join in and quickly find confidence in their new roles. They are the Tenkai Knights and they shall protect all of the worlds!

Their confidence won’t be forgotten as the main character says “I won’t ever give up” whenever you complete a level. There are almost 30 levels in the game and this number gets closer to 50 if you count the side missions. That’s a lot of times to hear his catchphrase so you’ll certainly remember it by the end. I was impressed with the length of the game since I was expecting something closer to 15 levels. The game took me about 6 hours, but I had fun with a lot of the side missions so about 4 hours would probably be closer to the actual campaign length. Keep in mind that the majority of the game is made up of cutscenes as the actual levels are typically short. There are some long ones, but most of them can be finished rather quickly.

The cutscenes are basically just pictures and text. Once in a while you get some actual voice acting for the lines, but it seems like that was added at the last second since it comes very sporadically and it doesn’t mesh well with the music. It’s very hard to hear what they are saying even if you have the game on maximum volume. It’s probably not what you may have expected from the 3DS era, but at least the screencaps are good thanks to the quality animation of the show. It’s not the greatest silver lining, but hey…the cutscenes could be like the opening from Mario Galaxy 2!! These are still passable and the actual plot is very engaging like in the show. It really feels like you’re watching a kids version of the Power Rangers at times. At least, this is how I’ve always pictured a Power Rangers show to be like.

The graphics are pretty pixelated, but they’re decently good. Super Smash Bros and Kid Icarus are easily the best looking 3DS games by a mile. So, it’s probably a little tough on this game since I was playing Super Smash Bros rather recently. The graphics still aren’t bad and they won’t deter you from doing what needs to be done. It’s still fun to use your final smash although the smoke effect is a little lazy since they don’t need to add any explosions that way. I guess I would give the graphics a C-, but the screencaps have the solid animation of the show, which helps.

Brave Battle’s soundtrack is surprisingly good. All of the big characters get their own theme and I actually like most of them. I don’t care for Valorn’s or Venetta’s, but the rest of them are all pretty great. Chooki’s sounds like a classic Mega Man X theme and the Guardians have a cinematic level theme with their opera music that plays. I actually don’t care for Villius’ theme while his two henchmen get a pretty good theme. It’s very overused since it plays constantly, but it’s pretty fun. Naturally, Guren has a pretty good hero theme as well. This aspect of the game was certainly above average and I was not expecting such a good array of songs.

We cannot forget the gameplay though! It’s a side scroller that plays out like Mega Man to an extent, but you typically use a close range weapon like a sword. There are many weapons to choose from though so you can stick with a classic cannon if that’s your preference. The gameplay is definitely comparable to the Naruto Ninja Council games, but if you are not familiar with that series, then think of any GBA cash in title. Especially a super hero type game like Spider Man or the Power Rangers. It’s 2D and there are always playforms, but it’s not a platformer. You are stuck in a limited area and you typically have to beat a boss or clear out some enemies. It’s pretty fun and the controls can be a little iffy when jumping, but you can typically win any level from the ground anyway. Just stick to your strengths and you’ll be just fine.

The health bars are a little odd though as you can beat Dromas, the second final boss in under 10 seconds, but it takes you a few minutes to take out the large cat creature. That boss was definitely a lot of work until I realized that my standard attacks did more damage than my power ones. To spice up the gameplay, you can pick up items that the minions drop. There are two kinds, health items and final smash items. The latter let you destroy all of the enemies on the screen at a time while the health ones replenish your strength. You can also find material that comes from the enemies to build new weapons. The developers may have overdid it with the weapons selection as there must be over 100. I built a whole lot of them, but I’m not even close to getting them all. Unfortunately, the materials that you get are random and it takes quite a while to stockpile what you need to build the weapons that you want. It’s a long grind and not one that I’m about to do, but it’s better to have too many options than too little right?

I have to say that buying some weapons should be a top priority for you. I got one that improved my attack power to 280 and it still didn’t do all that much damage to some of the final minions and bosses. I can’t imagine how long the fights could have taken with a standard blade. Don’t worry about your booster and just pour all of your resources into a good sword and a good shield. Those weapons will never let you down and you’ll be able to go all the way to victory!

Overall, Tenkai Knights Brave Battle is a pretty fun game. The gameplay may not be the greatest example of how to pull off a classic Ninja Council gameplay on the big screen (Relatively speaking) but it’s still a lot of fun. You won’t even notice the time ticking by as you slice up all of the bots. The soundtrack is great and more than makes up for the graphics. The plot is also very engaging and especially intense if you have not seen the TV show yet. The game isn’t very long, but the side missions and obtainable items will certainly extend the overall length. I highly recommend buying this game and getting introduced into the world of the Tenkai Knights! (Maybe we’ll get a sequel to this game.)

Dragon Ball Z Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan Review

Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan has been my favorite DBZ film for a while now. I could never get past the fact that Broly is such a great villain and I loved the fight scenes. The soundtrack doesn’t hold up very well, but that won’t be an issue depending on what version you watch. This is still the best film to watch from a battle perspective and it can hold its own against any other film.

Our heroes are enjoying a nice day at the park when a spaceship arrives. It is filled with aliens who work for a Saiyan. He wants Vegeta to rule them on a new planet Vegeta. The Saiyan Prince is not interested until the Legendary Super Saiyan is mentioned. Vegeta can’t let this opportunity go by and he rushes off. Krillin and friends manage to tag along as well. Goku is sent by King Kai to take out the mysterious Saiyan as well and everything converges once Broly reveals himself. It is safe to say that the film never looks back from that point. This is the kind of film where the positives heavily outweigh the negatives so I will talk about some of those first.

This DBZ film probably had the best animation for a big DBZ film until Battle of Gods. The latter is much newer of course so everyone is a little more stream lined, but they still look very good. That being said, I think the animation in this film is able to capture the fights a little better. You really feel all of the blows and there is more destruction to he seen as the Z fighters battle Broly. So, I prefer the animation style in the Broly film, but Battle of Gods certainly keeps up with it. The only other film to reach this high level would be the Bojack film. The DBZ show already had pretty good animation, but you can instantly tell that this film has reached theatrical level.

It is a given that the fight scenes are amazing so I don’t really need to go into detail here. It is good to see Goku show off his hand ti hand skills even if they are ineffective. This film also had the iconic scene where Goku uses the Kamehameha, but it has no effect on Broly. That was definitely a scary moment for us all! The battles also take place in a city for the most part, which is pretty awesome. This is extremely rare for DBZ or just about any show for that matter. Cities will always make for the best backdrop in a fight and I wasn’t disappointed here. Getting thrown through a building will always send a chill down my spine. (I’m sure I would endure such a hit though…)

This is before Broly became a mindless monster in the sequels so he is actually pretty cunning in how he attacks the heroes. He catches Goku off guard by attacking from behind a building and he is constantly surprising the heroes when he appears from out of the blue. Considering that he can’t teleport and that the heroes can sense ki, it is a great speed feat. He is pretty deranged and the reason for his behavior is odd, but that may make it more realistic since a nut’s true nature can be ignited by any small spark. Broly is really everything that you could want in a villain and he really acts as a symbol for your average Shonen opponent. Through thick and thin it will always be fun to face off against such a strong looking opponent.

Goku looks very good as you probably suspected. He is easily the best character in the film and he certainly fights to the end. His unwavering determination and incredible strength have helped him become a top tier fighter so it makes sense that he puts up the best fight against Broly. Goku also doesn’t hold back for very long in this film, which shows how much he respects Broly’s power. You won’t be able to stop rooting for Goku here and he is basically the perfect main character. The film did a good job of keeping his character intact.

Unfortunately, most pf the other Z fighters do not look very good. Gohan feels a little underpowered as he doesn’t put much of an effort into the fight. Goku quickly makes him retreat and you can definitely agree with his decision. Gohan is still noble and it was good to see him helping the oppressed, but he should have looked like more of a fighter. Piccolo’s role is brief, but it is a good one. Once again, he gets to help Gohan out in a pinch and he revives all of the heroes for round 2. Zenkai Boost time! He is outmatched by Broly, but everyone was so it isn’t really a bad moment for Piccolo fans. His role in the films is definitely similar to Tuxedo Mask’s, but in a good way. Trunks is a fighter who is really a non factor here. He should be (remotely) close to Goku in power so you would expect more from him. He Is from the future after all. He mostly just get knocked around by Vegeta and the enemies the whole film. It’s great that he tagged along, but he should have lasted a little longer in the fight.

Unfortunately, the film’s greatest negative may have been its portrayal of Vegeta. They forgot that he is the Prince of all Saiyans and his bravery is matched only by his power. He is uncharacteristically afraid of Broly to the point where he refuses to fight the Saiyan and cannot move. He doesn’t even react as he is being mocked by Paragus and Piccolo just drops him 100+ feet into the ground without Vegeta even struggling. He finally does join the fray and only lasts for about a minute. The writers wanted to show that he is clearly inferior to Goku and that’s just not acceptable. At this point, they were roughly equal in strength and Vegeta would never back down from a fight. You have to watch the film to see just how bad it is, but the whole thing is preeeeetty bad. He also spends most of the first half of the film getting tricked by the villains. (And he doesn’t notice Broly’s attack on Goku during the night even with his perfect ki sensing abilities.

One sideplot that I thought was totally unnecessary was the part where we find out that the Saiyans had enslaved the locals and were forcing them to build the fake cities. I suppose that it adds some drama, but it would have been nice to have seen the Z Fighters stop the men before the whipping began. At their level of super speed it should have been an easy feat for them. Letting innocents get hit in the crossfire is not fun to see and the film could have done just as well without it.

Time to talk Power Levels. Judging from Broly’s power in this film, I’d place him at Super Perfect Cell at the very least, so he’s around SSJ2 level. Even Perfect Cell had a decently tough time with SSJ Goku and the latter couldn’t deal any damage to Broly whatsoever. The combined might of Piccolo and the other Saiyans couldn’t deal any damage either. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a villain overwhelm the heroes so badly apart from this film and it was pretty exciting. I still wouldn’t say that he could beat SSJ2 Gohan, but his LSSJ form is very impressive and it’s basically a variation of the Super Saiyan 2 transformation. His regular SSJ form isn’t impressive though as Goku was easily humiliating him in his base form. That’s a pretty big jump in power eh?

I was also glad to see Broly casually break a planet with a little energy blast. That’s the kind of power that I believe DBZ characters to possess even if they don’t show it. That being said, the planet that the heroes were fighting on should have been destroyed when Broly’s energy started to consume him. Just powering up and dropping those energy bombs should have scattered the planet in a million pieces. It’s cool to see things get blown up everywhere, but the planet should have gone with it. Naturally, this didn’t happen due to plot reasons, but it’s scenes like this that encourage Superman fans in their never ending debate against Goku. For the record, I’ve always thought that Frieza could solo the Comic Universes, but you can probably google my debates on that. Ignoring that part, I thought that the film did a pretty good job with the power levels. It was fun to watch and I wasn’t wincing too much. If I had to mention one thing that they could have changed…it would have been for Goku to have actually gotten some good damage in on Broly.

We can’t forget about the ending! I barely even count it and I luckily ended up purchasing a version of the film that cuts out the final punch. It’s gotta be intentional since it’s just way too convenient to end there. The final punch makes no sense since a weakened Vegeta adding a little strength to Goku should have just resulted in another broken fist. Goku was way too weakened to take Broly down and the ending probably ranks in the top 3 most inaccurate endings of all time. It’s seriously that bad and it’s a classic example of how you should not end a film. The writers just dug themselves in too deep by making Broly so strong.

The soundtrack is something that I’m pretty mixed on. I love the beat and rhythm of the tunes so don’t get me wrong on that front. They’re easily Attack on Titan level and it makes the whole film feel very theatrical and epic. An example of this is the opening where Trunks heads inside the ship after Vegeta. This would be an ordinary moment without the soundtrack, but it’s more like a heartfelt goodbye from Trunks and the heroes know that they may never see him again. The music really conveys a whole lot of emotion with it and it’ll make you start tearing up a little. The downside is that the lyrics aren’t always great and it almost sounds like they’re rapping at one point. So, I Love the themes and they’re awesome, but the lyrics wreck it. Try to find an instrumental version of the songs and you’ll see what I mean. So, for better or worse, it makes the film feel a lot bigger in scope, but it’s probably not a worthy tradeoff.

Krillin and Master Roshi’s sideplot is pretty awful though and it has no purpose in this film. The writers probably just wanted to add in Roshi somehow and this was the only way that they could think of. It beats Roshi’s plot in other DBZ films, but it’s still pretty bad and I wish that it hadn’t been there. It wrecks the tension and epicness that the scenes had.

Overall, Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan makes for a great film. It is easily one of the all time best in cinema and the action scenes are intense! Vegeta’s portrayal was very poor though and it is certainly a downer in this excellent movie. The slave subplot was also rather unnecessary and it just makes Vegeta look even worse. The soundtrack has a cinematic feel to it, but some of the songs are not very good. Again, this may not be a problem depending on which version you watch. There are some intense moments during the fight, like Broly hitting Goku so hard that glass breaks for a few miles, but nothing very violent. The worst moment is probably a baby getting stabbed in a flashback, which was admittedly pretty brutal, but it’s over very quickly and then you can just enjoy the popcorn fun. The previous scene that I mentioned isn’t as bad as it sounds since it’s in silhouette form for the most part, but you can have a hand on the remote while keeping your eyes peeled if you wish. I highly recommend this film and it definitely captures the essence of DBZ! You won’t be disappointed and maybe Broly will become your favorite DBZ villain as well.

Overall 9/10

The Little Drummer Boy

The Little Drummer Boy is a short from the 1960’s so it’s pretty old by today’s standards. Luckily, we know that old films can be pretty great (Godzilla, Several Hitchcock films, Superman, etc) and this one gives us a good message to take home for Christmas. Now’s the time to watch this one and it’s a pretty emotional story with some good themes inside.

A little kid begins to hate all humans when his parents are destroyed in a sudden attack by bandits or a hostile nation. He escapes with three of the farm animals and his final gift from his parents..his drum. The animals can feel the love that eminates from the drum and the kid when he plays it and they begin to dance. Unfortunately, this attracts the wrong crowd and the little drummer boy is kidnapped given a deal. He will perform in front of three kings and then he will be set free with half of the money. The kid reluctantly agrees and he gets ready to perform.

This title is only about 20-25 minutes so the plot is pretty continuous and hard to describe without spoiling other parts of the film so that’s as close as I can get to explaining it. One of the cool things about this film is that it’s a Christian Christmas film. It takes place during the birth of Jesus Christ and now you can probably guess who the three kings are. The film does a good job of developing the main story and then connecting it with the virgin birth. We only see Jesus for an instant at the end, but he is definitely portrayed flawlessly. His dominion over all is never in question and there had been a dicey scene earlier involving an animal injury, but let’s just say that it is taken care of.

I was glad to see that since animal violence is the last thing that any of us want to see in this film or in any title for that matter. There is a small scene where a donkey doesn’t make it early on, but luckily they quickly take us away from that scene and it wasn’t a violent death by other wolves or something like that. The drummer boy is accompanied by two corrupt vagabonds for most of the film and they actually get a happy ending for themselves. We can assume that it probably didn’t last, but they are temporarily rich. Maybe they were nicer than they let on. They definitely knew how to earn money quickly, but it’s going to be difficult without the drummer boy’s magical music.

The animation used seems to be a stop motion of sorts with figures. I naturally can’t say that it looks bad since this is the 60’s although I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it puts most current shows to shame. It works for the story and I wouldn’t call it a negative. The main character is the drummer boy and I will admit that he’s not the greatest of main characters. I still don’t really care for children playing the lead role in any film, but he is a nice individual and he learns a valuable lesson by the end. He just wants what’s best for his animals and he’s a nice friend to have.

Overall, this is a pretty good story to watch on Christmas. It’s a pretty cheerful film by the end even if it is very somber during the beginning. Most importantly, it’s a Christmas film that reminds us of why we celebrate on December 25th. The birth of Christ is what started this festive day and we always need to keep in mind that this is the true reason for such a day. Obtaining presents and hanging out with the family are two very fun parts of Christmas, but the day is still about Christ first and foremost. Once again, I definitely recommend watching this title for Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!

Super Smash Bros Wii U Stats and Records

Stats time. Naturally, this list will be outdated by tomorrow since I’m still playing it… ;)

Power Time 84h 47m
Play Time 41h 25m
Smash Play Time 1h 12m
Collective Smash Play Time 3h 55m
Solo Play Time 18h 47m
Group Play Time 1h 16m
Collective Group Play Time 2h 44m
Gold 2273171
Vs Battle total 364
Offline Battle total 45
Stock Battle total 143
Time Battle total 221
Vs. Play Contestants 1253
Battles cut short 4
Total Damage 188203
KOs 1456
Self Destructs 25
Smash Tour Play Time 3h 1m
Collective Smash Tour Play Time 7h 55m
Games of Smash Tour 11
Turns in Smash Tour 200
Items in Smash Tour 94
Steps in Smash Tour 2126
Launches in Smash Tour 47
Smash Tour Bosses defeated 2
KOs in Smash Tour 134
Self Destructs in Smash Tour 28
Total Damage in Smash Tour 8164
Completed Classic Mode 57 times
Highest Classic Intensity 9.0
Global Smash Power in Classic 554625
Global Smash Power in Group Classic 252673
Master Order Times Played 76
Master Orders Completed 60
Crazy Orders Played 37
Crazy Orders Cleared 15
Events Played 218
Events Cleared 113
All Star Times Cleared 14
All Star Global Smash Power 369189
Target Blast Total Score 7087010
Target Blast Total High Score 3251510
Target Blast Global Smash Power 286277
Home Run Contest Total Distance 16051.5
Home Run Contest Global Smash Power 282429
10 Man Smash Global Smash Power 203419
100 Man Smash Global Smash Power 200617
3 Minute Smash Global Smash Power 89501
Rival Smash Global Smash Power 106080
Endless Smash Global Smash Power 106251
Cruel Smash Global Smash Power 207501
Trophy Rush Total Score 56736030
Trophy Rush Global Smash Power 298929
Trophy Rush Co-Op Global Smash Power 75148
100% Staff Credits Times Achieved 1
Custom Equipment 949
Special Moves 277
Headgear 41
Outfits 12
Bonus Effects 85
Online Battles Played 319
Wins 160
Play Time with Friends 9h 51m
Play Time with Anyone 7h 16m
Points Contributed in Conquest 29
Spectator Mode View Count 79
Gold Won in Spectator Mode 161217
Winning Streak Successes 16
Gold Spent on Trophies 181180
Trophies 661

High Scores


Mario 646990
Luigi 784680
Peach 762100
Bowser 789280
Yoshi 700750
Rosalina 731830
Bowser Jr 649870
Wario 720510
DK 827610
Diddy Kong 718310
Mr Game and Watch 792400
Little Mac 744700
Link 762060
Zelda 725820
Sheik 650300
Ganondorf 913450
Toon Link 708670
Samus 754900
Zero Suit Samus 767250
Pit 731390
Palutena 749320
Marth 916970
Ike 740270
Robin 716570
Duck Hunt 678510
Kirby 713430
King Dedede 720190
Meta Knight 707000
Fox 780640
Falco 698480
Pikachu 749040
Charizard 739890
Lucario 698800
Jigglypuff 705300
Greninja 723690
Ness 584470
Captain Falcon 708690
Villager 741630
Olimar 744810
Wii Fit Trainer 702500
Shulk -
Dr Mario 960520
Dark Pit -
Lucina -
Pac Man 733830
Mega Man 735460
Sonic -

Classic Co-Op 775230

Home Run Contest

Peach 1760
Ganondorf 3307
Charizard 591
ROB 1831
Total High Score 7490

Target Blast Stage 1

Bowser Jr 160450
Dr Mario 218110
Little Mac 145880
Zelda 192790
Total Score 717230

Target Blast Stage 2

Dark Pit 313800
Little Mac 185000
Palutena 222320
Toon Link 167260
Total Score 888380

Target Blast Stage 3

Ganondorf 474030
Mario 267230
Little Mac 305740
Ness 237370
Pac Man 361530
Total Score 1645900

10 Man Smash

Mario 19s
Luigi 16s
Peach 22s
Bowser 16s
Yoshi 14s
Rosalina 11s
Bowser Jr 23s
Wario 20s
DK 18s
Diddy Kong 20s
Mr Game and Watch 23s
Little Mac 22s
Link 17s
Zelda 22s
Sheik 15s
Ganondorf 24s
Toon Link 17s
Samus 15s
Zero Suit Samus 17s
Pit 19s
Palutena 19s
Marth 20s
Ike 19s
Robin 13s
Duck Hunt 21s
Kirby 21s
King Dedede 24s
Meta Knight 18s
Fox 22s
Falco 17s
Pikachu 19s
Charizard 19s
Lucario 22s
Jigglypuff 23s
Greninja 14s
ROB 21s
Ness 16s
Captain Falcon 21s
Villager 20s
Olimar 15s
Wii Fit Trainer 24s
Shulk 16s
Dr Mario 17s
Dark Pit 23s
Lucina 16s
Pac Man 23s
Mega Man 22s
Sonic 15s
Mii Fighters 14s
Total High Score 15m 48s

100 Man Smash

Mario 2m 23s
Mii Fighters 2m 58s
Sonic 2m 53s

3 Minute Smash

Mario 121
Bowser 111
Mii Fighters 102
Shulk 99
Total High Score 433

Rival Smash

Dark Pit 93
Bowser 62
Diddy Kong 7
Little Mac 10
Ike 5
Ganondorf 17
Shulk 33
Total Score 227

Endless Smash

Sheik 203
Link 51
Meta Knight 91
Total Score 345

Cruel Smash

Lucina 8
Peach 1
Little Mac 3
Marth 1
Pit 5
Lucario 1
Shulk 1
Total Score 20

All Star

Mario -
Luigi -
Peach -
Bowser 2432100
Yoshi -
Rosalina -
Bowser Jr -
Wario -
DK 1233000
Diddy Kong -
Mr Game and Watch -
Little Mac 2468100
Link 2422800
Zelda -
Sheik -
Ganondorf -
Toon Link -
Samus -
Zero Suit Samus 926600
Pit 2445000
Palutena 2424000
Marth -
Ike 2530200
Robin -
Duck Hunt 2612400
Kirby -
King Dedede -
Meta Knight -
Fox -
Falco -
Pikachu -
Charizard -
Lucario 1749400
Jigglypuff 847400
Greninja -
Ness 1507200
Captain Falcon 1838200
Villager -
Olimar -
Wii Fit Trainer -
Shulk 833800
Dr Mario -
Dark Pit 2655000
Lucina -
Pac Man -
Mega Man -
Sonic -

Trophy Rush

Mario 685465
Luigi 300670
Peach 527660
Bowser 587855
Yoshi 360095
Rosalina 353620
Bowser Jr 312975
Wario 311935
DK 781490
Diddy Kong 624935
Mr Game and Watch 226740
Little Mac 645525
Link 521140
Zelda 486135
Sheik 449090
Ganondorf 455110
Toon Link 348980
Samus 489385
Zero Suit Samus 337775
Pit 318590
Palutena 335375
Marth 596940
Ike 211860
Robin 442295
Duck Hunt 328340
Kirby 499820
King Dedede 459745
Meta Knight 491955
Fox 603110
Falco 177635
Pikachu 496955
Charizard 336830
Lucario 449125
Jigglypuff 322905
Greninja 317080
ROB 565220
Ness 567485
Captain Falcon 417890
Villager 537785
Olimar 332380
Wii Fit Trainer 574565
Shulk 606455
Dr Mario 590700
Dark Pit 545845
Lucina 362160
Pac Man 518840
Mega Man 374845
Sonic 488330
Mii FIghters 369105
Total Score 22046745

Trophy Rush Co-Op 756652


The Final Final Battle 1m 32s
A Fated Battle 57s
In the Name of the Hero-King 1m 45s
Great Fox Defense 39s
Behind Enemy Lines 11
Pokemon Battle 51s
It’s Past Your Bedtime 1m 56s
When Lightning Strikes 47s
Oh Yeah Luigi Time 38s
Jackpot Opportunity 1m 36s
Fitness Junkie 25s
The Final Battle 36s
No Mere Sparring Match 33s
Beautification 47s
The Falchion’s Seal 32s
All Star Battle: Regulars 54s
Up To Speed 9s
Playing Tricks 15s
King of the Yoshis 1m 10s
Doctor Schmoctor 11s
Wrecking Mario 1m 28s
Guardian of the Jungle 42s
Mechanical Menace 58s
Bounty Hunter Clash 1m 9s
A Situation of some Gravity 39s
The Ultimate Swordsman 1m
The Destroyer Cometh 39s
The Original Heavtweights 51s
Four Swords Adventures 23s
A Battle of Scale 56s
All Star Battle Brawl 1m 27s
Kirby’s Crazy Appetite 1m 46s
The Jungle in Chaos 1m 15s
Unwavering Chivalry 1m 43s
Robotic Rampage 47s
Doppelganger Duel 19s
Princess Punch-Up 56s
The Demon King and the Goddess 40s
The Big 7650 11s
The King Strikes Back 19s
Fire-Type Frenzy 41s
That Elusive 9 36s
New Challengers 1 1m 9s
Duck Hunt 41s
New Challengers 2 1m 22s
The Break of Day 56s
Aura Mastery 54s
Identity Crisis 44s
Galactic Avenger 1m 9s
Yellow Devils 42s
Family Ties 26s
All Star Battle Melee 1m 6s
Below the Belt 23s
Enough with the Kidnapping 1m 14s
All Star Battle Secret 1m 19s

Events Co-Op

A Lurking menace 45s
Wrecking Bros 1m 21s
A Royal Errand 1m 4s
Food Fight-
Viral Visitors 1m 24s
Unlikely Allies -
Pokemon Multi Battle 44s
Getting Healthy 54s
1988 55s
Full Speed Ahead 40s
A Fairy Nice Trip 19
Scheming Sorcerer 1m 21s
Poisonous Planet 45s
Visiting Onett 2m 3s
Mirror Magic 23s
Solidarity 1m 32s
Peach in Peril 45s
An Offering of Coins 1m 2s
Final Battle Team-Up 1m 32s
Keep Em off the Ship 31s
Sky Pirates 22s
Robots vs Dragons 1m 10s
The Ultimate Battle 5m 6s

King Bob Omb vs Biollante

The King is finally back on the blog, but he’s just a little outmatched here. His super strength is enough to make his opponents wince, but Biollante isn’t your average fighter. Her acid blasts will keep the King at bay and his explosion tactic would not be a wise move here. He simply won’t be able to get close to her. Biollante wins.

King Caesar vs Biollante

The underrated Kaiju strikes again as King Caesar quickly takes Biollante out of the fight. Now, this may be pretty controversial, but Biollante can barely move so her attack power isn’t a huge factor. King Caesar can block energy blasts so I like to think that this is a good counter to Biollante’s acid. He has the speed advantage and he’s not afraid to show off his hand to hand skills either. The odds are in his favor! King Caesar wins.

Alien (Battle LA) vs Biolllante

Biollante is back for another win against one of the less original aliens in cinema existence. These guys are small and they pack a punch when in large numbers. This would be a closer fight if it was an army of these aliens, but Biollante will easily win if this is just a one on one battle. Biollante wins.

II Piantissimo vs Biollante

This is a tough battle since II Piantissimo is physically strong enough to hurt Mario just by bumping into him and he’s obviously meta human based off of his race against the plumber. That being said, he hasn’t shown anything beyond this so I’m going to have to assume that he is not ready to defeat a Kaiju. Biollante can blast away at him until he goes down. Biollante wins.