Diddy Kong vs Inkay

Diddy Inkay
Inkay has a large array of attacks at his disposal and he’s ready to claim victory in his blog debut. I know that Diddy Kong is not the type of fighter to go down without a fight, but he’s badly outgunned here. His Pop Gun isn’t going to cut it and his athletics can only get Diddy so far. Inkay will eventually connect with a solid energy blast and that will be the end of the match. Inkay wins!

Diddy Kong vs Palutena

Palutena Diddy
Diddy Kong is pretty athletic and his skills should not be underestimated, but Palutena has a lot of long range abilities at her disposal and her speed is definitely superior. Palutena has a lot of options on how she wants to defeat Diddy Kong, but ultimately it does not matter. Whether she defeats him with a giant energy blast or with classic hand to hand combat…Diddy Kong is doomed! Palutena wins.

Diddy Kong vs Rosalina

Diddy Fire Rosalina
This is a pretty even match since both fighters are not exactly top tier, but still have some firepower. Rosalina’s barrier comes in handy during this battle and it’ll give her the slim advantage. Diddy Kong is athletic, but Rosalina will eventually KO him. Diddy Kong will have a very tough time breaking her barrier and she could just make a new one. Rosalina wins.

Diddy Kong vs Bowser

Diddy shoots Bowser
Diddy Kong and Bowser had a pretty intense confrontation in Brawl. I have to agree with Nintendo’s verdict with this battle since Bowser’s impressive skills will be enough to win. Diddy Kong is quick on his feet, but Bowser has raw power on his side and that can definitely turn the tides in a fight. Bowser’s Giga Bowser form really seals the deal. Bowser wins.

Diddy Kong vs Yoshi

Yoshi and Diddy
Diddy Kong is back once again, but he’s up against Super Yoshi! Yoshi has always been one of the better Mario characters when it comes to eating and he’s also pretty good in a fight. Diddy Kong has his banana barrels, but Yoshi can shoot giant fireballs that would quickly take him down for the count. Yoshi wins.

Little Mac vs Diddy Kong

Diddy Mac
Little Mac makes his debut and it is with a solid win. Diddy Kong had a decent final smash in Brawl, but it wont be enough to stop Little Mac. Little Mac’s rapid punches will lead him to victory! There are few opponents who can really match up to Little Mac in a pure fist fight. That’s why they call him…Little Mac! Little Mac wins.

Diddy Kong vs Mario

Diddy Mario
Mario is definitely tougher than Diddy Kong. Diddy may be athletic, but Mario has fought with the King of the Koopas in the past! I don’t think that Diddy could match such a feat. Mario has obtained so many abilities in the past…..he could win with a simple, but effective fire flower. Mario wins.

Diddy Kong vs Spiderman 2099

Spiderman 2099 has his hand to hand skills. Diddy Kong is athletic, but he wouldn’t be able to last against Spiderman 2099. Diddy Kong lacks the power ups and power need to take down Spiderman 2099. Spiderman 2099 takes this win, but it has shown him that Diddy was tough…and almost won. Spiderman 2099 wins.

Diddy Kong vs DK

Diddy Kong and DK have had to team up many times during the past. Diddy Kong knows the score and is very quick on his feet. While DK lacks the agility that Diddy Kong has, he makes up for it with pure power. DK has been Mario’s enemy for longer than we can remember.

Diddy Kong will never catch up to him in experience. Diddy Kong is good, but he can’t win this one. DK will always be Diddy Kong’s superior, but as long as their are banana’s to be had, Diddy Kong will keep trying to surpass him. DK wins.

Diddy Kong vs Megatron

Diddy Kong has enough agility and athletic ability that not even Megatron could beat him in one shot. Of course Megatron would still beat him pretty easily in the end. He is after all, Megatron! With his high attack power and intense beams Diddy Kong never stood a chance against his might. Megatron wins.