King Kong vs Ryoma

Ryoma is a tennis master and King Kong won’t be able to stand up to him. King Kong just needs one good punch to end things once and for all….or so you would think. I’m confident that Ryoma could just block his punch with his racket or effortlessly dodge the attack with his Perfect Mode. Either way King Kong loses. Ryoma wins.


Thor vs King Kong

King Kong is a pretty powerful beast, but can he truly defeat Thor? He’s gone toe to toe against Godzilla, but his speed won’t be enough to match Thor’s. One good thunder blast and that could be lights out for King Kong. Thor is a warrior and he could also win this round with his fists. Thor’s been getting a lot of wins lately and rising up the blog ranks. Thor wins.

King Kong vs Sylar

Sylar has his golden gun at the ready and a few good shots should do the trick to weaken King Kong. Then Sylar can finish him off with one of his abilities. King Kong just isn’t quick enough to dodge the attacks or take Sylar down for the count. King Kong drops down the ranks with this loss. Sylar wins.

King Kong vs Teridax

King Kong is a powerful monster…if you can call him a monster. He can throw some good punches, but in the end his attack power won’t be able to match up to someone as legendary as Teridax. Teridax can defeat him in a number of different ways. Teridax won’t even need to break a sweat in this round. Teridax wins.

Invisible Woman vs King Kong

Well, King Kong definitely has the size advantage, but that’s not much of an advantage against someone like Invisible Woman. Invisible Woman can take him out pretty quickly with her force powers and she can also block any attack that King Kong tries to take her down. Invisible Woman wins.

King Kong vs Bass

King Kong is ready for his 80th Anniversary, but he may not be winning much this time! King Kong can throw some powerful punches, but he’s definitely no match against Bass! Bass is far too powerful and with a single earthbreaker attack he would end the match in an instant. Bass wins.

King Kong vs Bowser

Bowser is a pretty fiercesome guy and he’s been around for ages. He never seems to run out of plans and he’s always ready for a good fight. King Kong is a monster to be feared, but I don’t think that he’ll last that long against Bowser’s impressive fire blasts. Poor King Kong. Bowser wins.

King Kong vs Vegeta

Vegeta is the Prince of All Saiyans and he’s definitely earned the title! He has his famed Big Bang Attack, which can wipe out many opponents in a single shot. Not even King Kong could endure an energy blast of that much destructive power. King Kong takes another loss in this round. Vegeta wins.

King Kong vs Iron Giant

King Kong is back, but can he take on this Iron Giant? Iron Giant has a large amount of firepower at his disposal and he can shoot many different weapons at once. As strong as King Kong is..I don’t think that he will be able to win this round. Iron Giant is just far too impressive. Iron Giant wins.

King Kong vs Sasuke

Sasuke is an Uchiha of immense power and one good jutsu should be able to end this match once and for all. King Kong is powerful, but he can’t hope to keep up with Sasuke’s intense speed and jutsu. King Kong has taken another loss, but he put up a brave fight in the end. Sasuke wins.