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Pokemon Go Stats and Records

Stats time! I’m going to use this to keep track of all my Wonder (Level 81-100%) Pokemon. I have duplicates of some for the purpose of Raid Battles and Gym conquering. (After all, you need at least 6 Machamps and Tyranitars nowadays to fend them off) For this post I will only be showing one of each Pokemon though and their CP. Pokemon in bold are maxed out. I will also have a number at the end of each Pokemon stating the highest LV I have of it. Finally I’m also putting how much Stardust the Pokemon needs to power up to the next level. Mainly just as a reference for me to know who to power up since I like to max out the ones who are the closest.

Play Time: Off the Charts
Team: Valor
Level 40
Total XP 51,256,532
Pokedex Caught 500 Seen 521
Unique Pokemon maxed out:
Kanto 40/70 31 left
Johto 16/50 34 left
Hoenn 19/64 45 left
Sinnoh 13/48 35 left
Unova 0/92 92 left
Total 79/324
Item Space 2000
Pokemon Space 1900
Distance Walked 7564km
Pokemon Caught 79985
Pokemon Evolved 7882
Eggs Hatched 2139
Pokestops Visited 87101
Battles Won 8589
Times Trained 1480
Berries Fed 27517
Hours Defending Gums 4238
Field Tasks Completed 2513
Times Best Friend status was achieved 27
Legendary Raids Completed 797
Normal Raids Completed 188
Master League Battles won 140
Unown caught 6
Distance traded 3701
Trades 43
Great League Battles Won 24
Ultra Battles Won 29
Surprise Encounters 3
Gold Medals 35
Silver Medals 6
Bronze Medals 6
Non Medals 1

Pokemon Powered list by # (Used to include CP but with the various rebalancing it doesn’t make much sense to keep having to change it. Instead I just put the Stardust requirements/LV. If a Pokemon is in bold then it is maxed out.

Venusaur 91
Charizard 91
Blastoise 97
Butterfree 93
Beedrill 100
Pidgeot 91
Raticate 91
Fearow 91
Arbok 91
Raichu 96
Sandslash 93
Nidoqueen 91
Nidoking 96
Clefable 93 3000 214k
Ninetails 96
Wigglytuff 96
Vileploom 93
Parasect 84 7000 135k
Venomoth 89 5000 155k
Dugtrio 96
Persian 87
Golduck 89

Primeape 93 4500 178k
Arcanine 89
Poliwrath 87
Alakazam 91
Machamp 93
Victreebel 91 4000 194k
Tentacruel 87 4500 169k
Golem 94
Rapidash 93 4500 169k
Slowbro 91 5000 155k
Farfetchd 100 2500
Dodrio 96
Dewgong 93 2500 225k
Muk 88 4000 194k
Cloyster 91 3000 214k
Gengar 100
Hypno 84 4000 194k
Kingler 93
Electrode 93 2500 225k
Exeggutor 89
Marowak 84 5000 155k
Hitmonlee 89 2500 225k
Hitmonchan 93 2500 225k
Weezing 97
Rhydon 82
Chansey 90 2500 225k
Kangaskhan 2500 225k
Seaking 89 5000 155k
Starmie 93 4000 194k
Mr. Mime 2500 225k
Jynx 91 3000 214k
Pinsir 91 4500 169k
Tauros 89 3000 214k
Gyrados 84
Lapras 82 3500 201k
Ditto 89
Vaporeon 82
Jolteon 91
Flareon 89
Omanyte 93
Kabutops 98
Aerodactyl 84 4000 194k
Snorlax 89
Articuno 93
Zapdos 91
Moltres 100
Dragonite 98
Mewtwo 73
Mew 77
Meganium 93
Typhlosion 91
Feraligatr 84
Furret 84 8000
Noctowl 91 5000
Ledian 93 4500
Ariados 89 5000
Crobat 91 5000
Lanturn 82 5000
Xatu 91 6000
Ampharos 93 4000
Azumarill 93 5000
Sudowoodo 91 5000
Jumppluff 91 4500
Sunflora 98 4000
Quagmire 82 4000
Espeon 84
Umbreon 82 4500
Wobbuffet 93 6000
Girafarig 100 2500
Foretress 89 2500
Dunsparce 87 7000
Steelix 83 4500
Granbull 82 5000
Quillfish 84 4500
Scizor 91
Shuckle 84 4500
Ursaring 93 4000
Magcargo 88 5000
Corsola 4000
Octillery 83 7000
Delibird 96 5000
Mantine 82 6000
Skarmory 87 2500
Houndoom 97
Kingdra 3000
Donphan 84
Porygon 2 96 2500
Stantler 93 8000
Smeargle 4000
Hitmontop 95 2500
Raikou 100
Entei 98
Suicune 98
Tyranitar 89
Lugia 96
Ho-Oh 96
Sceptile 93
Blaziken 93
Swampert 93 2500
Mightyena 91 2500
Linoone 89 5000
Beautifly 95 2500
Dustox 91 4500
Ludicolo 91 6000
Shiftry 93 5000
Swellow 98 6000
Wingull 88 2500
Gardevoir 87 2200
Masquerain 87 3000
Breloom 86
Slaking 91
Shedinja 1900
Loudred 93 5000
Hariyama 96
Delcatty 91 6000
Sableye 84 2500
Mawile 89 4000
Aggron 84
Medicham 89 7000
Manectric 91
Plusle 93 5000
Minun 91 5000
Illumise 1900
Swalot 93 7000
Sharpedo 2500
Wailord 96 6000
Camerupt 93
Grumpig 84
Spinda 1900
Flygon 93 2500
Cacturne 89
Altaria 93 5000
Seviper 87 2500
Lunatone 4000
Solrock 89 4500
Whiscash 91 6000
Crawdaunt 96 2500
Claydoll 93 2500
Cradily 7000
Armaldo 89 7000
Milotic 91 5000
Castform 88 7000
Banette 93 4500
Chimecho 93 2500
Absol 84 2500
Glalie 4000
Walrein 98
Huntail 1900
Gorebyss 1900
Luvdisc 84 4000
Salamance 96
Metagross 93
Regirock 9000
Regice 96
Registeel 90 8000
Latias 96
Latios 93
Kyogre 93
Groudon 98
Rayquaza 96
Deoxys 2500
Infernape 8000
Empoleon 3500
Staraptor 7000
Bibarel 1900
Kricketune 3000
Luxray 5000
Craniados 1900
Floatzel 2500
Cherrim 6000
Aipominator 5000
Drifblim 6000
Lopunny 4500
Misdreavous 4500
Purugly 2500
Chingling 2500
Stunky 4500
Spiritomb 3000
Garchomp 2500
Lucario 2500
Hippowdon 2500
Drapion 4000
Toxicroak 2500
Lumineon 2500
Abomasnow 4000
Tangrowth 2500
Magmortar 3000
Togekiss 4000
Linnea 4500
Gligar 5000
Porygon Z 2500
Probopass 7000
Duskull 4000
Azelf 7000
Cresselia 6000
Darkrai 2500
Tepig 600
Watchdog 2500
Stoutland 6000
Unfezant 4000
Cofagrigus 3500
Amoonguss 2500
Klang 2500
Lampent 1900
Meltan 1900

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1010! Review

It’s been a while since I reviewed an App game. I technically don’t play a whole lot of them. The first one that I ever dove into was Madden Mobile, which I played for a few months last year. After that, I picked up Pokemon Go this year, which I still play quite actively. I’ll probably review that one once I’m done with the game. I’m planning to stop once I’m level 30 or once I’ve filled up the Pokedex and then I’ll probably just let it rest until Johto. 1010! is a game that I only downloaded because I was challenged by someone who claimed that I could never beat her score. I chuckled and realized that she didn’t know who she was talking too. I am the master of all games and never back down from a challenge! I downloaded the game, and quickly sighed. This was going to be too easy!

The gameplay is fairly simple to pick up and play. You have a classic board of squares that are all empty at first. You are given 3 blocks on the bottom that you have to add to the field. Their shapes will vary based on a limited number of possible shapes. You must fit them all in and then you are given another trio of blocks to add. You don’t have to worry about color coordination as it is purely based on filling rows and columns. Once you fill a row, the row becomes empty and likewise for columns. Completing multiple rows and columns at once will give you bonus points. You keep on going until you are no longer able to add blocks onto the field. When that happens, you have been defeated.

It’ll take you maybe 2-3 minutes tops to understand the rules, but you will get better at making decisions as you play. Soon you’ll be able to eye ball the field and instantly know where you should place the pieces. That being said, no matter how good you get at the game, you can’t get away from the fact that a large portion of the game is completely based on luck. If the game gives you the wrong blocks at a critical time, it’s game over. You always have to gamble based on which block you think will show up. I am not trying to downplay the skill involved though. Some people consistently get scores in the 10000s which is no coincidence. Luck is involved quite a lot, but so is skill. You simply have to play the game enough to really figure out what style works for you.

In the end, I got up to a score of 2919. I deleted the app after a while, but it was a fun run through. I didn’t manage to pass the person who had over 9000, but I helped my Mom get into the game and she shattered the score by about 3000 so I’d call that a win. I did beat the challengee’s friend though so that counts as another mild victory. In the end, you can do just about anything if you put your mind to it! That was my motto as I got into this. The gameplay is certainly a lot of fun and it is easy to just play this for hours and lose track of time. I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again, mobile games can be great because of how addicting they are and how easy they are to subtly play. It’s hard to take out a 3DS or PSP in public because it might get snatched, but playing something on your phone? That’s no problem!

There’s not much to say about the graphics since there isn’t much to look at here. Everything looks clear so I’ll give it a thumbs up in that category. You can slightly change how the game looks with one or two free options, but the default look ends up being the best way to play. I don’t recall any actual soundtrack, but I usually played with the volume off anyway. The one problem that I have with the game is that its time consuming. After a while, you’ll find yourself less incentivized to play as your high score gets higher and higher. It simply takes too long to get a score that high so you’re better off not even trying. I can’t imagine how people with scores over 10000 keep on playing. Just getting near that number will take a really long period of time. There’s not much of a way to fix that though unless the game added a timer. It’s still a lot of fun so it’s a mild thing that I think could boost the game to the next level.

Overall, 1010! is a fun app. You may not want to play it forever and ever as you’ll find your time vanishing, but it’s fun to play once in a while. It’s certainly good for passing time on the train. I’m the kind of guy who never looks back when it comes to Apps though so don’t expect to see me playing the game again. I do recommend it of course, but Pokemon Go is the only App that I’ve had time for lately. I do intend to play the Pac Man one at some point though. Who knows, if someone challenges me to another App, you may see another review sooner rather than later! Nobody can stop my mad gaming skills!!

Overall 7/10

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Knack’s Quest Review

I’m still working on completing the PS4 Knack game, but in the meantime I decided to go ahead and try out the mobile version. This little app game allows you to gather pieces for the gadgets in the PS4 game so you can send them along and save yourself some time…in theory. This is helpful since the gem system in the PS4 game is rather tedious. You only get one part per treasure chest and you can only find them in story mode. Even Level Select doesn’t have them. It’s impossible to get all of the pieces in one playthrough and you could end up playing the game over several times without getting everything. That’s essentially why this game was made. If you play it long enough, you can eliminate around 80% of the grind. It’s a great concept and unlike other free to play games, there is no waiting period to tempt you into buying stuff. It actually plays out like a real game and has a ton of replay value. I could play it for hours easily since it’s like Pokemon Shuffle, but without the “Play 10 times and then wait an hour” rule. Unfortunately, no free game can be perfect at this rate as this one runs into some rather large issues.

Before I get into that, I’ll explain the gameplay. It’s your average mix and match title. You have to connect 3 or more gems of a certain color to get points. You rinse and repeat until you clear the level. You have to work fast or you’ll lose and you won’t keep any of the gems. Also, once you’ve charged enough energy to fill up 3 Sun Stones, you can use a super attack that destroys all of the gems of a certain color. (You choose the color) The game doesn’t tell you this so it’s a good heads up although you’d eventually find out about it while playing the game. The Stones charge very rapidly so you’ll be tempted to give them a whirl at some point. Each level has 3 phases and once you’ve beaten them all you move on to the next round. I believe that there are around 6 chapters so it is a fairly short game. I beat it in 2-3 hours I’d say.

After you beat the game, you unlock Unlimited Mode where you keep on earning points until you lose. It’s great for racking them up as I actually got over 999999 during one run, but I teamed up with my Mom to get that. It’d be incredibly hard to do that on your own. To earn a piece for the PS4 game, you only need 20000 at first, but eventually it’ll get to be 300000 or more. To get around that, you can delete the app and then reinstall it. You’ll keep your parts, but the requirement for a piece will go back down to the 20000. The only downside is that you’ll lose unlimited mode until you re unlock it, but I’d say that it’s definitely worth it. After all, Unlimited Mode’s one drawback is that it has a lot of load times every minute, which can get very annoying after a while.

This sounds like a positive review right? The gameplay is a blast and it’s why I look up to Free to Play games a little. The gameplay is always simple, but addictive. The problem is that this is all nullified by the game’s main problem, which literally breaks the game and destroys the score. It is simply a broken game. The app will constantly crash after almost every level and forget about looking at your pieces. Just clicking on any one of them will crash the game and a lot of times this means that the app won’t send them to the PS4 game…defeating the entire purpose. It will also crash during a game at times so you’ll lose whatever gems you may have just acquired. This would be fine if it was once in a while, but it’s constant. The game crashed on me dozens of times. I’m happy to say that I still got my time’s worth as I got around 2 dozen pieces, which has helped me quite a bit, but after a while it is simply not worth it. I don’t understand how this game can be so broken. Maybe it’s just a mobile problem. I read somewhere that IOS games that were ported to mobile are typically not very good. It explains why Madden Mobile had the same problem, albeit it was to a far lesser extent.

That’s really the only negative that I’ve got, but it’s a doozy. The most annoying part is naturally the fact that the crashing will prevent you from transporting your pieces half of the time. It’s also a waste of time to have to constantly open the app once again after it crashes. There is really no excuse for having such a broken product on the market and I’m certainly glad that it is free. It may look very useful on the outside, but it will ultimately start to get on your nerves by the end. At least the graphics are fairly good. The game is nice and bright. There is a lot of recycled footage of course, but it seems like some effort was put into this section. The soundtrack is basically nonexistent though.

Overall, I’d recommend taking a pass on this game. It’s simply not worth the time and patience that the game crashing will cost you. The gameplay is excellent and would have guaranteed the title a 7, but I can’t give it anything above a 5 since it is completely broken and glitched. I highly doubt that any patch will be coming to fix this issue so the game will likely stay in this state forever. If you want to play a free to play title, you’re better off with Pokemon Shuffle or Madden Mobile. Whatever you do, just don’t buy Knack’s Quest unless you really need the parts. If you are in that situation, then just play it for a little to get the quick parts and then get out of there!

Overall 4/10

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Madden Mobile Review

I don’t play mobile games all that often, but when I do you can bet that I take the experience as far as it can go. Pokemon Shuffle was a FTP game that was a lot of fun for a while and I probably did around 50 levels before deciding to go away from it. It’s hard to say how long I played Madden Mobile, but it was for quite a while. It’s very fun and well done for the most part, but eventually its limitations wil start to show. That is the fate of all mobile games at some point I’d say unless they start to actually have endings or are some kind of multiplayer experience like Super Smash Flash. I’m not positive, but I believe that I read somewhere about the data being deleted at some point so you’d start the next season fresh. Hopefully that’s not the case and the data is still here at the moment so I won’t deduct any points there. Just keep in mind that if this is true, it really does hurt the overall score.

I found out about Madden Mobile through a commercial and quickly figured that it would be a fun game. The gameplay as you would expect is a replica of the normal Madden games, but drastically simplified. You can choose from a variety of kicks and passes as well as go for the occasional field goal. You can also play defense, which really makes this feel like a complete game. There are 2 different control types to be found here. I choose the control stick type to further the realism of the simulation compared to the real Madden. It was fairly smooth and as this is apparently a new feature, it was handled very well. Once in a while your stride would go past the stick, which would lead to an unfortunate play, but that was rare once you got the hang of it.

There are several modes to be found here. The main one is Season mode, which pits you against 16 opponents and then the Playoffs start. It’s very easy, but a good way to learn the controls, earn money/exp and knock out some achievements. I had fun clearing a season. There is also the daily challenges, which will give you all of the rewards as Season mode, but in smaller chunks. They also cost more energy points to use so they are less efficient. Of course, The card rewards may be worth it at times since a lot of the daily challenges are special events towards the end of the series. You will want to grab as many level ups as possible before that happens to have more energy at your disposal.

Each energy replenishes itself in half an hour. Each activity will likely cost 3-4 points with super special ones costing 10. I got over level 20 so energy wasn’t a huge factor by the end, but this is where the FTP part comes in. If you want to just keep on playing the game instead of constantly stopping to let the energy come back, you will have to cave in and just pay out some money. Obviously, I’d personally recommend just waiting it out. As it stands, I did form a very impressive team by the end and made it quite far.

I also did well in the Head to Head mode where you battle other users. I moved up a few ranks and gradually just stopped when I stopped playing the game. The ranks are easy to climb through so you can easily get to the final rank if you want that achievent. Especially considering that I didn’t start the game until around half of the season was already over. It’s too bad that you can’t actually fight someone in real time though. Instead you alternate drives and whoever scored the most by the end wins.

The graphics are fairly good. It’s a mobile game, not a AAA title so don’t expect Madden console graphics here, but the animations are clear. The soundtrack can be a little sad though. There are barely any tunes to be found and more effort certainly could have been placed here. Sport games aren’t known for their great soundtracks, but Mario Strikers pulled it off.

Unfortunately, the servers are not all that great. You will find yourself being disconnectes from the game many times and the servers will refuse to operate at other points as well. It happened a lot more than I would have expected so that was a disappointment. Part of the point about having a game like Madden Mobile is that you can play it on the go or when you have a few minutes of empty time. If the servers aren’t working once again, then it makes the situation a little less ideal.

Overall, Madden Mobile was a fun mobile game. Apparently it continues to improve year after year so I look forward to seeing where it goes from here. I still hope that the data isn’t deleted for the next season though. The exp and level ups should just be a sign of dedication from the hardcore Madden fans who have been sticking around with the series for quite a while. The hours will go by very quickly as you play the title, although eventually the nature of this FTP game will start to be a little taxing. You’ll be less willing to wait until your energy replenishes and you will want to just play a console Madden. I got burned out towards the end although it’s been long enough that I could easily get back into it. It’s easy to see how these mobile games can get to addicting. You’re technically doing the same tasks over and over, yet the game never stops making it feel fresh. It’s hard to describe exactly what makes it so appealing, but either way my Madden Mobile experience has come to an end, but yours may just be starting!

Overall 7/10