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Spinosaurus vs Raptor

Spinosaurus is back once again. Raptor may be a quick fighter, but he lacks the destructive power of the Spinosaurus. Spinosaurus gets another win and moves even higher up the blog charts. He’s been racking up the wins pretty fast as of late, but may finally slow down after this match. Spinosaurus wins.

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Jigsaw Jones vs Spinosaurus

Jigsaw Jones is a detective with skills that are so good they can be feared. Of course in terms of fighting ability he’s not quite as good as Spinosaurus. Spinosaurus is a dinosaur of incredible power and can defeat many opponents. Spinosaurus has been on a roll for a while. Spinosaurus wins.

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Cam Jansen vs Spinosaurus

Cam Jansen may be a good detective, but as a fighter she has no chance of defeating Spinosaurus. Spinosaurus has fought tougher opponents than her and won. Cam Jansen drops down the blog charts with this loss. Spinosaurus will be back soon, and knowing him he’ll probably come back with a win. Spinosaurus wins.

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Suchomimus vs Spinosaurus

Suchomimus is debuting on the blog. He’s a pretty strong dinosaur, but Spinosaurus has the size advantage. Size isn’t everything, but in a Dino fight it helps a lot. Suchomimus is strong and would put up a good fight, but in the end Spinosaurus wins this battle and rises into the blog. Spinosaurus wins.

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Brontosaurus vs Spinosaurus

The Brontosaurus is a very tall dinosaur. While they aren’t carnivores they are still very deadly. With their teeth most wouldn’t stand a chance. Of course The Spinosaurus is also a very deadly dino and won’t back down in a fight. Brontosaurus would put up a brave fight, but would lose in the end. Spinosaurus wins.

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Spinosaurus vs Polar Bear

The Spinosaurus is a strong dinosaur who strikes fear into the hearts of his opponents. The Polar Bears are a strong race, but in the end they just don’t have the power that The Spinosaurus has. The Spinosaurus wins this match with his incredible speed and power. Spinosaurus wins.

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Spinosaurus vs T Rex

Spinosaurus is a tough dinosaur, but T Rex may be the strongest. T Rex doesn’t go down. As seen in most of the movies. No one can beat him. Spinosaurus is definitely a tough opponent too and if it were most other dinos might have won. T Rex wins.

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