5 Ways Nintendo can fix the Switch Online Service

Nintendo has historically been known as the greatest video game company out there. Certainly they have a lot of great titles. The consistency and unchanging nature of their games is part of why they’re an easy pick for starting someone off on their first console. You know what to expect and the games are pretty high quality. That being said, they have their share of weaknesses though. A big one if their online services. For years Nintendo has lagged behind the other companies. At least they had the excuse that their online product as free though. Now you do have to pay for it so that makes the issue all that much worse. Let’s look at 5 things they can do to fix their online.

1. Make it Free

This is the most unlikely option of course but it is one that would solve a lot of the issues. The online would be terrible compared to the competitors but since you wouldn’t be paying for it you probably wouldn’t mind a whole lot. When things are free you tend to cut them some slack because you aren’t losing anything. Nintendo also doesn’t really need to charge for much. They opted not to go for dedicated servers anyway and their NES/SNES Online catalogue is basically just a bunch of emulators that anyone can download for free online. As such we know that the space for these is tiny and it doesn’t take a whole lot of power to have them online. Still let’s look at more realistic options.

2. Use dedicated servers

This is an easy one. If you boot up a Sony or Microsoft game right now and head online you can expect to have close to 0 lag in your matches. That’s because the connection isn’t peer to peer so even if one of your opponents has a terrible online system it won’t affect your match. Compare that to Nintendo where if one player has a bad connection it will mess it up for everyone. That’s pretty inexcusable. Lag completely ruins an online experience when it’s at its worse. Input Lag can be crazy to deal with and normal lag is just as bad when it comes to trying to nail a solid combo. Nintendo’s really got to shape up in this area because it is very noticeable at this point.

3. Time to add GameCube Online

This is a big one, the GameCube needs to be online. There are too many crazy amazing games for them to not be here. I’m guessing Nintendo wants to make us pay 60 bucks for an HD Remaster but that’s not the play here. Putting these games online would be hype and it’s not like Nintendo would have time to port all of them either way. Give us a few big ones like Mario Sunshine and Melee. If those are going to get remasters then give us Pokémon Colosseum and F Zero GX. Either way GameCube games are a huge jump from the level of quality and replay value of the current titles. The NES and SNES games are fun to be sure but they are also very short. Adding in GameCube will really be the ticket to get people buying the online pass. I dare say you could even skip N64 and go back to it later. GameCube is what the people want and trust me, it would definitely go a long ways to getting Nintendo’s online into the big leagues.

4. Time to get Leaderboards

This is a big one that all of the other consoles have. We need some kind of online rankings here. Whether it is through trophies, achievements, or something else it would be immensely helpful. It would also be an extra incentive to get online if that was the only way to see your position. It’s always fun to try and get everything so this would also greatly help the replay value of all the Switch games. It’s never too late to start and this would be a good addition. It’s also worth adding into individual games like Super Smash Bros should have had this at launch along with a few other online features. This editorial is more about general Nintendo Online though so I’m just giving it a small nod here. In general the Switch needs some kind of ranking system.

5. Miscellaneous free stuff

Finally, we just need more freebies. Xbox and PlayStation give you random AAA games for free at times, backgrounds, and other perks. When’s the last time you got anything for free from Nintendo? At best they give you times freebies like ARMS and Mario Tennis which you get to play for a little while and then it’s gone forever. That barely counts as a freebie because you can’t keep it. No sir, I want a freebie that I can actually keep for the long haul. Even small things like new layouts, Switch backgrounds, emblems, etc would go a long way. You need to give people something, by not giving any freebies it definitely makes us feel bad. It’s like Nintendo just isn’t looking out for us. It wouldn’t take very long at all. Nintendo’s track record with reward programs is pretty bad though, I still remember how bad Club Nintendo’s rewards were for a long time.

In short, Nintendo needs to shape up on their online offerings. It is totally within their ability to do so if they really apply themselves. Until they fix these things they will continue to get mocked by everyone all the time. Even recently Super Smash couldn’t make the cut for EVO in large part because the servers are so bad. Make no mistake, that’s absolutely the big reason why it was cut. It’s a shame because it would have been good for everyone to have seen the state it is in on the big screen. That would have been the best chance to get Nintendo to change something ASAP. That boat has sailed though.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Review

It’s time to look at a game that could go down in history as the greatest of them all. That may sound like hyperbole, but at the moment the Super Smash Bros Wii U title currently holds that spot so it’s not unreasonable to imagine a world where this one surpasses it. I’ve been hyped for this game for many months now. A new Super Smash Bros title always brings with it a certain level of expectations like that and even more so for this one since it was touted as being the ultimate Smash title. It’s effectively an upgraded port of the Wii U game while bringing in all of the previous characters and most of the stages. I’ve already put in close to 50 hours here and that number’s only going to keep on rising.

First off lets talk about the gameplay even though by now it is fairly iconic. The goal of the game is to get the opponent’s damage% up. The higher it is the farther they will be launched when you attack them. Once you’ve knocked the opponent off the stage entirely they lose a life. Once you’ve taken all of their lives away the match is over and you will have claimed victory. While the goal is simple, it’s still a fairly complicated game. I imagine that if this is your first Smash title that you’ll have a pretty steep learning curve at first. Nevertheless you’ll definitely get the hang of it.

Multiplayer is definitely where you’ll spend the most time in this game. The battles are legendary here and with over 70 playable characters and 100+ stages you can keep the matches feeling fresh the whole time. Online definitely helps the replay value even further if you have no friends. Fortunately even just fighting the computers can present a really nice challenge. There are certainly some online issues you will want to be aware of though. Currently the match settings allow you a preference but you can still be sent into types that you did not ask for. If that happens watch out because it will still affect your GSP which is effectively your online rank. I wouldn’t get too attached to it though because that may make you afraid to keep on playing when you see your score go down. It’ll definitely go up and down as you go through more matches, but the important thing is watching your skills improve which won’t happen if you are too nervous the whole time. What you should be most excited about is the fact that this will ensure you fight tougher and tougher opponents as you get better.

Meanwhile there are a ton of other modes to play. While we sadly don’t see the return of a story mode like what Brawl had, we do get a new adventure mode which is similar to Melee’s in the sense that there is a basic story but not too many cutscenes. You are placed in a large overhead map where you have to get to the end. You do this by freeing all of the fighters who have been possessed by the cosmic being. Each fight you go through has some kind of gimmick or element that makes it unique. These can be quite challenging for a new player so I recommend taking a look at the spirits. They will help you overcome these battles but they can be a little overwhelming at times so take it slow.

There’s also the Spirit Board mode which lets you get new spirits by completing more event battles. It’s basically the same as Adventure Mode but without the story behind it. There are over 1200 spirits in the game so this should definitely help you get a lot of play time in. The actual story is around 10-11 hours if you rush it and to 100% the story you’ll probably need more like 20 hours. There are also a few other single player modes like All Star and 100 Man Brawl. You fight hordes of enemies in this mode and see how quickly you are able to finish them off. The single player options are a little more limited than in past options, but compared to the average game it is still a ton of content. As mentioned, most of your time will probably be spent in multiplayer mode anyway.

As expected the graphics are absolutely top notch here. Everything looks really clear and pristine. It’s all so colorful and amazing. A lot of things are always happening on screen at once but you’ll never feel lost. Super Smash always shows up as the best looking Nintendo game on each console and the Switch looks like it won’t be an exception. You’ll be hard pressed to find any game that looks better than this one. The soundtrack is also extremely impressive as there are over 800 songs to be found. I think its safe to say that this game easily has the best ost of all time. There are just so many songs to choose from. You’ll start out with most of them and then you get to unlock the last few hundred. I will add that I think the developers did a good job of letting you start out with all the stages and most of the music while leaving all the characters to be unlocked. The challenger approaching screen has always been one of the most enjoyable parts of the game after all.

Between all the spirits and gameplay this title has unlimited replay value. At the time of writing this review I currently have 4 challenges left to complete. I expect to have those done by the end of the week. I’ll certainly still keep on playing this title daily but I guess it may be time to tag in another title. It won’t have much time before the Christmas batch gets in though which is why I’m still pretty undecided on how to go about that. Ah well, I’ll have time.

I guess the question you may be asking now is..why hasn’t this game passed the Wii U one yet? We can ignore all of the modes and just get to the gameplay because that’s the deciding factor when it comes to Smash. This game series is in a league of its own to the point where all modes are thrown to the wayside in favor of the gameplay. Whoever has the best gameplay wins, it’s that simple. Smash 4 prioritized combos over everything else. Once you learned each character’s combos you would try to get in place to land them. It made you have to learn how to study everything and get into position. In comparison, Smash Ultimate is all about the neutral game. Attacking is now prioritized over defense, but most hits don’t combo into other moves so you simply have to keep out thinking your opponent until you land enough hits for the win.

This results in both players throwing out quite a lot of attacks as most of them are safe now. As someone who likes playing aggressively this is definitely a lot of fun. It’s really tough to fight against though as it can sometimes feel like there are no openings (Especially when fighting a quick ranged character like Roy) but there will always be one somewhere. It’ll take some getting used to. I do think eventually this game will likely surpass the Wii U one, but I don’t think it’ll happen for a little while. I put in over 2200 hours into Super Smash Bros Wii U so it makes sense that I can’t drop it so quickly. I also just prefer doing a lot of fancy combos to the one hit moves but again, I think that’ll change.

I really have no meaningful negatives about the game at all. As mentioned, the online is definitely lacking at present. You’re thrown into matches that you didn’t want and there is no way to team up with a friend locally against other friends online. Hopefully they will be able to resolve that as well as adding in other features like stage morphing and Squad Strike. The latter is something I had been particularly looking forward to in the game so it was a shame to see that it is offline only. In the meantime I’ve had fun growing my GSP with the characters. I got most of them to over a million with my only elite fighters currently being Bayonetta, Marth, Lucina, and Pac-Man. Naturally they are also my 4 mains at the moment since I figure I’ll let the game help me decide that. Usually I end up maining a bunch of characters so this will help me whittle that list down a bit.

Meanwhile I should also talk a bit about some of the new items and assists. For the items, my favorite new weapon is probably the Death Scythe. I believe if you hit someone with it when they are over 100% they will instantly lose a stock which is cool. Likewise, I like the Rage Blaster for its similar function although in this case it gets stronger as you grow weaker. The banana gun is also a fun weapon that may not be super powerful or anything, but it’s just a great concept. I think unlike the characters and stages we did lose a lot of items over the years, but I guess it makes sense not to make the list too huge or you’ll never see some items.

For the Assists, we finally have Knuckles! Along with the fact that most assist trophies can now be destroyed they feel more like pseudo fighters than ever. Some are incredibly flashy as well like the Moon from Majora’s Mask. I can see how fans get a little upset when their fighters shows up as an assist, but never lose hope. All they need is a patch at some point and the character can be playable at any moment. For the Pokemon we also have Solgaleo who is one of the strongest creatures in the game. It’s very hard to dodge his fire charges while avoiding the other players. In general I think the game has heavily buffed these assists so now most of them are lethal. That’s a good thing as it is a lot more rewarding to grab them. Don’t worry, you’ve still got the trolls like Goldeen.

Finally, lets talk about the newcomers. First off we have echos which is the official term used by the game for the clone characters. This was a great way to bolster the character size with requested characters who are similar to their main counterparts. Two very good ones are Dark Samus and Ken. These echos have some slight differences from their main counterparts while being similar enough where you can easily use both versions. My only regret is that we didn’t get more echos. I think this could be a landmine of cash for the company if they reconsider their stance. Imagine having over 50 echos in the game? I’d certainly break out the cash for them.

Then we have the full blown newcomers. One has gotten a lot of hype and naturally that is Ridley. After Project M was able to get him into the game Sakurai had no more excuses so he relented and allowed him to join the party. His moveset is a blast. He may be pretty heavy so getting stuck in repeated attacks will happen, but his massive power is a good counter to that. The game seemed to like adding heavyweights as we also have King K Rool. He’s an iconic DK villain who also looks pretty good. His moveset is pretty fun and you won’t want to underestimate him in the ring.

Repping the newer Splatoon is Inkling. She’s a speed character who is looking incredibly good, but also very complex. I think once players master her various ink gimmicks she will be even more of a force to be reckoned with. With Bayonetta being severely nerfed it will be tough for any character to stop this squid kid’s reign of terror. As a surprising addition we also have Simon and Richter from Castlevania. They are as annoying to fight as you can imagine with their projectile spam being even tougher to get around than Link’s. They’re fun to play as though. Isabelle feels like an echo but is actually treated as a full character. She’s a nice alternative to Villager and her fishing rod is a fun attack to use. It’s pretty hard to avoid when you’re on the ledge.

Finally we have Incineroar. He’s a pretty tough boxing Pokemon who has a lot of power and a pretty cool revenge mechanic. With it he can deal massive damage with a single blow. All in all, I’m pretty happy with our new characters so far. It’s hard to be upset when we already have so many options to choose from. The characters all have their fans for sure. While I would have liked some other characters to make the cut as well like Isaac and Waluigi, maybe DLC is their chance. The first 2 DLC characters we know of are Piranha Plant and Joker. They will definitely be great additions as well with the latter especially being very exciting. I can’t wait to play as him, I’m thinking that his moveset is going to be amazing. With that said though, while the new characters are super cool for now I’m still going for the wins with my classic Marth.

Overall, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is indeed the ultimate experience for Super Smash fans in terms of content. It’s got just about everything here. While we had to say goodbye to some fan favorite modes like Target Attack and Home Run Contest, I wouldn’t be surprised if those are added in at a later date. With how patches come into play nowadays you wouldn’t want to rule such things out. We also have more characters and stages coming through DLC as well so this game is going to stay active for a very long time. If you’re afraid of getting into the series because of the high learning curve, I’d say not to worry about it. We all have to start somewhere and you’ll definitely be having a blast before long.

Overall 9/10

5 Reasons why I won’t main a low tier in Super Smash for Switch.

I take no credit for the images used in this article. Credit goes to their respective creators

So the next Smash Bros game is coming out soon and you’re wondering who to main. I don’t blame you, this is the kind of decision that is super important and will come back to bite you if you aren’t careful.I’m going to impart some wisdom to you here on not only why I won’t main a low tier, but why you shouldn’t either. I mained Fox in the first 3 iterations of Smash Bros and upgraded to Bayonetta for Sm4sh. For Sm5sh I fully expect to be maining a top tier fighter as well. You need to choose quickly because otherwise you will become stuck. For example, if you approach most players who main a low tier they will deny it. You can yell it as loudly as the character in the picture above but they can no longer recognize that their character is low tier. You simply lose sight of the character’s faults and that’s why you need to make the right choice the first time around.

1. You have to develop your own Metagame.

When you pick a top tier like Diddy Kong or Bayonetta you’re in for a fun time since you can just toss out the same old combos that you see the top players pulling off. For Bayonetta just keep using her witch twists until it gets the KO. It’s an extremely safe attack so don’t worry about getting punished for it. See, the thing with low tiers is that everybody is always eager for someone else to main them, but nobody wants to do it personally. That’s because you are the guinea pig here. They want you to learn the combos so they can just steal it along with the character once you prove that they can be viable. Of course, that’s hardly a guarantee in the first place. Odds are that you’ll be doomed. Worst case you think you are picking a great character as seen in the picture above, but then the reality is a little different.

2. You can’t have any Johns

If you lose to someone when you’re playing one of the best characters then you can easily make an excuse like you didn’t sleep well or something and people might believe it. After all, how else could you lose to a low tier? However, if you lose to someone while playing a bottom 5 character then you only have yourself to blame for picking the character. At least that’s going to be the counter argument and it will be a very tough one to get around. How do you debunk such a statement? It gets tricky and this actually leads into my 3rd reason.

3. You always have to settle for 2nd best

Whether you are second in your pool, in the tourney, or in your half of the pool, there will always be a ceiling that you can’t shatter. After all, when was the last time someone saw Buff The Puff win a big tourney or Melee Kirby doing anything? You’ll ultimately never get to see most of the prize money for the Smash tournaments and that will turn the game into a very expensive hobby. If you can’t make money off of it then why continue to spend money to enter the tournament? It just doesn’t make any sense. Character loyalty will only hold you back in bracket. Better to be just another Bayo than to be known as the Zelda guy who is always stuck at pools. If you don’t know any better you’d think you were out of the range of another character’s attack like in this picture, but hitboxes can be very deceiving.

4. You won’t get Top Player privilege.

Prepare to be treated like everyone else. Overslept through a pool and want the TOs to give you mercy? Not unless you’re a top player and last I checked, to be a top player you can’t use a low tier. It’s a tough predicament, but one that you will ultimately have to live with. A loop hole that you could use for any of the reasons on the list is to pick a top tier and just call him/her a low tier. Some top players have attempted this and while most will smirk you can probably trick a few into thinking this. Top character privelege is a thing as well. Top tier characters have a lot of cheesy gimmicks and techniques to break their fall so the player can afford to get outplayed the entire set and still win anyway. If you main a low tier then there is nobody to save you from the fall.

5. The more you play, the worse your results get

This may sound contradictory but it’s true. Low tiers thrive on match up inexperience and gimmicks. Most of them are really one trick ponies. At first they will terrify the opponent but then they realize that their attacks actually aren’t so dangerous. Zelda has her down throw to up air, but that’s it. Ganondorf has his powerful attacks, but will get combo’d to death way before that. Buff the Puff dies against anyone with range, etc. Once your opponents figure out what you are doing then it is over. Unfortunately for you, they will inevitably figure it out since this will become obvious the more you play them. You want to play a character who is really OP so even once they know what you are doing it won’t matter.

I say all of this to help you enjoy the game more. You may think that as long as you enjoy a character that you will be fine, but this isn’t usually the case. After all, if you are still losing a lot then that will take away the joy. You can play a boring character all day meanwhile but if it delivers the wins then you won’t mind so much. Of course it will be tough to tell who the top tiers for Smash 5 are right away (Assuming it’s not a port although I have my doubts) but just listen to the general consensus and stick with it for a while. Listen to the Twitch chat or the Reddit professionals and just copy their ideas. It will help you win a lot of tournaments before everyone has picked up the pieces. This was a relatively short editorial, but one that I felt was necessary to release before the game came out. Pick a main wisely as you won’t be able to switch right away without the world taking notice.

The Best Video Games of Each Year

It’s time to take a look at the best video game of each year! This was definitely a tough project since some years have a ton of great games. Naturally I am only counting games that I have played in some capacity. Collections aren’t counted and I just count myself as playing each game individually. I’m going with the original release date so if it came out in Japan a year sooner than America then I go with that date. Remakes get iffy, but if it’s from the ground up or there is something to make it significantly different then it is counted. Without further ado, lets look at the best games of all time!

2018 Dragon Ball FighterZ

2018 is still going, but it already looks like FighterZ is here to stay as the champ. The game is just spectacular in terms of gameplay and visuals. It’s the complete package and everything you could ask for from a DBZ title.

2017 Super Mario Odyssey

This was a tough one, but Odyssey manages to barely edge out Sonic Forces and Fire Emblem Warriors for the title. It’s definitely a great Mario game and it feels like the next big installment to the series. Nintendo will have to work hard to possibly top this one and I don’t expect the next big Mario game to come out for several years as they work to make it a masterpiece.

2016 Pokken

When they first announced this game I knew that it was going to be awesome. How do you possibly top a Pokemon Fighting game? The answer is that you don’t. The Rock Paper Scissors form of combat is used well and you really have to play it a lot to get the mechanics down.

2015 J Stars Victory Vs

Finally, the Shonen Jump fighting crossover that I always wanted. It’s a great blend of DBZ and Naruto 3D gameplay as you get to pit fan favorite characters against each other. It’s a really fun game that has largely gone overlooked, but is definitely a top fighter.

2014 Super Smash Bros Wii U
maxresdefault (2)
maxresdefault (3)
maxresdefault (4)

The greatest game of all time! Super Smash is a game that I’ve put in well over 1000 hours and counting. It’s just the perfect game that has unlimited replay value. While you do get an edge over other players if you pay the 5.99, it just helps you reevaluate if you want to get a sandwich outside or skip lunch to start winning.

2013 Sonic Lost World

Lost World was a fun Sonic game that may not have gone down as one of the all time greats, but I guess 2013 couldn’t offer us anything better. It just goes to show that Sonic games are underappreciated and Lost World helped to brighten the year up. It was a different take on the Sonic series, but one that worked well.

2012 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

Definitely the best of the Ninja Storm games that I’ve played. It was cool to see Naruto characters from Part 1 and 2 go at it with the solid 3D gameplay that I’ve come to expect from the series. It’s definitely a game that you can play at any time.

2011 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

While it may not be the best Marvel vs Capcom game in the series, it is definitely iconic and a game that will bring you endless amounts of fun. The combos are flashy and the character roster is pretty solid. You will get sucked into the game as you find more and more team combos to pull off.

2010 Tenkaichi Tag Team

The best portable DBZ game and one that does a good job of emulating Tenkaichi 3. The Tag Team mechanic is pretty fun and the 3D combat is as good as ever. We definitely need to bring the Tenkaichi gameplay back since it’s so fun. Playing as Goku and Vegeta makes for an excellent team.

2009 Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII is still my favorite part of the Final Fantasy franchise with the second game upping the intensity even further. The graphics are excellent and the game set the tone right from the start by having one of the best intro cinematics out there. With an awesome protagonist like Lightning and a solid gameplay system in place, this was the game to beat in 2009.

2008 Super Smash Bros Brawl

Brawl was the first Super Smash Bros game to have a story and boy did it deliver. I’ve seen the cutscenes numerous times and it’s so surreal to see the characters all in one place interacting. Sonic really stole the show here and the gameplay was as great as ever. While it may be a little hard to get into after playing the Wii U version, its legacy will not be forgotten. There’s always a lot to do here so the fun never stops.

2007 Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi 3

For a while I had this listed as my favorite game of all time. It may have been surpassed but it’s still up there as one of the best games of all time and is still my favorite DBZ title. The huge 150+ character roster is amazing and the story mode was excellent as well. You just can’t get tired of playing this game and the controls are easy to learn, but hard to master. The perfect blend for a game like this.

2006 Sonic The Hedgehog
maxresdefault (12)

Sonic 2006 may have been mocked by fans and critics, but it still has one of the best stories in a Sonic game and was hype all the way through. You’re unlikely to actually run into the infamous glitches and will instead have a blast powering through the game. Silver was a great new character to the franchise and his boss battles are a lot of fun. Psychic abilities are tough to get around and Silver does a good job of demonstrating that.

2005 Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts has had a lot of great installments, but Kingdom Hearts II is still the best one. It finally ended the main plot of the arc with a lot of intense battles and the final boss was intense. I barely survived with one health left and so this really felt like a bout of skill. Seeing Cloud go up against Sephiroth was naturally an awesome payoff as well.

2004 Custom Robo

This game actually came out on my birthday which is pretty awesome. It’s the ultimate 3D robot experience. The story was really epic and the gameplay is amazing. You feel like you are in control the whole time as you are able to customize your robot to your liking and then fight for all the marbles. There are a lot of customization options here which are really what makes the game feel authentic. It just doesn’t get better than this.

2003 F-Zero GX

The graphics for this game were amazing for its time and still look awesome to this day. F-Zero is easily the best racing game of all time and even the story mode was awesome. It’s a shame that we haven’t gotten a new game so long because clearly the series still has a ton of potential. It’s just an awesome game through and through and revolutionized the genre.

2002 Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
maxresdefault (11)

The best Sonic game and one of the best games of all time, Adventure 2 Battle introduced us to Shadow while also perfecting the Sonic formula. The gameplay is amazing and the multiplayer modes are excellent as well. Seeing Sonic and Shadow team up like this has never been topped by another moment in the franchise and the cutscenes will still give you the chills. This is definitely an all star title.

2001 Super Smash Bros Melee
maxresdefault (10)

While Smash Wii U is the best game, Melee is still the most intense fighting game. You move at incredible speeds and the sheer amount of effort it takes to pull off combos is incredible. People even damage their hands from playing this game at a competitive level and it’s where I first realized that Fox would be my main for life. He’s just such a great character here while also being completely fair and balanced. Aside from Smash Wii U I feel like I was the most dedicated to this game for the longest period of time.

2000 Marvel vs Capcom 2

Marvel vs Capcom 2 still has the best fighting game cast of all time aside form Super Smash Bros Wii U. It was huge for its time and basically all of the big Marvel and Capcom characters got to make an appearance. Playing as the beam spammers is a ton of fun but getting in close is satisfying as well. This is definitely what you think of when you think of the MVC series.

1999 Super Smash Bros
maxresdefault (9)

The start of the greatest franchise of all. The game may not have had a whole lot of fighters, but the gameplay was way ahead of its time. Super Smash Bros is as addicting as it ever was and being able to have iconic characters like Mario and Link fighting it out was a dream come true. This game is absolutely amazing!

1998 Marvel Vs Capcom
maxresdefault (8)

Marvel vs Capcom is one of the few fighting titles that can even compete with big shots like Super Smash. The concept behind the game is genius and the fighting style has become a whole sub genre. It’s a fantastic game that holds up very well and just about every character feels viable. They can all pull off crazy combos so you can play this for hours.

1997 Mega Man X4

Mega Man X4 is the first X game that I’ve ever played and it also happens to be the first one with a real solid story and animated cutscenes. It’s a blast to play through and it was a fun title for the PS2. Playing as Zero was a lot of fun and while the difficulty was high, I’d consider it to be one of the easier X games. Definitely a title that is worth checking out.

1996 Mario 64

The greatest Mario game of all time. This one is legendary and it’s easy to see why. Being able to actually punch and kick your enemies is awesome and the levels are amazing. The final boss is also the tensest one in all of Nintendo. You will walk away from this game a very changed person.

1995 Street Fighter Alpha

Street Fighter Alpha is really the iconic retro Street Fighter game. It had an ongoing plot during the trilogy along with a sizable cast. It was really quick so playing the matches was fun as you had to keep up with your opponent. It’s easy to see why the game series became so legendary.

1994 Mega Man X2

Mega Man X2 was a solid game with that nice motorcycle game. I may not have as much experience with it compared to the classic series, but the X games always look really nice with the graphics and their difficulty is brutal without feeling unfair. It’s a great sidescroller that will take a lot of time to complete.

1993 Kirby’s Adventure
2 (1)

The definitive Kirby game, Kirby’s Adventure really brought an intense final boss to the series with the fight even taking place in space. The whole game is a blast and Kirby does a good job of keeping its gameplay creative with the flying ability while also not letting you cheese the whole game by just flying over everything. It was certainly an excellent game to keep 1993 exciting.

1992 Fatal Fury 2
hqdefault (1)

Fatal Fury may not be as popular as some of the other fighting game titles around, but don’t doubt its quality. This fighting game can absolutely hold its own against any of the other big titles. The controls are on point and any game where one of the fighters is called Terry is destined for greatness. Not a game that you want to take a pass on.

1991 Sonic The Hedgehog
download (1)

Sonic has finally entered the fray. The instant that he came in it was time for Mario and the other titles to move aside. While his games aren’t generally as fun as Mario’s, they are a nice change of pace and are solid in their own right. Being able to move so fast through the levels was probably a very fresh experience at the time.

1990 Mario World

Widely considered to be one of the best Mario titles of all time, I would easily say that this is the best 2D one. It’s between this game and Mario 64 for the absolute best and I’m inclined to give the 3D one the edge here. Mario World has a ton of replay value and you could play it over and over again because of how much fun it is. I’m super nostalgic for the game as well and have completed it 3 times over the years.

I didn’t play any 1989 games which is sad. In my defense, Mega Man skipped that year, Sonic wasn’t out yet, and Mario released Super Mario Land which is one of the few 2D adventures that I have not played. It’s how it goes I guess. (-____-;)

1988 Super Mario Bros 3

With Luigi finally getting his due credit, how could Super Mario Bros 3 not make it? This is definitely a game to remember and it was a fun way to start closing out the 80s. The levels are well made and you’ll have a blast playing this game.

1987 Final Fantasy
maxresdefault (7)

This may not have been the final Fantasy, but it was a great way to start things off. Between this and Pokemon, the turn based style of combat really got big and Final Fantasy did it justice. There may not have been a huge plot back in the day, but exploring and leveling up made this game a real hit.
1986 Legend of Zelda

I remember playing this at the arcade before watching Wallace and Gromit back in the day. It’s definitely a fun classic and the overhead actually worked well for the game. The series has come a long way, but the classic will always be remembered.

1985 Super Mario Bros
Now this game’s a classic. Who hasn’t died to the first goomba at least 10 times by now? He comes to suddenly and the game never relents as it pushes you into trial after trial. You can’t take the game lightly and its difficulty and fun graphics are what makes it such a classic.

I didn’t play any games from 1984. Yes, I know that I’m a casual (-_-)

1983 Mario bros

This stage is iconic since Mario Bros had you dodging the fireballs and creatures as you racked up a high score. It’s a fun game with a high amount of replay value even if the gameplay is a little different from most of the other Mario games.

1982 Ms. Pac Man
maxresdefault (6)

With more levels and colors than the original, Ms. Pac Man is a strict upgrade over its predecessor. It’s a really fun game and one that tests your skills of memorization and reaction times as you dodge the ghosts. It’s hard to beat this classic.
1981 Galaga

I’ve definitely put many hours into this classic game. Galaga revolutionized space combat back in the day and it’s a lot of fun to try and beat your high score. Play it safe and play it smart, that’s how you’ll get the record.

1980 Pac Man

Now this game is a living legend. Who would have thought that Pac-Man would end up being one of the greatest games of all time? There is basically nobody alive who hasn’t heard of the famous icon and the game holds up just as well now as it did back in 1980.

1979 Galaxian
maxresdefault (5)
Potentially the best video game of the first year’s batch that I ever got to play, Galaxian is one to remember. It’s a rough version of the classic Galaga and is definitely one that you can have fun playing for a long while. It’ll remind you of the good ole days.

Congrats on making it all the way to the end! I’ll be sure to update the main page when new years pass by so be sure to check it out in the future. Who knows, perhaps some of these entries will be surpassed by other old games at some point as well. Gaming has certainly come a long way, but one thing’s for sure, surpassing Super Smash Bros for Wii U will be nearly impossible!

Why I Paid 5.99 in Super Smash Bros

I consider myself to be a freemium player most of the time. Whether I’m playing Pokemon Go, Super Smash, or Mario Kart, I just don’t buy DLC. It doesn’t feel right that big companies are selling us 60 dollar beta titles instead of wholesome games. That being said, the first time I really compromised on this was with Super Smash Bros. There are multiple 5.99 characters that came out like Ryu, but I mainly just got him to stay cool. It’s when Cloud and Bayonetta showed up that I realized they were necessary for me to keep on playing. I’m not a casual Smash player after all, I’m a pro. I need to stay at the top of my game so when a better character shows up I have to ditch my main instantly. Here are 5 reasons why I paid the 5.99 and why you should as well.

1. Free Wins

My original main was Sheik. I’d work long and hard to perfect really advanced 10+ hit combos where I’d finally tack on 50% or so and feel good about it. With Cloud, I can rack up that % with a mindless up air string. I can get it even easier with Bayonetta as I just hold Side B then do Up B and keep repeating until my opponent is dead. There is no skill necessary as you just need to learn one easy combo and you’re set. You’ll instantly see your results go up and you’ll become a legitimate tournament threat. That sounds pretty good doesn’t it? You’ll probably feel bad at first as this all just seems too easy, but you’ll eventually be able to justify your decision. Just look at the picture above. If you’re playing Cloud, your opponent will never go over 100%.

2. The Value

What else would you spend 5.99 on? You can probably get half of a Subway’s sandwich and a drink with that or a 2 slices and soda deal from Little Italy but those things will be gone in minutes. Your DLC in Smash will stay forever. These characters will become memories that you can keep with you through the years as you look back on what a great investment it was. It’s not just any DLC…it’s the right DLC! Domino’s Pizza is amazing, but not even that can beat out a new character.

3. Forget the character loyalty

I mained Fox in the first three Smash games. I was determined to main him here as well but he just didn’t click for some reason. That’s why I moved to Cap and then to Sheik. Finally I found Cloud/Bayonetta and I knew that it was time for a change. Why wouldn’t I play these characters when they are just better than the others. I know it’s tough to let go of the character loyalty at first, but once you do you’ll be glad that you did. It’s particularly sad for popular characters like Pac-Man who have a lot of fans but aren’t exactly destined for greatness in this game. By all means, keep him in the pocket, but play Cloud for all of his bad matchups…and then play him for the good ones as well. Not saying tiers are real…but we are paying to win.

4. You can be one of the cool kids

Everyone plays Cloud now. He’s won almost every big doubles tournament in Super Smash after all. It’s basically necessary to play this guy because of how overwhelmingly overpowered he is. If you don’t pay the 5.99 you won’t be able to wear your snapback with pride. You will get dirty looks from the rest of the players if you choose the free version of Cloud, aka Shulk. You just have to pay the money if you want to stay with the popular crowd and I don’t know about you, but staying in that crowd is necessary for the memes. You don’t want to fall behind the curve.

5. I’ve prepared myself for the future

Finally, I’m now ready for the future. DLC isn’t going away, in fact it gets stronger and stronger every year. Before you know it, most of the characters in a game are going to be DLC. Just look at Street Fighter V or SF X Tekken. SF V is almost going to literally be half free and half dlc characters if it keeps going at this rate. You’ll be missing half of the game if you don’t do something. By paying the 5.99 now, you’ll be able to justify the 59.99 once you’re buying a 60 dollar beta and have to repurchase it. You’ll be paying hundreds of dollars in nickels and dimes by the end so you may as well get used to it.

In short, Pay to Win is a very successful way to run a business. You want to have the money on deck and these are the reasons why I paid the 5.99. Ever since I did, things have looked up. I use the extra time that I get from not needing to practice combos to smack talk on Reddit and Gamefaqs. I use all of my extra wins and glory to reaffirm that this was the right call. It all just works out and so now you too should pay the 5.99 and show the corporations that you support this business with your dollars. If not, I accept any challenges to show why my Cloud takes on your free characters.

Super Smash Bros Brawl Stats and Records

Stats for the game, although my Wii broke at one point so my stats were greatly reduced. It went from over 600 hours of play time to..under 300! Ah well.

Power Time 223h 59m
Play Time 166h 5m
Adventure Play Time 4h 44m
Solo Play Time 37h
Combined Vs Play Time 71h 39m
Vs Match total 1958
Offline Vs Matches Played 497
Online Matched played 1461
Online Play Time w Friends 99h 19m
Online Play Time w Anyone 26m
Time Matches 12
Coin Matches 26
Stock Matches 459
Vs Play Contestants 1249
Match Reset Counters 7
Total Damage 243804
KO Total 2811
Self Destructs 57
Trophies 463
Stickers 631
Subspace 72% Complete-Total Score 991401

Target Smash

Mario 20s
DK 20s
Link 18s
Samus 20s
Kirby 19s
Fox 13s
Pikachu 19s
Marth 17s
Mr Game and Watch 17s
Luigi 24s
Diddy Kong 19s
Zelda 33s
Pit 26s
Meta Knight 16s
Falco 14s
Pokemon Trainer 17s
Ike 18s
Snake 23s
Peach 17s
Yoshi 15s
Ganondorf 22s
Ice Climbers 19s
King Dedede 22s
Wolf 24s
Lucario 25s
Ness 17s
Sonic 18s
Bowser 18s
Wario 18s
Toon Link 19s
ROB 15s
Olimar 19s
Captain Falcon 14s
Jigglypuff 18s
Lucas 20s

Home Run Contest

Mario 1416
DK 1498
Link 1476
Samus 1538
Kirby 1478
Fox 1365
Pikachu 1097
Marth 1457
Mr Game and Watch 1410
Luigi 1366
Diddy Kong 1502
Zelda 1461
Pit 1588
Meta Knight 1702
Falco 1706
Pokemon Trainer 1643
Ike 1702
Snake 1521
Peach 1727
Yoshi 1628
Ganondorf 1554
Ice Climbers 1580
King Dedede 1493
Wolf 1642
Lucario 1633
Ness 1434
Sonic 1592
Bowser 1529
Wario 1667
Toon Link 1520
ROB 1626
Olimar 1656
Captain Falcon 1826
Jigglypuff 1547
Lucas 1596


Mario 528851
DK 493800
Link 503000
Samus 493300
Kirby 493400
Fox 855852
Pikachu 453400
Marth 476500
Mr Game and Watch 496500
Luigi 492500
Diddy Kong 487400
Zelda 496200
Pit 511700
Meta Knight 460400
Falco 488800
Pokemon Trainer 459500
Ike 482900
Snake 443900
Peach 222352
Yoshi 532900
Ganondorf 488800
Ice Climbers 435200
King Dedede 508300
Wolf 641500
Lucario 446000
Ness 463100
Sonic 455100
Bowser 492700
Wario 481800
Toon Link 502300
ROB 482000
Olimar 482400
Captain Falcon 474800
Jigglypuff 491600
Lucas 461300

All Star

Mario 284794
DK 219800
Link 197500
Samus 178000
Kirby 211200
Fox 218700
Pikachu 186802
Marth 81763
Mr Game and Watch 188800
Luigi 238400
Diddy Kong –
Zelda 257400
Pit 225200
Meta Knight –
Falco –
Pokemon Trainer –
Ike 169400
Snake 55251
Peach 254200
Yoshi –
Ganondorf 220300
Ice Climbers 173500
King Dedede –
Wolf 524038
Lucario –
Ness –
Sonic 182200
Bowser 243500
Wario –
Toon Link 212500
ROB 143100
Olimar –
Captain Falcon 170501
Jigglypuff –
Lucas 91951

Boss Battle

Mario 2m 44s
DK 2m 11s
Link 2m 53s
Samus 3m 41s
Kirby 2m 26s
Fox 7m 45s
Pikachu 4m 16s
Marth 2m 47s
Mr Game and Watch 2m 38s
Luigi 2m 7s
Diddy Kong 2m 40s
Zelda 2m 58s
Pit 2m 56s
Meta Knight 3m 7s
Falco 4m 25s
Pokemon Trainer 1m 55s
Ike 3m 27s
Snake 3m 34s
Peach 3m 8s
Yoshi 2m 46s
Ganondorf 2m 26s
Ice Climbers 2m 17s
King Dedede 2m 22s
Wolf 2m 30s
Lucario 3m 36s
Ness 2m 33s
Sonic 3m 11s
Bowser 2m 31s
Wario 3m 12s
Toon Link 2m 34s
ROB 3m 5s
Olimar 3m 41s
Captain Falcon 2m 10s
Jigglypuff 2m 31s
Lucas 2m 50s


Two Trouble Kings 20s
Landmaster Ignition 10
Pink Ball Repulsion 16s
Cleaning House in Skyworld 32s
Become the Champion 1m 19s
Super Bowser Bros 13
Diddy Kong Panic 25s
Go Triple Finish 16s
The Monster Beneath the Earth
All Star Battle Regulars 1m 38s
Yoshi’s Rainbow 24s
Sleeping in the Eggs 5s
Dragon Strike 1m 9s
Sproutrage of the Flower Pikmin 41s
The Hammer of the King 5s
Power Suit On 23s
Super Waterfall Climb 3
Dark Link Duel 1m 2s
Wario Bros 1m 3s
All Star Battle X 1 1m 34s
Visit to Onett 39s
Monkeys Unite 1m 4s
Molten Norfair 4
Come on Blue Falcon 35s
The Aura is With Me 5s
The Slow and Easy Life 22s
Three Beast Carnage 1m 11s
Flower Blooms in the Echoes 25s
All Star Semifinal Regulars 52s
Sonic Boom 58s
The Ultimate Bodyguard 1m 41s
Bird in Darkest Night 1m 2s
Advent of the Evil King 1m 35s
All Star Battle Melee 1m 46s
The Visitor to Flat Zone 29s
High Tech Special Forces 37s
The Pirate Airship 3m 21s
The Wolf Hunts the Fox 53s
All Star Battle X 2 3m
The Final Battle 35s
The Final Final Battle 1m 11s

Co-Op Events

Two Trouble Kings 16s
Master The Pokemon Tag Battle 1m 36s
Fastest Shortest Sudden Death 3
The DK Tag Calamity 31s
The Yoshi Team of 50 2m 53s
Unwanted Suitors 1m 15s
Battle of the Dark Sides 44s
All Mine 42s
Those Who Wait in Onett 1m 16s
The ROBs of Tomorrow 1m 54s
The Great Remodeling Battle 40s
Come Back Falcon Flyer 24s
Blades of the Quick and Mighty 41s
The Dark Guardians 39s
Four Swords Brawl 1m 6s
Jigglypuff’s Great Comeback 55s
Sonic and Mario 1m
The New Weapon of Shadow Moses 48s
Shadow of Andross 37s
The Final Battle for Two 59s
The True All Star Battle 4m 46s

Cruel Brawl

Mario 2
Fox 12

Endless Brawl

Samus 53
Pikachu 184
Peach 71

15 Minute Brawl

Pikachu 252
Peach 95

3 Minute Brawl

Peach 51

10 Man Brawl

Samus 38s
Pikachu 21s
Luigi 23s
Peach 24s
Lucario 50s
Sonic 28s
Captain Falcon 55s
Olimar 41s
Wario 24s

100 Man Brawl

Pikachu 2m 50s
Peach 4m 15s

Super Smash Bros Wii U Stats and Records

Stats time. Naturally, this list will be outdated by tomorrow since I’m still playing it… 😉

Power Time 1987h 7m
Play Time 1406h 56m
Smash Play Time 1h 12m
Collective Smash Play Time 3h 55m
Solo Play Time 18h 47m
Group Play Time 1h 16m
Collective Group Play Time 2h 44m
Gold 2273171
Vs Battle total 16589
Offline Battle total 45
Stock Battle total 143
Time Battle total 221
Vs. Play Contestants 1253
Battles cut short 4
Total Damage 188203
KOs 1456
Self Destructs 25
Smash Tour Play Time 3h 1m
Collective Smash Tour Play Time 7h 55m
Games of Smash Tour 11
Turns in Smash Tour 200
Items in Smash Tour 94
Steps in Smash Tour 2126
Launches in Smash Tour 47
Smash Tour Bosses defeated 2
KOs in Smash Tour 134
Self Destructs in Smash Tour 28
Total Damage in Smash Tour 8164
Completed Classic Mode 57 times
Highest Classic Intensity 9.0
Global Smash Power in Classic 554625
Global Smash Power in Group Classic 252673
Master Order Times Played 76
Master Orders Completed 60
Crazy Orders Played 37
Crazy Orders Cleared 15
Events Played 218
Events Cleared 113
All Star Times Cleared 14
All Star Global Smash Power 369189
Target Blast Total Score 7087010
Target Blast Total High Score 3251510
Target Blast Global Smash Power 286277
Home Run Contest Total Distance 16051.5
Home Run Contest Global Smash Power 282429
10 Man Smash Global Smash Power 203419
100 Man Smash Global Smash Power 200617
3 Minute Smash Global Smash Power 89501
Rival Smash Global Smash Power 106080
Endless Smash Global Smash Power 106251
Cruel Smash Global Smash Power 207501
Trophy Rush Total Score 56736030
Trophy Rush Global Smash Power 298929
Trophy Rush Co-Op Global Smash Power 75148
100% Staff Credits Times Achieved 1
Custom Equipment 949
Special Moves 277
Headgear 41
Outfits 12
Bonus Effects 85
Online Battles Played 319
Wins 160
Play Time with Friends 9h 51m
Play Time with Anyone 7h 16m
Points Contributed in Conquest 29
Spectator Mode View Count 79
Gold Won in Spectator Mode 161217
Winning Streak Successes 16
Gold Spent on Trophies 181180
Trophies 661

High Scores


Mario 646990
Luigi 784680
Peach 762100
Bowser 789280
Yoshi 700750
Rosalina 731830
Bowser Jr 649870
Wario 720510
DK 827610
Diddy Kong 718310
Mr Game and Watch 792400
Little Mac 744700
Link 762060
Zelda 725820
Sheik 650300
Ganondorf 913450
Toon Link 708670
Samus 754900
Zero Suit Samus 767250
Pit 731390
Palutena 749320
Marth 916970
Ike 740270
Robin 716570
Duck Hunt 678510
Kirby 713430
King Dedede 720190
Meta Knight 707000
Fox 780640
Falco 698480
Pikachu 749040
Charizard 739890
Lucario 698800
Jigglypuff 705300
Greninja 723690
Ness 584470
Captain Falcon 708690
Villager 741630
Olimar 744810
Wii Fit Trainer 702500
Shulk –
Dr Mario 960520
Dark Pit –
Lucina –
Pac Man 733830
Mega Man 735460
Sonic –

Classic Co-Op 775230

Home Run Contest

Peach 1760
Ganondorf 3307
Charizard 591
ROB 1831
Total High Score 7490

Target Blast Stage 1

Bowser Jr 160450
Dr Mario 218110
Little Mac 145880
Zelda 192790
Total Score 717230

Target Blast Stage 2

Dark Pit 313800
Little Mac 185000
Palutena 222320
Toon Link 167260
Total Score 888380

Target Blast Stage 3

Ganondorf 474030
Mario 267230
Little Mac 305740
Ness 237370
Pac Man 361530
Total Score 1645900

10 Man Smash

Mario 19s
Luigi 16s
Peach 22s
Bowser 16s
Yoshi 14s
Rosalina 11s
Bowser Jr 23s
Wario 20s
DK 18s
Diddy Kong 20s
Mr Game and Watch 23s
Little Mac 22s
Link 17s
Zelda 22s
Sheik 15s
Ganondorf 24s
Toon Link 17s
Samus 15s
Zero Suit Samus 17s
Pit 19s
Palutena 19s
Marth 20s
Ike 19s
Robin 13s
Duck Hunt 21s
Kirby 21s
King Dedede 24s
Meta Knight 18s
Fox 22s
Falco 17s
Pikachu 19s
Charizard 19s
Lucario 22s
Jigglypuff 23s
Greninja 14s
ROB 21s
Ness 16s
Captain Falcon 21s
Villager 20s
Olimar 15s
Wii Fit Trainer 24s
Shulk 16s
Dr Mario 17s
Dark Pit 23s
Lucina 16s
Pac Man 23s
Mega Man 22s
Sonic 15s
Mii Fighters 14s
Total High Score 15m 48s

100 Man Smash

Mario 2m 23s
Mii Fighters 2m 58s
Sonic 2m 53s

3 Minute Smash

Mario 121
Bowser 111
Mii Fighters 102
Shulk 99
Total High Score 433

Rival Smash

Dark Pit 93
Bowser 62
Diddy Kong 7
Little Mac 10
Ike 5
Ganondorf 17
Shulk 33
Total Score 227

Endless Smash

Sheik 203
Link 51
Meta Knight 91
Total Score 345

Cruel Smash

Lucina 8
Pit 5
Little Mac 3
Peach 1
Jigglypuff 1
Marth 1
Lucario 1
Shulk 1
Total Score 21

All Star

Mario 868600
Luigi 936200
Peach 891800
Bowser 2432100
Yoshi 957200
Rosalina 908200
Bowser Jr 863400
Wario 818800
DK 1233000
Diddy Kong 974400
Mr Game and Watch 864000
Little Mac 2468100
Link 2422800
Zelda 911200
Sheik 881500
Ganondorf 870100
Toon Link 944500
Samus 922300
Zero Suit Samus 926600
Pit 2445000
Palutena 2424000
Marth 927800
Ike 2530200
Robin 869100
Duck Hunt 2612400
Kirby 894100
King Dedede 846700
Meta Knight 877600
Fox 925800
Falco 932200
Pikachu 947700
Charizard 891300
Lucario 1749400
Jigglypuff 847400
Greninja 885600
ROB 866600
Ness 1507200
Captain Falcon 1838200
Villager 883700
Olimar 897000
Wii Fit Trainer 895400
Shulk 833800
Dr Mario 925100
Dark Pit 2655000
Lucina 902500
Pac Man 914300
Mega Man 855400
Sonic 892200
Mewtwo 945600
Lucas –
Roy –
Ryu –
Cloud –
Corrin –
Bayonetta –

Trophy Rush

Mario 685465
Luigi 554640
Peach 619540
Bowser 587855
Yoshi 360095
Rosalina 353620
Bowser Jr 312975
Wario 311935
DK 781490
Diddy Kong 624935
Mr Game and Watch 226740
Little Mac 645525
Link 521140
Zelda 486135
Sheik 590030
Ganondorf 455110
Toon Link 348980
Samus 489385
Zero Suit Samus 337775
Pit 318590
Palutena 335375
Marth 596940
Ike 211860
Robin 570925
Duck Hunt 328340
Kirby 622820
King Dedede 459745
Meta Knight 491955
Fox 603110
Falco 177635
Pikachu 496955
Charizard 336830
Lucario 449125
Jigglypuff 639825
Greninja 317080
ROB 565220
Ness 567485
Captain Falcon 417890
Villager 537785
Olimar 332380
Wii Fit Trainer 574565
Shulk 606455
Dr Mario 689040
Dark Pit 545845
Lucina 362160
Pac Man 599900
Mega Man 374845
Sonic 605270
Mewtwo 630400
Lucas –
Roy –
Ryu –
Cloud –
Corrin –
Bayonetta –
Mii Fighters 369105
Total Score 24028825

Trophy Rush Co-Op 756652


The Final Final Battle 1m 32s
A Fated Battle 57s
In the Name of the Hero-King 1m 45s
Great Fox Defense 39s
Behind Enemy Lines 11
Pokemon Battle 51s
It’s Past Your Bedtime 1m 56s
When Lightning Strikes 47s
Oh Yeah Luigi Time 38s
Jackpot Opportunity 1m 36s
Fitness Junkie 25s
The Final Battle 36s
No Mere Sparring Match 33s
Beautification 47s
The Falchion’s Seal 32s
All Star Battle: Regulars 54s
Up To Speed 9s
Playing Tricks 15s
King of the Yoshis 1m 10s
Doctor Schmoctor 11s
Wrecking Mario 1m 28s
Guardian of the Jungle 42s
Mechanical Menace 58s
Bounty Hunter Clash 1m 9s
A Situation of some Gravity 39s
The Ultimate Swordsman 1m
The Destroyer Cometh 39s
The Original Heavtweights 51s
Four Swords Adventures 23s
A Battle of Scale 56s
All Star Battle Brawl 1m 27s
Kirby’s Crazy Appetite 1m 46s
The Jungle in Chaos 1m 15s
Unwavering Chivalry 1m 43s
Robotic Rampage 47s
Doppelganger Duel 19s
Princess Punch-Up 56s
The Demon King and the Goddess 40s
The Big 7650 11s
The King Strikes Back 19s
Fire-Type Frenzy 41s
That Elusive 9 36s
New Challengers 1 1m 9s
Duck Hunt 41s
New Challengers 2 1m 22s
The Break of Day 56s
Aura Mastery 54s
Identity Crisis 44s
Galactic Avenger 1m 9s
Yellow Devils 42s
Family Ties 26s
All Star Battle Melee 1m 6s
Below the Belt 23s
Enough with the Kidnapping 1m 14s
All Star Battle Secret 1m 19s

Events Co-Op

A Lurking menace 45s
Wrecking Bros 1m 21s
A Royal Errand 1m 4s
Food Fight-
Viral Visitors 1m 24s
Unlikely Allies –
Pokemon Multi Battle 44s
Getting Healthy 54s
1988 55s
Full Speed Ahead 40s
A Fairy Nice Trip 19
Scheming Sorcerer 1m 21s
Poisonous Planet 45s
Visiting Onett 2m 3s
Mirror Magic 23s
Solidarity 1m 32s
Peach in Peril 45s
An Offering of Coins 1m 2s
Final Battle Team-Up 1m 32s
Keep Em off the Ship 31s
Sky Pirates 22s
Robots vs Dragons 1m 10s
The Ultimate Battle 5m 6s

Character Play Time (Only using hours)

Ness 768
Sheik 195
Cloud 132
Captain Falcon 128
Fox 84
Marth 83
Mario 78
Lucina 54
Zero Suit Samus 45
Pac-Man 37
Little Mac 30
Bayonetta 22
Roy 21
Diddy Kong 20
Zelda 17
Ike 17
Samus 14
Charizard 14
Luigi 14
Dark Pit 12
Ganondorf 12
DK 11
Dr Mario 11
Rosalina 11
Shulk 10
Peach 10
Bowser 10
Toon Link 8
Ryu 8
Sonic 8
Corrin 7
Wii Fit Trainer 7
Link 7
Lucario 7
Mewtwo 6
Jigglypuff 6
Robin 5
Kirby 5
Villager 5
Pikachu 4
Falco 4
Yoshi 4
Greninja 4
Lucas 4
Mega Man 4
King Dedede 3
Meta Knight 3
Pit 3
Bowser Jr 3
Mr Game and Watch 3
Duck Hunt 3
Wario 3
Palutena 2
Olimar 2
No Miis 🙂